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Jake Morrison from the US has been living in Taiwan for almost 30 years, and been running his tech company here for 19 years.His focus is converting business opportunities into new products, designing user experiences and then bringing them to life. Morrison has delivered hundreds of projects in health care, FinTech, AdTech, telecom, and supply chain, including challenging high-integrity and high-performance apps handling billions of transactions a day.Morrison finished his Bachelor of Science (BS), Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering from the University of Southern California. He also went to the National Taiwan Normal University for Chinese language studies, he is fluent in business and technical Chinese with HSK 5+ level. He also studied Japanese Language from the National Taiwan University, he is intermediate Japanese JPT3+ level.Despite being in Taiwan for almost 30 years, he hasn't applied for permanent residency. His father served as a professor at the National Taiwan University for 14 years and was not even qualified for retirement benefits after his stint. Support the show
This event is organized by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a technology research and development institution in Taiwan. ITRI has been organizing these events to foster startup growth. Paolo Lising, founder of, and MillionDC Ltd. was chosen to host the event. The guest speakers were Bruce Bateman, Chairman of Innovation and Startup Ecosystem at LITEON, and Melody Ho, Marketing Director of Glia Cloud.Support the show
This event is organized by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a technology research and development institution in Taiwan. ITRI has been organizing these events to foster startup growth. Paolo Lising, founder of, and MillionDC Ltd. was chosen to host the event. The guest speakers were Bruce Bateman, Chairman of Innovation and Startup Ecosystem at LITEON, and Melody Ho, Marketing Director of Glia Cloud.Since Google joined Safari and Firefox in blocking third-party cookies, people have been speculating on the consequences and seeking out alternatives, as a significant amount of digital activities are dependent on third-party cookies. What does going cookieless mean? Support the show (
Our topic for today is a little bit edgy, why is Taiwan not so a competitive place for startups. Jachim Gobien, from Belgium is a freelance management consultant with a corporate banking background. He has almost a decade of work at BNP Paribas in Belgium and in the Middle East.Through his startup, Galablynx, Jachim provides financial analysis, financial modeling, and risk management services to SMEs, VCs, and PE firms.Support the show (
Our topic for today is about foreigners who are teaching in Taiwan. Now, the common knowledge of many from abroad is that foreigners are limited to teaching English in Taiwan. While most of the teaching jobs are for teaching English language, many universities and even schools for kids are looking to hire teachers in other fields of study. Our guest, Carlos Argueta, from Honduras, is an experienced programmer and researcher who has published papers and has launched projects ranging from mobile apps to Machine Learning. Carlos is skilled in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and app development. He is a strong information technology professional with a (PhD) focused in Computer Science from the National Tsing Hua University.Carlos’ Book recommendationsSapiens: Fast and Slow:’ Twitter:’ LinkedIn:             V             V             VSupport the show (
Fershad Irani, from Australia, is a website performance consultant, helping companies achieve their business goals through website optimizations. His core focus is reducing the environmental impact of the web, reducing their carbon footprint.He has a bachelor’s degree in Business, Computing, Finance and Internet Business Technologies from the university of Technology Sydney. Fish left his job at one of the biggest tech companies in Taiwan to pursue his own passion. He is currently in Taiwan on an APRC.Follow Fish - out his website - Green Web Foundation: book recommendation - Susan Cain's book: LESSSupport the show (
One of our failures from 2021 was that we never explained what is all about and this video was from a crowdfunding pitch that never gotten light simply because we're a foreign company and all of Taiwan's crowdfunding platforms ado not cater to us and Taiwan doesn't have access to Indiegogo nor Kickstarter, which is rooted to failed banking systems here. Please visit our site and support by subscribing - it is our only way to continue this mission for now.Support the show (
Our guests for today are the founders of MangaX, the grand champion at the recently concluded Dragon’s Chamber Taiwan!We have Genevieve Murphy, from the US, Joe Huang from Taiwan. In this episode, they shared their experience at the recently concluded Dragons' Chamber Taiwan pitch competition. They also explain further what Manga X Technologies is trying to solve and how they work efficiently as a team with having Taiwanese and American founding team.For our YouTube viewers we have the MangaX’s pitch at the end of this video, courtesy of our friends from EddyLive who livestreamed the event, and from Catapult, the fastest, easiest way to edit massive amounts of video. To clarify, we are not sponsored by them.Support the show (
Our guest for today is Raymond Ko, a returning Taiwanese from the USRaymond has 20 years of experience in cash, sales trading, Asian markets covering a strong mix of Asian-based and North American-based clients. He has built and managed a team of 11 traders and assistants in Taiwan.From that hectic career, Raymond pivoted to a career as a freediving instructor and digital marketer.He is currently based on the small island of Xiaoliuqiu off the Southwest Coast of Taiwan. Famous for its abundant sea turtles, the community there has been built on the wealth of the tuna industry, with the fishermen commanding 14% of global tuna market share at one time.Our topic for today is about the business of freediving and Raymond’s quest to claim his Taiwan citizenship. Support the show (
t.Hub with Taiwan Department of Economic Development sponsored an event for Taipei International Startup Week 2021, and one of the panel discussions talked about metaverse. What is it and what is Taiwan's role in this industry?The discussion was moderated by Mr. Volker Heistermann, Co-Founder, MosaicVenture Lab. The panelists are Bruce Bateman, Chief Innovation Advisor, LITEON, Luca Di Fiore, Head of Products at ADATA Technology, and  Sascha Pallenberg, CAO, aware The Platform and former Head of Digital Transformation, Daimler. Support the show (
Mark Pimentel is a high frequency quantitative trader & entrepreneur who moved to Taipei in 2018 after more than a decade of experience in New York and Chicago.Pimentel co-founded Kronos Research, a multi-strategy cryptocurrency trading firm with about 140 employees across three offices in Asia, and trades $5-10B in daily volume. He is also building WOO Network, a cryptocurrency dark pool with deep liquidity and token-based incentive schemes. Their goal is to build digital asset trading infrastructure and improve market execution. How can Taiwan well position itself in the cryptocurrency market? What are its strengths and areas to improve for this industry?Support the show (
Claudia Wild, from Germany, is a cultural chameleon & seasoned copywriter, content creator & translator. She has 9 years of experience writing multilingual content, running digital marketing campaigns & developing e-learning material. Multiple years of self-organized, remote work have made Claudia a digital workplace aficionado that easily adapts to any circumstances, honed her skills of working independently with little to no direction, and have led her to become well-versed and thrive in a digital workspace.Claudia is a digital nomad – she was in Taiwan for more than a year on an Entrepreneur Visa and moved to Canada mid-2021. What made her move out? Is she coming back? Support the show (
Our guest for today is Mark Hsu, a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur & investor who has been based in Asia since 1996. Stanford graduate, Mark is currently running a portfolio of companies in education, e-commerce & internet-enabled services.Our topic for today is funding options for startups in Taiwan. Mark explains that while Taiwan no longer requires a minimum paid-in capital, the reality is that government grants are heavily tied to paid-in capital.  he said, in most situations, the grant will be a discount to your paid-in capital.As an investor, he also enumerated the pointers that he is looking for when investing in startups in Taiwan. He noted that he has funded a number of foreign startups.For job postings, investment for your startup, visit Mark's company - questions about starting a business in Taiwan, we have a created this new website - the show (
We invited back Joseph Prosnitz from the US to talk about his experience as Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa holder who successfully applied for Gold Card.Why did he apply for a Gold Card, are there some significant benefits vs Entrepreneur Visa?Joseph is the founder and CEO of Stride 360 a company that helps people get the complete gym experience in their homes. Joseph built out the first version of Stride that switches between exercise bike and elliptical trainer to make his workouts easier, especially in the winter later expanding to include rowing and ski. The machine comes with an open social fitness platform to motivate users to maintain their stride towards a healthier life, pun intended.Support the show (
Jeanie Tsui, from Hong Kong, moved to Taiwan in 2019 to offer her expertise in marketing to the Chinese-speaking countries. She is founder of Book and Pub that helps entrepreneurs promote their brands and build trust by content marketing and book publishing. In this episode, she compares the challenges (similarities and differences) for being in Hong Kong or in Taiwan as a foreign entrepreneur. She is also a founder of Master Spanish Now, an online Spanish Academy connecting Spanish students with native Spanish teachers.Jeanie has a Masters of Philosophy in Botany and Plant Biology from the University of Hong Kong and also studied Spanish Language literature from Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.For questions about starting a business in Taiwan, I have a created this new website - the show (
Most of our foreigner guests talk about leveraging Taiwan's tech talent pool, and our guest startup founder is expanding in Taiwan because of its pool of creative talents that can compete worldwide.Our guest for today is Dr. Yen Yen Woo, from Singapore, one of the creators of Dim Sum Warriors a unique approach to language-learning for kids that blends comics, language learning, tech and dumplings! Dr. Woo obtained her doctorate from Columbia University and has worked as a professor at Long Island University in New York and National Central University in Taiwan, specializing in curriculum development as well as multimedia production.Dimsum Warriors is offering FREE six months access to its app and the offer will expire soon.The App (IOS/Android) was certified as having high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland, one of the world’s top EdTech impact verification agencies! Visit our newly-launched website and subscribe so we can bring more of these stories to you, please :DSupport the show (
Our guest is Elias Ek from Sweden to talk about one of the challenges of a foreign founder here in Taiwan, and that is raising funds. Many founders struggle to get into government funds and so Elias himself has created Dragon’s Chamber with a goal of helping foreign startups particularly in this pain point.The deadline for submitting your application is September 6th,  Monday.The application form can be accessed here Auditions for Dragons’ Chamber 2021 will be held on September 16 and 17 at Enspyre’s offices in Taipei. Please ensure that you are available to attend and present your business to our Dragons.Please take the time to provide details so we can understand you and your business.All Information will be kept confidential.Support the show (
This episode is about the things that would make starting a business in Taiwan easier, if you prepare them even before landing here. These are based on real-life experience of our guest Joseph Proznitz from the US.Know what you hope to get by being hereHave your medical in orderHave your banking in orderConnect with the government early and often in the right wayBuild relationshipsKnow that it will be really hard but it can also be a big opportunityJoseph is the founder and CEO of Stride 360 to better train for triathlons. Joseph built out the first version of Stride that switches between exercise bike and elliptical trainer to make his workouts easier, especially in the winter. The machine comes with an open social fitness platform to motivate users keep their stride, pun intended.Joseph finished his Bachelor of Science Information Management, Information Technology from Syracuse University.Support the show (
We are officially expanding our topic, to cover the lives of foreigners who come to Taiwan to study!Our topic for today is the steps I wish I knew while applying for university in Taiwan, and the current concerns of incoming foreign students. Taiwan government said it would grant visas to an estimated 13,000 foreign students before schools open next month.Students will receive help from a task force established by the education ministry, he said, adding that online learning would be available.Our guest for today is Martin Závodský from Slovakia. Martin is founder of an e-commerce platform. He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in English for Business Administration, from the Tomas Bata University, in Czech Rep and he was also in Erasmus in Klagenfurt, Austria. Martin has lived Iceland, Malta, Ibiza and travelled to the rest of Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA.Support the show (
Our guest for today is Alan McIvor, a Scottish headhunter who recruits mid to senior level professionals for large companies in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific Region. Alan began his headhunter career in Shanghai back in 2013 and came to Taiwan in 2015 to join Robert Walters before joining Bo Le Associates, Asia's largest executive search firm, and in 2019, joined Paul Wright Group as Practice Leader in Taipei.Alan, a Scottish headhunter based in Taipei, talks about the state of jobs for foreigners and locals in Taiwan. He also gave some tips for getting a job.Support the show (
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