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Author: Joshua Gilliland & Jessica Mederson

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The Legal Geeks are proud to be attorneys and geeks. We have been recognized by the ABA Journal Web 100 for one of the best legal podcasts in 2017 and nominated for Best Podcast by the Geekie Awards in 2015. Please enjoy our podcasts exploring legal issues Sci Fi, comic books, and pop culture, from Star Wars to Captain America and all things geek. Our podcasts are not legal advice and for entertainment only.
305 Episodes
Can the good guys just storm a village? What about all of those contracts?Support the show (
Is Greef Karge now the head of state for Nevarro? Was it child endangerment for the Mandalorian to direct the Child in repairing the Razer Crest? Was the assault on the Imperial outpost legal under the laws of war or a law enforcement action? Join us for our in-depth legal analysis of The Mandalorian, Chapter 12, The Siege. Support the show (
Legal analysis and review of The Mandalorian, Chapter 11, The Heiress.Support the show (
What was The Mandalorian's duties to The Passenger? What happens when your kid starts snacking on someone's prospective children? Join us for our review of The Mandalorian, Chapter 10. Support the show (
We have LOTS of spoilers on The Mandalorian, so do not listen until you have watched Chapter 9, The Marshal. Support the show (
It is logical: we loved Lower Decks. Join us for our detailed review of the last two episodes of the season, "Crisis Point" and "No Small Parts." Support the show (
What happened to General Maximillian Veers after the Battle of Endor? If he had been captured and tried as a war criminal, would he have been convicted? Join The Legal Geeks as they review the Rules of War and combat history of General Veers from Culroon III to Zaloriss to the Battle of Hoth.Support the show (
Could Kirk draft McCoy? Could the Klingon's sue the Federation for the loss of their vessels to V'Ger? What about defective transporters? Tune in as we boldly go where we have never gone before: Star Trek The Motion Picture.Support the show (
The Truth about Trials

The Truth about Trials


Join us for analysis of the Star Trek Lower Decks episode Veritas!Support the show (
Taking the Dog to the Farm

Taking the Dog to the Farm


Review of Star Trek Lower Decks Much Ado About Boimler.Support the show (
Terminal Provocations

Terminal Provocations


Review of Lower Decks "Terminal Provocations," recorded live on Get Vokl. Support the show (
There is a lot to discuss over the laws of attraction in Star Trek.Support the show (
Legal analysis of the Star Trek Lower Decks episode "The Moist Ship."Support the show (
Join The Legal Geeks for analysis of the Lower Decks episode Temporal Edict.Support the show (
The Boys is off to a whale of a good time in season 2. Attorneys Josh Gilliland and Megan Hitchcock discuss the Battery and Employment Discrimination Based on a Disability of a Super-Hero, Extortion of S&M Supes, Murder of Government Officers, whether Homelander has any parental rights, hate crimes, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the case against Vought. Support the show (
In Requiem for William Gilliland.  Support the show (
Nothing says 1950s monster movies like a nuclear submarine fighting a giant octopus in San Francisco. This classic Ray Harryhausen film is packed to the gills with legal issues. Join Christine Peek and Josh Gilliland ask they discuss whether the Navy could draft [the fictional] Dr. Leslie Joyce, whether Commander Mathews could be subject to a harassment claim, and the admissibility of cephalopod-sucker-print forensic science. Support the show (
Bounty hunting is a complicated profession. That is why lawyers geeked out over all of the legal issues in the first season of The Mandalorian. Can bounty hunters use lethal force? What is the enforceability of an oral contract made during a shoot out? Is it murder to shoot a droid or destruction of property? Find out with Joshua Gilliland, Megan Hitchcock, Thomas Harper, and Gabby Martin.Support the show (
Can Darth Vader murder Imperial officers for poor job performance? And what can Vader teach us about contract modification? Join our brave band of lawyers from The Legal Geeks as they take on war crimes on Hoth, whether Luke had a duty to rescue his friends from the Empire, the legality of dumping trash in space. Featuring Steve Chu (Assistant US Attorney), Bethany Bengfort (Durie Tangri), Nari Ely (US Courts), and moderated by Stephen Tollafield (Professor at UC Hastings College of Law). #ForceFest2020Support the show (
Lower Decks on Get Vokl

Lower Decks on Get Vokl


We love Star Trek Lower Decks. Join Josh Gilliland, Steve Chu, and Nari Ely for in-depth analysis of the first two episodes of Lower Decks, "Second Contact" and "Envoys." This episode covers Recklessness with a Bat’leth, legality of personal vs for profit use of holodecks, liability for domestic animals, bribery, drunk flying, and diplomatic incidents.      Support the show (
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Deborah Flores

Saw this in person, it was delightful.

Mar 8th
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