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Jim Makoso is a veteran in the cannabis industry, and he attended mjbizcon 2021 in Las Vegas where we caught up with him for an interview.   In this episode we discuss his background in the finance industry and the transition to the cannabis industry.   Jim is the CEO of Flowe Technology and Director of Lucid Lab Group. Jim holds board seats in several organizations including Marijuana Business Daily and Biomedican while also serving as Vice Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee with the National Cannabis Industry Association.  Jim is the go-to person for flow technology involving cannabis oil extraction and distillation.Flowe is the first to combine microcrystalline cannabinoids and ingredients within a water-based solution. Infused product manufacturing will never be the same.  Learn more about Jim & Flowe Technology: sure to subscribe to be notified of our next episode. Like & Share... Visit our website to learn about our Cannabis PR Solutions.
After 15 years in the medical field working on both the human & veterinary sides, Adam Bushey made the jump into the Cannabis/CBD industry.  He is the director of strategic growth at Open Book Extracts.  Open book Extracts - bringing scientific rigor to every ingredient they sell and formulate, from traditional medicine, to modern nutrition science, to clinical program design, and translate their data into messages you can use.What sets Open Book Extracts apart from others is they also deal in rare cannabinoids such as TCV. Along with other rare cannabinoids - cbdv, CBDa, CBGa, THCV. Adam said there's so many exciting variables or exciting cannabinoids coming out very soon.  Listen to this episode to learn more about the extracts being researched by the team of experts at Open Book Extracts. Connect with Adam: to subscribe to be notified of our next episode.  Please like & Share!  Check out our website for all of your Cannabis PR Solutions. 
Steve Loveday has worked in the golf industry for the past 25 years. Steve spent 9 years working in golf course management and maintenance prior to honing his skills in plant nutrition, biostimulation and defense activation.  What does that have to do with the cannabis industry?? Taking the lessons learned in the golf industry Steve has applied the same principles to the cannabis industry.  Listen to this episode to learn the lessons learned in the golf industry and how it can shape the future of cannabis.  Steve heads up a team of experts at Epoch Science Company in Texas. Today’s top cannabis growers are infusing traditional practices with modern scientific strategies developed by industrial agriculture.  Leading to optimized plant growth and so much more.... Check out this interview & remember to subscribe for our next episode. To connect with Steve: http://www.epochlifescience.com our website for all of your Cannabis related PR Solutions today
We got a chance to interview Marvin Wilcher, CEO & Co-founder at CampNova during Mjbizcon 2021 in Las Vegas.  Who is Marvin and CampNova?   CampNova is an e-commerce, technology marketing platform developed by experienced cannabis entrepreneurs. A premier cannabis and CBD destination, CampNova is a direct-to-consumers platform featuring delivery partners throughout the state of California. CampNova features brands, bonus limited edition exclusive releases from celebrities featuring pro-athletes, actors and influencers. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles and Oakland, California.  CampNova also partnered with an impressive roster of cannabis brands associated with Tommy Chong, Julian Marley, The Game, Santana—and Mickey Hart of Grateful Dead fame, to name a few of the brands.  You can buy the best influencer cannabis brands.  Check out this episode to learn more about their influencer cannabis brands....Connect w/ Marvin:LinkedInRemember to subscribe to be notified of our next episode.  Check out our website for all of your Cannabis PR Solutions.   
We caught up with Max Armstrong from Learn Brands at mjbizcon 2021. This year, they are such a cruel educational technology platform for the cannabis industry. They offer a wide range of services from introductory classes to state mandated compliance training.  Learn Brands has delivered over 60,000 hours of training through its platform.Max believes that approximately 80% of purchases come from the recommendations of budtenders.  They're your most powerful brand ambassador. So, giving them accurate information, letting them know about the products sold in their stores, is really vital.  As a result, the retailer has a lot of incentive just for having a more educated staff.Listen to this episode to discover what Learn Brands can do for your cannabis-based business.Max holds a BA in Communications, Environmental Studies, and a Minor in Oceanic and Atmospheric Studies from the University of Colorado. Connect w/ Learn Brands:
CannaDevices is an American handcrafted glass and accessory distributor (wholesale only) specializing in serving cannabis dispensaries.  We got a chance at MJBizCon 2021 to interview Chris Piazza, Co-founder & CEO of CannaDevices.  Chris talks about setting the standard for glass blowing. CannaDevices was founded by Robert Bank and Chris Piazza to serve the fast-growing cannabis industry in the United States.  Both local glassblowers of the Chicago suburbs with over 30 years of glass blowing experience.  Starting in 2008 - Chris began in the cannabis industry as a glass blower - selling his pipes at head shops and concerts in Colorado. CannaDevices now works with over 40 different glass blowers around the US, with that number growing day by day. Since the inception, Chris has managed the growth of this new company, which services many of the largest dispensaries in the US, all while staying true to his roots in sourcing glass from artists throughout the country, creating consistent work and income for them and their families.  In addition to his position of Founder/CEO for CannaDevices, Chris is a founding member and Chairman of the non-profit, Startup Syndicate, created to help new entrepreneurs get access to tools and capital for their businesses. Connect with Chris:Website - - @CannaDevicesLinkedIn - to subscribe to be notified of the next episode.  Please like & share. For all of your Cannabis related PR Solutions - visit our website for more information.
Today’s episode we interviewed Ralph Risch who is the CEO of Phylos Bioscience located in Portland, Oregon. In 2015 Oregon legalized Marijuana.  Before marijuana was legalized, cannabis cultivators were more concerned with avoiding police raids than genetic research. Now that it's legal in Oregon what does the advancement in cannabis & hemp seed science conducted at Phylos Bioscience mean for the end user who buys cannabis at their local dispensary? It all begins with the seeds - Phylos believes quality control starts in breeding and continues through seed production.  The final hemp & cannabis product means buyers can trust the quality and consistency of the strains they are purchasing.  Let’s listen to the entire interview with Ralph who discusses this in more detail, and you'll learn what Auto Flower means to a successful grow operation.   This feature allows growers to skip the traditional light cycles.Connect w/ Phylos Bioscience: reimagines molecular genetic science to revolutionize hemp and cannabis production for a growing industry. Our world-class team develops high-quality seed lines bred for better, more uniform agronomic traits and improved production efficiency. Phylos is committed to developing industry-leading solutions to help you boost your bottom line, maximize space and labor time, and pull ahead of the competition with short-season varieties.Our team of geneticists, breeders, plant scientists, and agronomists use a data-driven approach to crop and production improvement.      -------------------------------------------------------------------------Remember to subscribe to be notified of the next episode.  Like & Share - thanks!Visit our website for all of your cannabis related PR Solutions.
In this episode we go beyond just cannabis & CBD genetics.  A small Israeli based startup, BetterSeeds, is on a mission to create better seeds for all the crops grown worldwide.  Better crop genetics will be the key solving the growing demand for increased production.  BetterSeeds makes use of genome editing technology (CRISPR-Cas9) in order to produce new varieties, incorporating game changing traits which are not today available across all crops due to the limitations of conventional breeding. One example of this is ketchup. Without one genetic trait that was discovered in tomatoes a few decades ago we wouldn’t have had ketchup.We interviewed BetterSeeds CEO/Co-founder, Ido Margalit, who helps explain the science behind BetterSeeds. And Ido helps to explain how their technology is also improving the Cannabis & Hemp industry.  Listen to our latest episode.Connect with BetterSeeds: subscribe to be notified of the next episode release - Like & Share!You can reach out to us for all of your Cannabis PR solutions.  Check out our website for more details.
In this episode we got a chance to interview Danicka Brown-Frazier & Olamiji Pearse.  The dynamic duo currently operates Greenish Vibes, a Cannabis accessory & CBD boutique that will soon transition into a Cannabis Microbusiness in California. Greenish Vibes also focuses on projects to improve equity for black farmers of industrial hemp in the US and West Africa. Check out this episode to learn about the mission at Greenish Vibes.Connect w/ Greenish Vibes:www.GreenishVibes.com subscribe to be notified of the next episode release - Like & Share!You can reach out to us for all of your Cannabis PR solutions.  Check out our website for more details.
As the cannabis industry grows so will the need for IP protection.  Often startup companies don’t realize the need to protect their brand.  Furthermore, people think it’s impossible to provide IP protection to something that’s considered illegal under Federal Law.  In this episode we interview Hannah Stitt, an attorney at Tectonic Law.  Hannah helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal landscape for cannabis companies. Cannabis companies should look at patent and trade secret rights from both an offensive and defensive position to ensure that they are securing protection for their own innovations while avoiding the growing minefield of patent rights of their competitors.  It’s possible to accidentally infringe on IP rights of another cannabis company and you don’t even know it. This is why it’s important to find a competent cannabis IP attorney who can help provide the solutions you’ll need to be successful. Listen to our interview to learn more about Cannabis IP Law….About Hannah Stitt, EsquireHannah Stitt is an attorney based in San Francisco, California. She represents individuals and companies in trademark litigation and brand disputes across the state.Currently, Hannah sits on the Ethics Committee for the International Cannabis Bar Association, as well as both the Barrister’s Cannabis, Alcohol and Regulated Industries committee and Intellectual Property committee for the Bar Association of San Francisco.Ms. Stitt attended U.C. Davis for her undergraduate education, earning degrees in both Religious Studies and Film Studies. She graduated from U.C. Hastings College of the Law in 2015 with a concentration in intellectual property law.             ===================================Please subscribe to be notified of the next episode release - Like & Share! You can reach out to us for all of your Cannabis PR solutions.  Check out our website for more details.           =====================================*The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.  Information on this website may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. 
In this episode we interview Chad Johnson, CEO of H!ghten Sifter, who has developed a solventless extract method for cannabis in the convenience of your own home.  The company’s sifter is set to disrupt a $40-million-dollar kief industry. In just 30 seconds the H!ghten Sifter gives consumers easy access to 10x’s more ready to consume kief than they are getting from their grinder today.  Kief is a hidden gem. The H!ghten Sifter is about the size of a kitchen toaster.  If you’re bored with cannabis leaf or looking for something new - then this is the answer you’ve been looking for.  Kief can be used in many ways. You can sprinkle it into a bowl or joint, or add it when making homemade cannabutter or oil. In addition, you can press it into hash or filter it and press it into rosin.  Listen to this episode to learn more about kief and the revolutionary new sifter.To learn more about H!ghten Sifter visit their website: Please subscribe to be notified of the next episode release. Like & Share - thanks!
Starting her career in the financial industry,  Tahira Rehmatullah, ended up on a mission to change the way we look at the CBD industry.   We got a chance to interview her during MJbizcon 2021 in Las Vegas.  Tahira earned her MBA from the Yale School of Management and B.S. in Finance from The Ohio State University.  Since entering cannabis in 2014, Tahira has held positions at MTech Acquisition Corp., Hypur Ventures, Marley Natural, and Privateer Holdings, and prior to that, at City First Enterprises, Perry Capital, and Ernst & Young.  Fortune Magazine has called Tahira one of the top 5 most powerful women in pot and Business Insider has deemed her one of the rising stars of the marijuana investment scene.Tahira wanted to find a way to use her expertise in finance to support a mission-oriented, social goal.  Fast forward to today and she is the Co-Founder at Commons.  Which offers a variety of CBD-based products through a network of trained coaches.   Commons is working to bring the benefits of CBD to middle America, minority groups, and people the cannabis industry has often overlooked.   Visit Commons website to learn about their CBD products and how they can help you.Connect w/ Tahira:Tahira Rehmatullah | LinkedIn (@TahiraRehm) / TwitterRemember to like, subscribe and share
If you own a cannabis based company there's a good chance you've never thought about cyber security.  In this interview with Scott Lyons, CEO & Co-founder of Red Lion, he discusses how data is the new gold.  Scott is a "white hat" hacker who is bringing cyber security to the cannabis industry.  Why does cyber security matter to cannabis companies - from the smallest operator to the largest enterprise?  Are you aware of how much data about you and your company are being leaked right now?  The cannabis industry needs to stay ahead of the hackers.   The cannabis industry is booming with new businesses being created everyday.  New businesses are ideal targets for cyberattacks due to them not being aware of potential threats and the fact it can take time before they realize they should put cyber security best practices in place.   What would be the impact to your business if a cybercriminal was able to attack successfully?A study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute determined that the average cost of a data breach exceeded $3 million. Plus, the potential to lose trade secrets, millions of dollars in lost cannabis crops, data breach of customer's sensitive information, ransomware attacks, and much more....   Check out this podcast to learn how the best practices to keep your cannabis company safe.About Red Lion:Red Lion offers a wide range of cyber security consulting services.   Visit their website for information: Red Lion - Home ( Lion Twitter 
This week’s Bonus episode comes straight from MJBizCon in Vegas where we caught up with exhibitors and industry specialists in the Cannabis space. After being locked away for two years, everyone was excited to reconnect and come back to start pushing forward business in Cannabis again. Our team had an unforgettable time at the event this year.  Check out this episode where we get some insights from newcomers, oldcomers and regulars alike…Information about the 2021 MJBizcon Expo:Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, MJBizCon is the largest, and most anticipated event of the cannabis business year.   The event was held October 19th through 22nd. The award-winning cannabis show is held at Las Vegas Convention Center and showcases over 250,000 square feet of exhibits, 3-day conference, pre-show forums, and over 140 speakers plus extraordinary networking and partnership-building opportunities.More than 30,000 cannabis executives attended in 2021. to subscribe to be notified of the next episode release.  
I didn’t know much about the Waldo’s before I found the 420waldos website. So this conversation kind of came to me by surprise, but learning that these group of five friends coined the term "420" was compelling enough for me to ask the questions of how, what and why they became known for this term. There have been many misconceptions, fallacies, falsehoods, and media inaccuracies about the beginnings of '420', and even about The Waldos.   Although the Waldos are still friends and still together as a group today, the backstory of The Waldos and ‘420’ beginnings is a golden era we will never see the likes of again—the 1970’s in Marin County, CA— San Francisco Bay Area. Check out our interview with Steve Capper + Dave ReddixWebsite:  https://420waldos.com sure to subscribe to be notified of new podcasts.
The biology of cannabis began in the mid-1960s with the identification of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) as marijuana's main active ingredient.  But, what do we really know  more than 50 years later?  Listen to our interview with Dr. Daniela Vergara as she makes the biology of cannabis easy to understand and entertaining... Connect W/ Dr Vergara: Dr Vergara:Evolutionary biologist, data analyst,  educator, scientific writer, and public speaker. In addition to her multiple publications, she founded and directs a non-profit organization, the Agricultural Genomics Foundation (AGF; AGF aims to make hemp and cannabinoid science available to a broad public. Vergara has been part of e scientific teams at private companies including Steep Hill, Inc. who are a global leader in agricultural testing, and the biotech company Front Range Biosciences. 
I’m sure you can agree that this interview with Russ was really awesome, scientific and energetic. We got some amazing information about isolation and extraction and really the science behind created CBD additives and more... We also talked about Russ’ book Molecular Influence.Who is Russ Cersosimo? He is the go to person for launching a business - from concept to market!   In fact, Russ plays a key role in helping businesses get off the ground, brand, grow, improve processes and increase revenue.  Russ is the managing partner at Hemp Synergistics .Hemp Synergistics is a biotech company specializing in intelligent hemp ingredients and consumer products. Hemp Synergistics partners with brands and healthcare professionals to incorporate THC-free, CBD containing products into their product offering. Connect w/ Russ:https://hempsynergistics.com Russ' Book: Molecular Influence
Many have worked very hard to decriminalize Cannabis in California.  Aide Castro, is the former Mayor of Lynwood, CA (2010 / 2016) who fought hard to bring Cannabis to the Los Angeles area.   She is also a long time cannabis advocate and entrepreneur.  In this episode we interview Aide and dive deep into her experience with all things green.  Connect with Aide:
In today's episode,  we interviewed Greg Arias and Jason Showard Co-founders of Concentrated Science in Los Angeles, California.  We discuss the science of cannabinoid extraction and the world of possibilities in Cannabis.  Concentrated Science will help your cannabis business at any stage from concept to completion.  Greg & Jason have a team of industry experts that are skilled in all aspects of extraction, post processing, and product formulation.  In this interview the duo go into detail about the science of extraction and why it actually matters what you put into your body.  There's a wide range of "quality" in the cannabis industry.  Do you know what's your products? Listen and learn about the exciting science that goes into making your favorite Cannabis & CBD products. Connect w/ Greg & Jason:www.concentratedscience.com
 In this episode we interview Kristen Yoder who is  a 16-year cannabis industry veteran, media personality, speaker, host of The CannaBS Detector Podcast, and the CEO of the cannabis business firm, Soil To The Oil.  In 2005, Kristen started her journey in the cannabis industry as a bud-tender in one of the first dispensaries in Venice, California.  Kristen shares how she has become a trusted authority by educating her audience when they enter the cannabis industry.  Kristen educates us on how to navigate the difficulties in the heavily regulated Cannabis industry.   You'll learn why Kristen is known as the cannabis industry's "BS Detector".   What you don't know will shock you!   Get ready for the whole truth...Connect w/ Kristen:CannaBS Detector Podcast Kristen YoderInstagram: Kristen YoderFacebook: Kristen Yoder
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