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Licensed psychologist Matt Lundeberg returns to speak on social skills and autism, and the profound impact that social skills can have on our mental and emotional health.  
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, providing an opportunity to raise awareness about communication challenges.  This month's episode highlights the role of speech-language pathology in the classroom--tune in to hear from experts in the field!
Join Adria Nassim for a second episode, focusing on questions from Autism Annex podcast listeners!  Adria is an author, educator, speaker, and advocate for people with disabilities, based in Bloomington, Indiana.  She writes the blog Adria's Notebook for Indiana University and is a regular columnist for the Bloomington Herald-Times.
Learn about the connections between autism and mental health on this month’s episode!  Dr. Matt Lundeberg, licensed psychologist with Oregon Autism Evaluations, speaks about autism diagnoses for adolescents and adults, mental health concerns for people with autism, and challenges that face the autism and LGBTQ+ community.  
Extraordinary Routines

Extraordinary Routines


How do routines function in our everyday lives, and how can we harness the power of routines to better serve students with autism and other disabilities?  Guests Mark Howard (Training Specialist at STAR Autism Support), Doriliz Vila (Board President, Centro de Estimulación Integral) and Tiffany Goire (Program Coordinator, CEI) join host Johnandrew Slominski to discuss the extraordinary power of routines.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) intersect in powerful ways to shape our human experience.  Guest David Adams, CEO of The Urban Assembly, unpacks these ideas in philosophy and practice.
Ruth Eyres, who has enjoyed a decades-long career in special education, has completed cutting-edge research on sexuality education for students with autism and other developmental disabilities.  On this episode, Dr. Eyres joins host Johnandrew Slominski in a conversation about the current state of sexuality education in the United States and some evidence-based practices for moving forward.
Frank Conversations

Frank Conversations


Join host Johnandrew Slominski and guests Rob Foster and Peter Krug as they discuss growing up and entering adulthood with autism.
The 2020-2021 school year presented a host of challenges for teachers, students, and families alike.  On this episode we explore the ways that people have persevered in spite of mounting difficulties, and we identify opportunities for growth and improvement that have emerged.Join host Johnandrew Slominski and guests  Lillian Gonzalez, Nate Marsden, and Alicia Balfrey.
How do needs change for children with autism as they enter adolescence and young adulthood?  What steps can communities take to support (and benefit from) people who learn differently?  Join the conversation in this month's episode featuring teachers Alan Alabaso, John Gill, Carolyn Macchia, Jen Mattera, and Jennie Willis.
In our first episode, we take an inside look at the history of autism research, current trends in education for children with autism, and what makes STAR Autism Support tick.  
Join Cash, Eric, and Deborah Frankhouser as they talk about autism in their family from early childhood through high school graduation. Cash weighs in on his experience and future goals in public transportation, and his parents discuss the power of "Team Cash".
This episode's guest is Adria Nassim.  Adria is a research assistant with the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, and she contributes regularly to publications in Bloomington, Indiana. T his month's episode is a conversation between Adria and host Johnandrew Slominski on topics of disability rights, advocacy, and inclusion.To read more of Adria's work, visit  the Bloomington, Indiana Herald-Times, as well as Adria's Notebook.
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