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We just wanted to thank everyone so much for the love and support in Season 1.We'll be back soon!
In this episode we look at Aquavit and it's LONG history. If you like gin, you might need to give it a shot.
In this episode we check out Spirits from Blinking Owl Distillery thanks to our friend Patrick Castle. Pat sent us a few different bottles to check out, so let's see what they're all about.
In this episode we got the chance to sit down with Thomas Duncan and go over some of his famous home bar concoctions. 
In this episode we recap information from a 3 hour training course with Idaho State Police. The information is condensed and repackaged for you, the home bartender and/or bar and restaurant patron.
In this episode we got Ted Breaux (chemist, absinthe specialist & creator of Lucid) on the phone to school us about the history of absinthe, the Lucid brand, and exactly how he got the absinthe ban overturned in the U.S. You DO NOT want to miss this episode.
In this episode we talk about our newest releases and what you might use them for.
In this episode we explore what makes some coffee liqueur better than others and why you might want to use them for different reasons.
In this episode we talk about one of the most popular cocktails right now. You may have heard the name, but do you know the story?
In this episode we catch up with our good friend Chris to see what he has been cooking up at home.
In this episode we take a look at all of the legend and myth surrounding one of history's least understood spirits.
In this episode we take a deeper look at what the best options are for your orange liqueur needs.
In this episode we dive a little deeper into the world of amaro and some cocktails you might find them in.
In this episode we dip our toes into the massive world of amaro and find a good way to start exploring their flavors.
In this episode we talk with Caleb Deno about combining flavors and coming up with original cocktails. If you've been wanting to spice up your cocktail game, here's how to do it.
In this episode we talk about some of the highlights of our trip to Kentucky to work with Maker's Mark.
In this episode we talk with Kris Westergard. Kris is the bar manager for The Talon Bar inside the massive Marketplace Albertson's. Kris is also a home bar expert so let's see what we can learn.
In this episode we talk with Alex Morton of Hood River spirits. We sit down and taste a brand new product on the market that is already winning awards.
In this episode our best friend Niki shows us what it means to be a true host and home bartender.
In this episode we talk about the history of Angostura bitters and why they are an absolute must-have for the home bartender.
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