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We are 3 graduate school girls trying to change the world one-course module at a time. Please excuse our small absence. During this episode, Rose, Dottie, and Ruby talk about graduate studies and diversity within nutrition. In this episode, we discuss policy changes and best practices to serve the community. Join the discussion and find us in more places:
In this episode, Rose, Dottie, and Ruby discuss their plans after undergrad and plans for graduate school. 
In this episode of RDR podcast, we talk about sensitive topics of Body Inclusivity, Colorism, and Sexualization. Rose, Dottie, and Ruby speak about their racial backgrounds with these issues and how they've experienced them firsthand. Raising Dietary Representation stands with AAPI.#StopAsianHate Find us:
In this episode, Rose, Dottie, and Ruby cover DICAS and Food Authenticity! Check us out on our different platforms to stay in the loop!
In this episode, Rose, Dottie, and Ruby introduce themselves. The speakers go into their background, college experience, and why raising diversity is important, especially in the dietary field. Visit;  to learn more about RDR
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