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The House Made Podcast is the best resource for home bartenders, weekend warriors or anyone hosting parties or events. Tips, tricks, recipes and advice from industry professionals on how to master cocktails at home and host a great party. Cheers!
24 Episodes
In this episode we talk about what exactly scotch whisky is, the many distilleries throughout 6 main regions and just how much variety there really is.
In this episode we look at three iconic cocktails, where they came from and what made them so popular.
In this episode we look back in history to learn about who really invented the Manhattan and when it was created.
In this episode we dive into the world of cognac, what it is, and whether or not you need to be fancy to enjoy it.
In this episode we look at the king of cocktails and try to dig up where it actually came from.
In this episode we taste 4 bourbons and see which one reigns supreme.
In this episode we explore what it means to be bourbon and the basics for anyone that might be wondering.
In this episode we talk about the art of mixing whole eggs and/or egg whites into cocktails and why you should probably try it.
In this episode we go over what huckleberries are, practical applications as a cocktail mixer and why we decided to make it available to you.
In this episode we taste 4 gins with different distillation methods and see what we like best.
Episode #13 - Gin 101

Episode #13 - Gin 101


In this episode we dive into the world of gin, looking at the 5 different styles and where they came from.
In this episode we talk about the world of cocktail garnishes - Some pretty, some practical and some DEADLY.
In this episode we do a blind taste test between 4 popular blanco tequilas. 
In this episode we talk about the different styles of tequila, which one might be right for you and the crazy flavor differences that come from such a strictly regulated spirit.
This is the second installment of our rum series. We go through some cocktails to try this summer and some ideas for your next barbecue.
This episode is the first installment of our rum spotlight. We go through some different styles, learn some history and, of course, taste a lot of rum. 
In this episode we run through some of the most popular brands and rate them best to worst. These results may surprise you.
In this episode we spend $30 at the store and combine that with an inexpensive bottle of booze to show you how far you can go for mega cheap.
In this episode we go over the basics of tasting spirits, or anything else, and how you can learn to be better. We also look at the important role that smell has on your ability to identify flavor notes.P.S. - If you have a bottle of Yellowstone Select, you can follow along with us.
We are interested in buying a barrel of whiskey through the Maker's Mark Barrel Program so in this episode we discuss the details of the meeting/ tasting we did, what we learned and the flavors we found along the way. Spoiler alert: This is NOT your average barrel program.
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