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ARA Russia was was established on January 2019 with the purpose of informing Russian speaking community living in Luxembourg.

News from Russia concerning Luxembourg or Russian people in Luxembourg
Local news in Russian
Agenda - announcement of upcoming cultural and music events
Family block - dedicated to children, parents with useful tips and interviews with popular blogger, supermom, etc
Topic of the week with guests in studio.
Russian music

The main concept is to inform, entertain and promote culture and music for the russian speaking community.

33 Episodes
Today my guest is artist and music producer Herr Anton. At one time, his song “Lonely Man” blew up the radio station charts. And the videoclip  has more than a million views on YouTube. We
The Russian consulate in Luxembourg has a new head – Daniyar Alyautdinov. We invited him to visit our studio. The conversation turned out to be very interesting. So we learned about the timing of the
Luxembourg will take part this year for the first time in the singing competition San Remo Junior. Anyone between the ages of 6 and 15 can take part in the selection. The final of the
Hello, you are listening to the radio Ara. I am Marina Khomutova and this is a radio show in Russian ARA RUSSIA. Today our radio show celebrates its anniversar. Because exactly three years ago, on
Today my guest is Veronica Cacho or Veronesca. She is 27 years old. Verоnica is a musician and songwriter. She began to study music from childhood, sang songs with a guitar, performed in a rock
Today my guest is Olga Shumskaya. She took part in the contest “Miss Tourism Luxembourg”, passed 2 selections and reached the final. So Olga told me about the backstage of the competition, how the preparation
Today my guest is the founders of the VIA Inspiration group. Firstly, on December 12h they are organizing a Christmas party for children in Luxembourg. Secondly, the group is celebrating its 5th anniversary. And thirdly
Today we have an unusual guest, I would even say – a guest from the future. She has managed to combine creativity and the crypto market. Artist-designer, creator of the NFT-collection CryptoMandala33 Liga Gritsyuk-Melnik draws
We invited the head of the Russian House in Luxembourg Marina Bocharova. We will talk about upcoming events – concerts, art exhibitions, workshops, intellectual games. And now the enrollment for the French and Russian language
Today we will talk about the comfort in the house. Because due to coronavirus restrictions, plenty of people have started working from home. Someone even decided to change their place of residence and moved out
Today we will talk about the Luxembourgish language. How to learn it?  How does the exam go and what should you pay special attention to? I asked these questions to Vika Lunkes. Since she has lived
We congratulate the children and their parents on the start of the school year. Over the summer, the guys missed school, and the teachers missed them too. What’s new this school year will bring? We
How to dress children? Surely every parent asked himself this question more than once. Which to prefer – convenience or beauty? And how to combine it? Is there a children’s fashion or certain trends? So
Today we are going to talk about real estate. The Covid crisis has changed a lot in the market – prices have gone up, demand still exceeds supply. So let’s figure out what is happening
Today our guest is Sofia Kudryavtseva, a young screenwriter and director. There are two reasons for our meeting – Sofia completed work on her film, and, in addition, received a grant to develop a script
Today we invited to our studio the Principal of Russian school Kalinka Anna Radzishevskaya. We will talk about the results of this academic year and plans for the next one. Also we discuss new approaches
Today we have the special guest of the studio  Ivan Krylov. He is the Hеad of Consulate of The Embassy of Russian Federation in Luxembourg. Our listeners have sent us a list of questions. So
We have a very special guest of the studio today – we invited The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Dmitry Lobanov. When will air traffic between Russia and Luxembourg
Today we will have a day of humor. Because we invited stand-up comedian Nikita Kuznetsov to visit. He was born in Russia but raised here in Luxembourg. He speaks 6 languages, and jokes in them
I have invited Mikhail Baev today. He is the founder and president of the Tea Culture Club, the judge of tea championships. What kind of tea is there? What is the difference between black tea
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