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Aey Gee's Convo's is a show that links communities though discussions about life's most taboo topics. Listen in as the host and his unique guests tackle current events, life, and challenge you to get uncomfortable!
78 Episodes
#77 - The episode that represents both the end of something we started, and the beginning of what we’re doing. The Ted Kay episode (referenced in the episode) will be posting very soon…but in this one, we took a minute to catch our breaths. The future is bright!! Thank you for being here with us!! --- Send in a voice message:
AG interviews political prisoner and multi talented artist Alfred Cleveland and his wife Roberta about the struggles of a wrongful conviction, and how they overcame a 25 year stint in prison that still threatens his freedom. Another Links Not Chains JEWEL! --- Send in a voice message:
Shallanna returns to clear the air following her contributions during episode #72; AG pokes the big bear that is Texas and looks deeper into its global impact; this might be your episode to get offended! --- Send in a voice message:
With the Lava Room partnership in full swing, AG invites some of Northeast Ohio’s most ELITE International star power into the studio to showcase its potential; a discussion full of perspective and potential - the wisdom literally drips from the mics! So grateful for the guests: Nefertiti: ; P Jonez: ; Franc: ; and Mike: --- Send in a voice message:
EARLY RELEASE EPISODE! Aey Gee interviews three amazing intellectuals from Cleveland’s cultural core to discuss the impact of Juneteenth and racial strife in America. Wallstreet Wes bless the show with poetry, Jason brings a whole new perspective to inequality, and Shallanna alerts us about the big Djapo event at the Rock and Roll Halle of Fame this weekend! Be sure to check it out! --- Send in a voice message:
He’s baaaack! Alonzo returns to the air to discuss his absence, his accomplishments since, and a number of groundbreaking announcements on the team; gun violence is center stage in America, and AG’s spin on a solution might cause a stir - but do you agree? --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken discuss how damaging 24/7 positivity can be to the process of overcoming hard times; everyone is NOT really living their best life ALL THE TIME! It’s okay to not be okay! --- Send in a voice message:
Not for the faint of heart! We step away from a typical Aey Gee convo and get candid about life and various topics. The culture discussion takes a very LONG journey over the racial divide. Ultimately, over two hours of gradual inebriation amount to stories, reflections, a lot of discomfort, and even more “aww damn” moments than normal! By the end of the show, everyone is feeling the buzz and it shows! My favorite episode of the year! Happy Memorial Day to our vets - and a special s/o to our guest Dave (@GB7Podcast) and lil brother Mo!! --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken discuss the rapid destruction of Fentanyl, the narcotic that has dominated the drug scene, causing the death of celebrities and strangers alike; parents - listen in! Children are NOT SAFE! Everyone is someone’s loved one. Don’t let yours be next! --- Send in a voice message:
The Morning Hustle’s disastrous pronoun interview with Kehlani is discussed, and it’s correlation to the latest Kendrick Lamar album. Grab a mirror and listen closely! This goes out to you! --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken sit down with the newest Mrs. on the team; the strength of love is discussed, as well as the things that challenge it; we tried to keep it light, but many evils test our peace these days; Dave Chappelle is back in the news, so a laugh and a lesson are inevitable. Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies! It was fun to have one in studio after X’s episode! --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken will give every voice a chance to be heard, and when a young man is willing to talk, us parents really need to pay attention. This episode is an eye opener! --- Send in a voice message:
We’ve all seen the effects of trauma on people we love, and today we meet a man that overcame the worst of it; death row, murder, redemption, rehabilitation - learn what makes the best of us from someone once considered the worst of us. It’s an amazing discussion!! --- Send in a voice message:
Very important progress information in this episode!! The Easter episode is full of guiding lights about how Links Not Chains is growing; a Call To Action is place before you - will you answer? Congratulations to Alonzo and Alicia! 🥳🥳🥳; --- Send in a voice message:
In studio fans!! A week later, and The Slap is still rocking heads; Aey Gee, Ken and Dave discussed it last week, but the listeners got the chance to chime in this week; no matter what you’ve heard - 🫢 I’m sure you haven’t heard this!! Be on the show - just let me know!! --- Send in a voice message:
A special early release!! We’ve all seen the video, now the team breaks down the impact and the influence; ‘Will’ Jada’s actions toward Chris ‘rock’ the Smith household, forever?? Listen in - and check out the GB7 Podcast on all the platforms!! --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken talk to a specialist in the world of sleep; self care is an overlooked necessity, and your bed is your castle! You won’t see these jewels coming! --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken discuss some of the walls that life throws at self development; knowing how to put l the right barriers between your development and your destruction. DEEP discussion! --- Send in a voice message:
How these guys come up with topics will have you baffled; why we sensationalize the villains in our society; and what it means moving forward; the mind is quite the playground! --- Send in a voice message:
AG and Ken chop it up with two area influencers that deep dive into a lot of topics plaguing manhood in the inner city; it’ll probably make you laugh, and it might make you cry - but it’ll surely make you think!! Blessings throughout this episode for sure! Special thanks to: IG: @iamcameronwoods; @lrdahypestar --- Send in a voice message:
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