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Author: Moira Maybin

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Moira Maybin is opening up about life with late-diagnosed ADHD, a mom of children with ADHD, and her knowledge gained as an educator and advocate for people with ADHD. Life was completely overwhelming until learned she had ADHD, she kept trying harder, with increasing problems in her self-care, physical and mental health. She’s re-shaped her life completely for a better fit, based on current research—and necessity, after falling off a cliff in 2018. On the ADHD Friendly Lifestyle, you can expect humor, stories, information, and support to help you to do the same. Have a question or topic you’d like answered on a future podcast? Email
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How easy is it to unapologetically do the things or create a life that works for you? Hard to do when we are beating ourselves up or trying to fit into other people's expectations. Being authentic requires self-acceptance and self-compassion. Moira shares how she's struggled including losing it, waiting, shame spirals, perfectionism, and changing things up. When things go awry, let's try asking, "what happened?" instead of "what's wrong?" and see where it gets us. She covers a number of ADHD friendly ways that have helped and what we can do knowing that it is WHEN (not if) we forget all of this. 
The outtakes were so good, I couldn’t leave them out. Just like your favorite show’s outtake reel, these pieces may seem a bit more disjointed than a regular episode, I’ll use musical cues for when we switch topics. We start off lightly sharing our struggles with the question, “how are you?”, and then Roxie goes deep sharing how learning at 12 yo her father was black called into question her identity and ultimately helped her find pride. Then Roxie puts me into the hot seat asking me a few questions too. You might be able to tell when I become very passionate about one of my favorite things.
ADHD Coach Roxie Martin shares her decades-long journey to diagnosis at 50, and what it was like for her as a new mom with a suspicion of having ADHD. Her desperation led her to the ADHD reWired Community (ArC), and self-acceptance. Moira and Roxie both speak about how transformative being a part of the ArC is for them, as members, mentors, and now coaches. Their growth in self-worth and joy are big pieces in their ADHD Friendly Lifestyle.
We cover a lot here--why medications are a pillar of successful treatment, and no longer a last resort, how to figure out if ADHD medications are working for you,  when to consider a non-stimulant, and what to expect with side effects. Plus, 2 tools can be used in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of ADHD. For my fellow monthly cyclers, there’s some help with our individual monthly experiences, week by week, to make informed decisions for our health and well-being.
9: The one about cycles

9: The one about cycles


What's the biggest issue for half the adult population with ADHD? Our hormones, and how they show up every day--in our monthly cycles and everywhere else too. How many even know there is a direct link between the changing nature of our ADHD symptoms and a menstrual cycle? Come hear Moira drop some of the knowledge that led to her  "cutting edge" rep. 
Self-compassion and ADHD don’t always come together easily BUT treating ourselves better, when we have ADHD, improves motivation, problem-solving, persistence, and getting along with others. There are proven ideas, actions, and strategies just for people with ADHD whose biggest consistency may be inconsistency, will make mistakes, and are more than likely listening to this with a heavy dose of skepticism. Self-compassion helps with stress, self-criticism, and living with an ADHD brain. 
What do a Canadian and a Texan have in common? When you both are moms with late-diagnosed ADHD, turns out a lot. Marisol and Moira met through ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Groups. They appreciate each other’s sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, and passion for living a more ADHD friendly life. Oh, and their willingness to tell random people how they felt having an ADHD diagnosis and trying medication! Check out our first episode answering listener questions, with both considered and slightly more off-the-cuff answers.
We are talking about why and how we can develop acceptance and how that will help us make changes to have the life we want.  Our challenges with ADHD can feel front and center in our lives, almost like it is running the show. We try treatment with medications, strategies, and behavior changes. yet very few of us feel we are making enough or lasting change. How can we change that? It takes understanding and accepting our brains as they are. Instead of trying to fix ourselves, what about learning how to be ourselves in a way that works, for us? 
Today we're unpacking a few things, how we manage and what we say to ourselves when we are wanting, hoping, or waiting for things to be different. We're also going to be considering how we can be a little bit kinder to ourselves, and a few ideas on how to move towards the life we want.
Moira unpacks how, despite appearing highly capable,  her traits of leadership, organization, helping, intelligence, and high expectations were all used to hide her struggles with ADHD. Moira speaks honestly about her most common struggles and no longer trying to hide them and giving up self-blame and judgment to make room for a better life with ADHD.  Expanding the conversation about how ADHD is experienced is important because incorrect or limiting beliefs about ADHD impact our chance of a correct diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life. 
It is not well known that female reproductive hormones play a big role in our ADHD and overall health. They can make ADHD worse some days and better on others, because our symptoms vary across our cycle and stage of life dependent on the hormone levels. For those of us with ovaries, our ADHD is a changing state; and that’s still very new information for many. If we don't know what happens in our brains and bodies, how are we supposed to deal with it? Learn about ways we can help ourselves to slow or stop that rollercoaster ride. There are also treatment considerations for ADHD and hormones. We need to be able to talk to our health care providers about this and be able to ask for what we need.  
ADHD can leave us deflated, desperate, just trying to hold on, or maybe even clinging to a life preserver for dear life. This impacts so many aspects of our lives especially when we continue to put everyone and everything else above our own needs. Taking care of ourselves is hard to do and is even harder when you are not even on the list. How do we get ourselves on it, and not be the first thing bumped?  Self-care is vital to our health and well-being and IS NOT SELFISH. When we have ADHD, our capacity to function, lifespan, and dare we say it, even our ability to enjoy life, depends on swapping out that life preserver to put on our oxygen mask first.
1: Is it Just Me?

1: Is it Just Me?


Moira Maybin is building an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle and wondering, is it just her? Is it? Or are her experiences as someone with ADHD who was late diagnosed, has combined type and is female been anything like yours?  Do you know how to have an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle? Today’s episode includes stories from growing up undiagnosed, how ADHD impacts our health and well-being as adults, mothers, and including girls who are easily missed. We share some ideas to tweak daily tasks and introduce the background ideas for how to build and maintain an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle. There is so much research-based information that can help, that isn’t common knowledge, and it starts here! 
Welcome to the ADHD Friendly Lifestyle Podcast, for those of us with ADHD, who have had enough of trying harder and want to live a more comfortable, healthy, and happy life with less frustration and overwhelm.  It’s time to get rid of guilt and shame--around having ADHD, our needs, and challenges through stories, knowledge, and humor to speak up about the experience of women, moms, and being late diagnosed with ADHD. We can build acceptance and growing our self-compassion over time, to help us take care of ourselves, ask for help when we need it, and be comfortable with who we are.  Join me, Moira Maybin, as I share knowledge about ADHD to make your life easier, and what choices you have to make your tomorrow a more ADHD Friendly day. 
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