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Join Tom and I as we unpack the horrific events in Idaho and go over the information that we know so far.  We will also have Tom's "In the News" and Michigan fun fact.Thanks again for listening,Bill and Tom.Support the show
Hello again Friends,Tom and I burrow deep into the rabbit hole of Scientology and Election 2022 on this episode.  Come along with us as we try to make sense of both of these topics.  We also have another installment of Tom's new segment "In The News" and you do not want to miss this one!Thanks for listening, Your friendly neighborhood Podcasters,Bill and TomSupport the show
Join us for this episode as Tom and I talk about the latest news and happenings in the Oxford High School Shooting, the SAFE-T Act and so much more.   We will be looking into these topics as you listen along.Plus, Tom has a new segment that he wants to try out... you don't want to miss this one.Thanks for listening,Bill and TomSupport the show
Hello Friends,It has been a little bit since Tom and I have been able to be with you.  We are back and what a good time we had recording this show.  Come along with us as we dive into the new Cashless Bail Law that is going into effect Jan 1, 2023 in the state of Illinois.  We dig into a couple of different subjects as well, to include, a new Tom Cruise project.  We hope you enjoy this one.Thanks for listening,Tom and BillSupport the show
Join Tom and I as we talk about the video that has been released from the Uvalde School Shooting.  We also dive into some new controversy over the Death Penalty and we do a little sneak peak into an upcoming episode.  Thanks for listening, Bill and TomSupport the show
Hello CDLD Family,Tom and I are back.  We had a short break, hopefully you didn't miss us too much.  Join us today as we dive into several big decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court along with a few smaller decisions.  Its a good one, hope you enjoy!Bill and Tom.Support the show
Join Tom and I as we revisit the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas.  There has been some information that has been provided, join us and we will dive into it together.  This investigation is far from over but we wanted to cover what little information there is to date.  We will also have a short update on the Grand Rapids Officer involved shooting of Patrick Lyoya.Support the show
Welcome back friends,Join Tom and I as we break down the statement by Joe Biden; "The Second Amendment is not Absolute".  We take an in depth look at this statement and also dive in to the problems in this country that are the biggest reasons for the increase in mass shootings.  You don't want to miss this one, we are laying the groundwork for our next several episodes.  We are so glad that you have decided to join us on this incredible journey that Tom and I are on with this podcast.Thanks again to all of the listeners, we appreciate you so much.Bill and Tom.Support the show
Tom and I begin to breakdown this horrific tragedy that can only be described as Evil Incarnate.  The investigation is preliminary and ongoing.  We will be looking at this senseless act, keeping in mind that the information is preliminary.  Tom and I will be discussing things that need to be fixed and changed in this country to help put an end to these despicable cowardly acts of violence.  We hope that you will reach out and let us know what you think.Thanks,Bill and Tom.Support the show
Welcome back friends,Tom and I are so glad to be able to bring you another show, we hope you are glad as well.  Join us today as we dive in to the topic of "Should Teachers Be Armed In The Classroom"?  This is a very controversial topic and there are so many moving pieces that need to be looked at when deciding if this is right for your school district.  We also touch on another good topic and that is, "Corporate America" fighting back against the woke mob.  Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy it.Bill and TomSupport the show
Hello again friends,Join Tom and I as we dive into the results of our Instagram poll, where we asked if Billionaires should have to pay for the worlds problems.  We start off with a few snippets of current events and then we dig deep into the Billionaire dilemma.  This show is a good one and we are so glad that you are joining us on this one.  Thanks again for listening and being a friend of the show.Bill and TomSupport the show
The Don't Say Gay Bill

The Don't Say Gay Bill


Hello again CDLD Family,Join Tom and I as we dive into the "Dont Say Gay Bill" with a very special Guest.  Today we are honored to have a good friend of the show who is a 25 year teacher along with being a published author.  David Roman joins us today as we unpack the new Parental Rights in Education Bill out of Florida.  Come along as we have a great discussion on this topic as we delve into the intricacies of navigating education in the current climate in this country.  Tom and I hope that you will learn as much and have as much fun as we did during the conversation with Mr. Roman.  Thanks for listening,Bill and TomSupport the show (
Welcome back friends,  Join Tom and I as we unpack the tragic events that occurred in Grand Rapids Mi surrounding the Officer involved shooting which resulted in the death of the suspect.  We look at the video and break it down with the information that is available at this time.  We also take a look at what critics (inter-net trolls, as I like to call them) are saying on the inter-net.  As always we will be bringing another amazing Michigan fun fact and also an update to a previous show.  We really hope you enjoy the show and Thanks for listening.Bill and TomSupport the show (
Hello again Friends,Join Tom and I as we dive into and explore Elon Musk's one man attempt to save Free Speech in this country.  We take a hard look at his "buy in" of Twitter and talk about the shock waves he is sending through the Mass Media Industry.  Hope you enjoy and as always, Thanks for listening!!Bill and TomSupport the show
Join us as Tom and I delve into the subject of biological males competing in women's sports.  We talk about the damage that is being done to women's sports and the women who are competing.  This topic damages sports and opportunities for women on so many levels, come along as Tom and I explore several of them.  As always, there will be a new Michigan Fun Fact!  Hope you enjoy.Thanks for Listening,Bill and TomSupport the show (
Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone.  Join Tom and I as we talk about Saint Patrick's Day.  We go over some fun facts about the Day of the Irish and share a little insight into how the Irish became so engrained in Law Enforcement.  This is a good one... we hope you enjoy.Thanks for listening, Bill and TomSupport the show (
Tom and I do an Austin Poll on todays show.  We talk to a random "Austin" about Censorship, Woke-ness, and Cancel Culture.  Join us as we dive in to the issue of Censorship and what affect it is having on our country.  We also sprinkle in a little bit of Woke and Cancel Culture.  As always we are doing our Michigan fun fact along with a new short segment that we hope you will enjoy.This is going to be a good one, Thanks for listening.Bill and Tomwww.copsdontlikedonuts.comSupport the show (
Join Tom and I as we dive into the report that the Biden Administration is buying drug paraphernalia to hand out to drug addicts.  We take a look at the grant and see what it exactly is going to be paying for.  We also have an update on the previous episode about the Texas CPL law.  As always, Tom and I ricochet into a couple of other topics which we hope you enjoy. Thanks again for listening and we hope you enjoy.Bill and Tom. Support the show
Join us as we talk a look at a case where a Kentucky man was pardoned for his crime then tried and sentenced in Federal Court for the same crime.  Tom and I answer the question, is this Double Jeopardy?  We also explore something that Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago did, that believe it or not, was a good thing.  We hope you enjoy this one!Bill and TomSupport the show
On todays show Tom and I dive into and try to understand how the Main Stream Media is not covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.  The Kyle Rittenhouse trial was actually named the trial of the year.  We also have another update on the new dangerous trend of Prosecuting Attorneys not prosecuting crimes and putting your public safety at risk in an effort to pander to this ridiculous woke movement.  Join us as we dive head first into this rabbit hole and see how far it takes us.  Thanks for listening,Bill and Tom.Support the show (
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