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In the Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Emperor's New Clothes" it's a dumb little kid who turns out to be the smartest person in he crowd.There are plenty of reasons to be the dumbest person in the room and in today's episode you will learn why it's a smart move. 
Let's stop calling it stress and call it what it is….Fear. Actually stress is what happens to the body when it is fearful. The symptom that shows up is stress in your body…BUT the real cause the real problem is fear. Fear is a liar….but if you dont know that….you will give in to its destructive power. In today's episode we will learn a new way that will work for you. 
Farmers are an interesting bunch. They don't talk a lot but they are smart and in today's episode we will learn some timeless principles from agriculture that you must use to grow your creative process.
Focus and Energy. I'm sure you have noticed you do not have an unending supply of either. That's why you've got to be stingy with these assets and use them for creating NOT problem-solving. In today's episode we tell you how it sneaks up on you and what you can do about it. 
Do you ever get cold creatively? Do you ever get burned out? From time to time everyone does. This happens more when you don't know to build a fire and keep the fire going in your creative process  So today I want to teach you how to NOT QUENCH THE FIRE WITHIN YOU.Creating by Robert Fritz is a great book for learning more about this and other helpful concepts. 
Creative Suffering

Creative Suffering


Endurance. That word is packed with meaning for people like you who are in it for the long haul. And sometimes enduring feels like suffering because it is not the most fun part of the journey but you mustn't give up because there will be suffering and something can be made from it. It's called creative suffering. And everyone who is in it for the long haul has to learn how to to do it. In today's episode I will show you how. 
Changing the Game

Changing the Game


Too many  of us suffer from those voices: “you’re a loser you’re a bum…why do you even try…just give up…and run away now before they all figure out you’re a phony….!”But when you change the game the voices can still come and it won’t even matter. In today's episode you will learn how to play the game so that there is always an upside. 
One of the ironies of productive, goal-oriented people is that we can lose focus very easily. And when that happens it is easy to feel like we don't quite know what to do next.  Today's episode will help you create momentum, imagination, and energy. Creating, by Robert Fritz is an excellent book on this topic. it can be hard to understand but is worth the time you invest. 
One of the reasons you’re a misfit is that you have this notion that you should do the things that actually FIT for you. And nowadays nobody wants to hear that.  Most people are looking everywhere to get some direction but the wise person knows where to look and I’m gonna tell you where that surprising place is in today's episode. A great book for today's topic is Why You Can't Be Anything You Want, by Arthur Miller. This book can help you -- if you do the exercises.  
Thriving in Your 40's

Thriving in Your 40's


More than likely if you are in your 40’s you have been dealing with some disatisfaction. What makes this weird is that the outer, object parts of your life are really not so bad…A lot of people would even trade places with you…and yet there is that nagging disatisfaction but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually thrive through your 40’s and in today's episode you'll find out how. The Happiness Curve by John Rauch is an excellent book on this topic. John has done a   wonderful job researching the data and shows s how to interpret it.  he's also a really good writer. 
Sometimes we chase the things that we think will empower us but only weaken us. There are lot of fake and phony ways that masquerade as empowerment when in fact, the real ways to empowerment are not even being considered. So, on this last show of season 3  I wanted to leave you with something to ponder -- something you can really use for real and powerful empowerment.
Answer this one quickly : you have have been working hard and you just know this project will work because you are clear and focused.  And at the last minute everything goes sideways.  Whaat do you? No one could blame you for being disappointed or angry. A wise man once said failure is not really fatal but failure to change in the face of setbacks -- well that could be. I believe we all need help when we get hit with a setback. That is what you'll get in todays episode
In today's episode we will learn how seeming contradictions -- what we call a paradox -- can be the absolute key to helping you get where you want to go. 
Leadership of the Self

Leadership of the Self


Leadership is not what most of us think about when we plan our preferred futures. In today's episode we will learn how important it is to guide, influence and control ourselves if we want to get to the life we dream about. 
In today's episode we learn about an old and counterintuitive truth: The Negative way can be more helpful than the Positive. It doesn't sound right and yet it is. This way of living and learning is often misquoted and misused but it leads to better decision-making. If you want to study up on this here are 2 excellent sources.- Nassim Nicholas Taleb , Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder -   Thomas  Waushenfelder
In today's episode we'll learn about how everything can serve your interests -- if you know what to look for. Writer Jorge Luis Borges on transforming every experience into a resource:"A writer — and, I believe, generally all persons — must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art."Source: Twenty-Four Conversations with Borges: Including a Selection of Poems(I found this at 
My guest today is Anne Merino, who is an accomplished dancer, writer, actress, and the author of Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie. In this episode Anne shares her unique insights on the creative process and what it takes to get to your goal. 
Why accept your frustrations and anxieties when you can hold a meeting with yourself and make some real progress on your goals at the same time.  Today we will be talking about how to talk to yourself and learning from two authors: Think and Make it Happen, by Dr. Augusto Cury, and King, Warrior, Magician, Lover,  by Robert Moore. I guarantee that once you learn the art of talking to yourself you will never stop using this tool as a way to enhance your creative process. 
Did you know that your growth can be lopsided? If we don'y pay attention to the different ways to mature our gifts and talents won't do us any good.   We owe it to ourselves and to everyone else to make sure our growth is balanced and not lopsided. 
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