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Author: Jeff Butera

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Some people thought the pitcher was a murderer. This is the TRUE story of the only Major League Baseball player to die from an injury on the field. On the 100-year anniversary of the tragedy, find out how a single pitch killed one of the game's best players, ruined the life of one of baseball's best pitchers, and cursed an entire family.
6 Episodes
Can one pitch curse an entire family? It sure seems like it.Because within a decade of Mays' fastball killing Ray, Ray's wife and daughter were dead too. The family called it their "ghost story."Meantime, Mays lived on, never able to escape the shadow of that single fastball.
Ray Chapman's teammates couldn't even make it through the funeral without getting into fistfights. Carl Mays couldn't get through a single sentence without tossing out another excuse. And the Indians couldn't believe it when they stumbled on a Hall of Fame replacement. *** Courtesy: Bull Durham/Orion  
Everything changed in the 5th inning.The fastball. The cracking sound when the ball hit Chapman's skull. The gasps. The mad dash to the hospital. The surgery. And the moment Ray's wife told the priest: "We'd been too happy together and it couldn't last." She just knew.
Why was Ray Chapman not wearing a batting helmet when a fastball to his temple killed him? How come Babe Ruth was there? And what do John D. Rockefeller, 'No No Nanette,' the toaster and the zipper have to do with this story? I answer those questions in this episode. *** Courtesy: Sandlot/20th Century Fox The Babe/Universal  Eight Men Out/Orion Major League/Paramount  Field of Dreams/Universal 
Ray Chapman had it all. A beautiful wife. A baby on the way. A thriving baseball career. And a future in business waiting for him when he hung up his cleats. Then a hated pitcher threw a fastball high-and-tight... and killed him.The wife. The baby. The career. The future. Ray's whole life... was gone. *** Courtesy: Field of Dreams/Universal Major League/ParamountThe Natural/TriStar Moneyball/Sony
One fastball took a man's life. One fastball wrecked another man's life. One fastball cursed an entire family. This is the true story of the only time in major league baseball history that a player died from injuries sustained on the field. And the drama surrounding that one pitch feels like it came right out of a movie. 
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