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breaking down our weekly shows plus how daily life is going all that and more.
Double nickel

Double nickel


Just Dom and ILL on this one we kept it short and sweet



Dom Q and ILL joins the cast at a later date so kick back and enjoy the rap talk and ofc the flim and show talk plus more.



just dom and ill on this hour converstaion about and 1 netflix future and more



all present and accounted for we talk she hulk debut and can it be the best mcu disney plus show ? Jamie foxx new Netflix show plus alot more.
fifty 1

fifty 1


Dom Q and ILL are all back they talk predictions for she hulk aminal kingdom how will dc stack up and more
This week just Dom and ILL talk p valley HBO new show rap shit and thoughts on marvel pharse 5 and 6 slate
2 straight weeks of the triple threat we talk flight travel predictions on the movie nope plus we play some trivia
two week in a row every ones here DOM ILL and Q thoughts on thor love and thunder and talk a little on p valley and aminal kingdom plus alot more
a little talk on thor love and thunder our thoughts are ms marvel and are feelings on dc black adam
we talk obi ms marvel p valley and plus a little sports talk
This week its juse dom and Q talking obi top gun long awaited sequel and how the mcu has no direction plus more
Just me and ILL on this week episode we talk obi what season 3 of the boys might be like and also how doctor strange was and alot more dont foreget to check out off limit opinios with Dom and j mfkn payton
this week just ILL and Dom speaking on moonkight ep5 and how does it all end plus we hit on a little of mutiverse of madness and alot more
This week it is just DOm and ILL talking about moonknight ep4 plus winning time on hbo max other movies and shows we have seen this week
part II with Dom Q and J MFKN and zel is joining us we talk alot of marvel stuff plus life
just DOm and ILL we talk moonkight ep3 and a little on the hbo max tony doc
Just DOM and ILL on this episode speaking on moonknight ep 2 also fx atlanta as well as hbo winning time
part 2 of the same week its Dom JMFKN Payton and ILL talk there pov on moonkight plus other shows
Dom and Q talk about thoughts and predictions for Disney plus show moon knight plus sports talk
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