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Hosted by Bondan Syamsu (IG:@bondansyamsu). This is a podcast brought to you by This podcast covers a wide variety of topics from film, video games and so on. Broadly Specific currently features 3 different formats of shows: Post-Watch Blues is a high-quality, scripted and in-depth dive into cinema; B.S___Club is a series of group discussions with panellists and guests, and finally a solo podcast by Bondan. Support us on, subscribe to our YouTube, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @broadly_specific and @broadlyfilms respectively.
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Host and founder of Broadly Specific Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) and returning guest Sei Violette (@SeiViolette) just watched episode 3 of HBO's The Last of Us and sobbed their way through it. In this episode, they discussed why it was one of the finest moments on television in recent history, its implications for the future of the story and comparisons to how the game dealt with the Bill and Frank storyline. Brought to you by Follow us @broadly_specific on Instagram.
Host and founder of Broadly Specific Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) has been watching The Last of Us HBO with returning gaming guest Sei Violette (@SeiViolette). They discuss episodes 1 and 2 of the HBO adaptation of the game. The first part will cover non-game spoilers and the second part will dive deeper into some of the game spoilers and speculations that they have. Brought to you by Follow us @broadly_specific on Instagram. 
In this fun and a special episode of B.S Gaming Club, Host Bondan Syamsu @bondansyamsu is joined by Indonesian board game designer Wira Dillon @mahawirasd to talk about all things board games! We discuss what makes board games unique from other gaming mediums, a brief history of board games, our personal favourites, the different types of board games, and finally, how to create a board game yourself!  Website: Patreon: Instagram: @broadly_specific Twitter: Broadly Films Youtube: Broadly Specific
Manga Log, hosted by Troy Vimalasatya (@vimaaala), is a new addition to the expanding series of Broadly Specific podcasts. Here, he rants about some of the manga he had read, either berating or praising it in the process. In this episode, four psychological-drama mangas - including Inio Asano's notorious 'Oyasumi Punpun' - are examined for their harsh realism, amongst a few other things, through the lenses of one of his favourite subgenres; coming-of-age.
In this special episode, we invited a writer for a new Indonesian farm-sim game called Coral Island, which racked up an astounding 1.6 million dollars on Kickstarter and is now out on early access. Host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) is joined by returning guest Sei Violette (@seiviolette) and Evan Arnoldi Sebayang (@naveidronald), a writer from Stairway Games. We discuss our favourite games, what makes Coral Island unique and Evan's personal philosophy to video game writing. Listen now and gain a unique insight into game writing with a game developer!  Website: Patreon: Instagram: @broadly_specific Twitter: Broadly Films Youtube: Broadly Specific
In this episode, Host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) is joined by his good friend Marcus Love (@say__so__) to discuss Alfred Hitchcock's filmography and one of his most celebrated works, Rear Window (1954) starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. They both cover Hitchock's notion of 'pure cinema', the film's voyeuristic themes and the theatrical setting of Rear Window.  Website: Patreon: Instagram: @broadly_specific Twitter: Broadly Films Youtube: Broadly Specific
In our first-ever video game coverage, Host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) is joined by Sei Violette (@seiviolette), his friend, perpetual buddy and Youtuber. Sei Violette is a longtime Silent Hill series fan who has played every single entry in the series, while Bondan is once again a layman trying to get into the games. The two of them discussed what makes the Silent Hill series so iconic, the recent Silent Hill projects announcements, Hideo Kojima's PT and its influence, why the original Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece, why they're both worried about the remake and the problematic history of Bloober Team, the developers behind the remake. You can find Sei Violette's channel here:
In this solo podcast by Broadly Specific founder Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu),  he discusses the odd uprising and phenomenon of channels on YouTube specializing in delivering edited full summaries of movies, so-called movie recap channels. What are their implications for how people consume art and cinema? and should they exist? Let's discuss.
Founder Bondan Syamsu verbally discusses the recent Broadly Specific hiatus and the plans moving forward.
In this episode, host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) is joined by Andhika Pielaat (@dhikalol) to discuss Matt Reeves' The Batman (2022), the newest iteration of the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the World's Greatest Detective. Listen as the host gets progressively tipsier throughout the runtime of the episode while they both attempt to discuss their personal impressions of the film as well as a deeper discussion on Batman as a character and cultural icon, Nolan's Batman, and the criticisms being directed at The Batman. Whether this was a productive discussion, in the end, is still up in the air. 
We discuss Wong Kar-Wai's iconic follow-up to his debut film and the first film in the unofficial, loosely-connected trilogy that is continued by In The Mood for Love (2000) and 2046 (2004). Host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu), returning panellists Pia Diamandis (@piadiamandis) and Andhika Pielaat (@dhikalol) are Wong Kar-Wai uninitiated, with Days of Being Wild (1990) being their first-ever Wong Kar-Wai film. Thus, helplessly dragged by the host to do this dumb podcast instead of going into therapy, they try to offer their fresh, unique, and totally nuanced thoughts on the film. 
In this episode, host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu), returning guests Andhika Pielaat (@dhikalol) and Pia Diamandis, and special guest Natashya Julian (@natashyajulian) discuss all things horror. We discussed our own experience with horror cinema, what we know about horror cinema history, our favourite horror films, and horror in other media like video games and manga. 
This new unscripted side series of Post-Watch Blues will essentially be film therapy for the guests, exploring why we love films and what makes them special. Join your moderator Bondan (@bondansyamsu) and the first-ever B.S Film Club panellist/guest Andhika Pielaat (@dhikalol) as we get depressed and talk about why we may be losing passion for watching films, why we had those passions in the first place, and what can we do to regain those passions. We then proceed to go on a long rant about "cinephiles" and start to ramble on about some nonsense. As it is our first unscripted episode, we are still awkward as hell so if you finished the episode, props to you!
Welcome to the first-ever episode of Post-Watch Blues. In this episode, we will be discussing Wong Kar-Wai's 1994 classic Chungking Express as a homage to the first article ever published on This episode sets the tone, mood, and format that we will be using in this podcast. Hopefully, after you give this episode a listen, you will comprehend what we are trying to achieve with this podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to follow us to be notified of future episode releases. 
This is the prologue episode to Post-Watch Blues. In this episode, the host Bondan Syamsu sets the tone of the entire podcast as he explains what the podcast will be about, as well as give his acknowledgements to other podcasts that helped inspire Post-Watch Blues and also the contributors of Broadly Specific and other friends who have helped with focus-testing the podcast. 
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