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Can you bury a corpse from another dimension on a roof? How can you defend Wanda from Earth 838 for crimes committed while possessed by Wanda from Earth 616? Join attorneys Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland for their analysis of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Support the show
Does Captain Pike have a duty to rescue 5 Starfleet cadets because of future knowledge? Is there a necessity defense to violating the Prime Directive? Join Josh Gilliland and Danna Nicholas as they explore the legal issues in the newest Star Trek series from the episodes "Strange New Worlds" and "Children of the Comet." Support the show
Recorded live at San Diego Comic Fest on April 24, 2022. A multi-discipline discussion on the cultural impact of Star Trek on society. Support the show (
Who pays for acts of Godzilla? What are the legal issues with using nuclear weapons to seal the breach in Pacifica Rim? We discussed these issues and more at San Diego Comic Fest. Support the show (
It's time to summon the lawsuit! Can police office search an apartment without a warrant? Can abandoning a marriage be grounds for divorce? Join us for our legal analysis.Support the show (
We had a great time discussing the many issues in the Moon Knight episode "The Goldfish Problem," from employment law, to the limits on religious freedom, and reckless driving.Support the show (
Recorded Live at WonderCon! Lawyers and Judges love Star Trek because every series wrestles with complex moral issues. What are the rights of refugees? What happens if a computer goes on a killing spree? If you find a starship, can you keep it? Circuit Judge John Owens, Christine Peek, Angela Storey, and Washington, DC attorney Mark Zaid offer their legal analysis of issues from Star Trek Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and every other Generation of Trek. Moderated by Joshua Gilliland (The Legal Geeks).Support the show (
Recorded LIVE at Wonder! Taking an oath to kill any man, woman, or child in the name of peace is in no way legal. The HBO Max Peacemaker series goes way beyond murder to issues of whether one can have a bald eagle as a pet, use computer crimes to frame others for crimes, engage in bribery or vigilantism, and of course, conspire to kill a U.S. senator . . . who happens to be a butterfly. Attorneys Stephen Tollafield, Gabby Martin, Kathy Steinman, and Joshua Gilliland offer their legal analysis of the series. Brought to you by The Legal Geeks.Support the show (
Attorney General Phil Weiser appears as "Judge" Weiser in this mock trial of Wanda Maximoff (perpetrator of one of the most controversial events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) for an entertaining fusion of legal principles, Marvel superheroes, and a tech law and policy discussion. Special thanks to the Legal Geeks for serving as our lawyers: Josh Gilliand and Nari Ely argue for the prosecution; Mark Lemley and Bethany Bengfort argue for the defense.To learn more about Phil, visit the show (
Nothing says Star Wars like legal analysis of a mob war. Join Gabby Martin, Thomas Harper, and Joshua Gilliland as they discuss settlement negotiations, liability for a rancor rampage, child endangerment during a gunfight, and when self-defense turns into a summary execution. Support the show (
Josh Gilliland and Thomas Harper discuss many legal issues seen in the episode "From the Desert Comes a Stranger," including the Plain View Doctrine, Legal Force and Law Enforcement, Health and Safety requirements for boarding schools, and the giant issue of child endangerment and lightsabers. Support the show (
Josh Gilliland and Thomas Harper discuss why bounty hunters do not kill individuals over unpaid debts, why the Night of 1,000 Tears was a war crime, the importance of how one uses the word "replacement" for a Razer Crest, and probable cause for a police stop. Support the show (
Did Boba Fett have a duty to rescue Fennec Shand? What are the medical consent requirements for a patient near death? And was it justified for Boba to do an airstrike on the bikers? Join us for our legal analysis of Book of Boba Fett Chapter 4.Support the show (
Josh Gilliland and Thomas Harper take on the issues of grand theft water, price gouging and consumer protection laws, anticipatory breach of contract with the Pykes, Murder for Hire with Black Krrsantan, and what you should know before adopting a rancor. There are also audience questions on how to respond to the biker gang.Support the show (
The Book of Boba Fett, Chapter 2, "The Tribes of Tatooine" has everything from torture of assassins, to summary execution of assassins, using bounty hunters as mercenaries, and drug smuggling Pykes. We debate the big question, did the Tuskin Raiders have a self defense right to destroy the Pyke train? Support the show (
Could the Jawas that robbed Boba Fett be charged with attempted murder?  Did the Tuskin Raiders commit torture and kidnapping? Join us for our legal analysis of the Book of Boba Fett, Chapter 1.Support the show (
Jessica Mederson and Josh Gilliland swing into action with their review of Spider-Man No Way Home. Can Peter Parker sue the Daily Bugle for disclosing his secret identity? Was there a duty to help the supervillains from other universes? And most importantly of all, why it is important to go see a lawyer before seeing a wizard. Support the show (
The Hawkeye Finale

The Hawkeye Finale


Can Yelena be charged with eavesdropping for recording the Kingpin and Eleanor? Would the video recording be enough for a judge to grant an arrest warrant for Eleanor Bishop? Was Kate legally justified in shooting down the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza? Join Josh Gilliland, Gabby Martin, and Stephen Tollafield for their legal analysis. Support the show (
Attorneys Josh Gilliland, Gabby Martin, and Mark Zaid review Hawkeye, episode 5, "Ronin." Did Kate Bishop's multiple calls to Clint Barton amount to stalking? What are the privacy issues with tracking cell phones? And can Russian assassins just go to New York City? Join us for our legal analysis. Support the show (
Review of Hawkeye Episode 4

Review of Hawkeye Episode 4


Was Jacque justified in using the Ronin sword to threaten Clint? Could all the LARPers be convicted of a conspiracy to tamper with evidence? And just how much larceny happened in "We're Partners, Right?" Join us for our legal analysis of Hawkeye, episode 4. Support the show (
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