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Chuck Garfien speaks with longtime Chicago sportscaster Rich King who saw it all during his 48-year broadcasting career. King shares inside stories about some of the biggest names and biggest games he covered along the way. He also talks about his new book “Ike and Me: What a Time it Was” about the friendship he formed with WGN photographer Richard “Ike” Isaac. They also discuss the sportscasting business, where it was and where it is today. (4:00) - The "Golden Age" of Chicago sports(10:30) - Traveling with Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall(25:51) - Rich describes his friend and photographer Richard "Ike" Isaac (34:42) - Rich describes his working relationship with sportscasting legend Dan RoanSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Yasmani Grandal takes us behind the scenes what happened after Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie" during the Yankees series and Grandal confronted Donaldson at home plate. Grandal also talks about the addition of Johnny Cueto, his struggles offensively to start the season, the ceiling for Dylan Cease, and more.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In front of a national TV audience, Tim Anderson slugged a clutch 3-run home run in the 8th inning at Yankee Stadium, leading the White Sox to a doubleheader sweep, and getting in the last word after Josh Donaldson created a firestorm by twice calling Anderson "Jackie" during the game on Saturday. Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey discuss TA's big moment, how he handled the controversy, if this homer was bigger than his game-winner in the Field of Dreams game and if this series could be a turning point for the White Sox season.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
It's been an up and down start to the season for the White Sox. Is it too early to panic? Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey discuss their biggest concerns with the White Sox right now, with panic levels ranging from 1 to 10. Offense, defense, Jose Abreu, Yasmani Grandal and more.(3:30) - Issues with the offense(16:13) - Panic level on Jose Abreu(20:00) - Will Yasmani Grandal be better later in the season?(25:50) - A.J. Pollock panic meterSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Johnny Cueto's White Sox debut was impressive to say the least, throwing six scoreless innings against the Royals with seven strikeouts. Chuck Garfien and Ozzie Guillen talk about his electric performance, why he'll be better in the majors than the minors, and what he could bring to the White Sox rotation. They also talk about Andrew Vaughn batting ninth and more.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
A month into the season, the White Sox are looking up at Minnesota in the AL Central. Are the Twins for real? Will the White Sox end up beating them out for the division title? Chuck Garfien speaks with Twins beat writer Dan Hayes about the Twins hot start, how the two teams have played, and they look into the future to see how the season might play out for these two AL Central rivals.(3:00) - Who is leading the Minnesota Twins to first place? Oh Carlos Correa right(13:08) - Recapping how the Twins beat the Whtie Sox(23:50) - How good are the Twins in the long term?(33:34) - Is the AL Central a 2 team race?(45:08) - Predicting how the Sox and Twins will play for the remainder of the seasonSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
White Sox reliever Matt Foster is having a huge comeback season in 2022. What's behind his sudden and explosive dominance? Chuck Garfien speaks with Foster about his struggles last season and what he's done to become a lights-out, late-inning reliever for the White Sox bullpen.(2:00) - The difference between this season and last season?(5:30) - The lowest part of Foster's career was being sent down to the minors(11:17) - Foster on showing more emotion while pitchingSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
It's a greatest hits of the White Sox 2-game sweep of the Cubs. Chuck Garfien, Frank Thomas, and Ozzie Guillen interview Dylan Cease and Lucas Gioltio. Plus, hear Jason Benetti and Steve Stone's hilarious post-game interview with Liam Hendriks. And why did MLB schedule the White Sox and Cubs to play on a Tuesday and Wednesday in early May??!! Chuck goes off. And yes, this needs to change!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Facing one of the best offenses in baseball, Dylan Cease dominated Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels on the South Side, giving up just 1 run in 7 innings with no walks and 11 strikeouts. Three-time MVP Trout went 0 for 3 with 3 K's against him. Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey talk about his incredible performance, which Cease called "the best start of my career, by far."See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
During a cold April for the White Sox offense, Andrew Vaughn is emerging as one of the team’s best hitters. Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey discuss all that Vaughn is bringing to the table both offensively and defensively, where he should bat in the order, if his outfield play is sustainable, his future at first base, and why we appreciate all that is Andrew Vaughn. (3:40) - Andrew Vaughn needs to start every day(8:00) - Vaughn post-game interview after his clutch 3-run homer(13:30) - Are the White Sox at their best with Vaughn in the outfield?(22:00) - Why Vaughn will be better this season vs. last seasonSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
After winning the first three series of the season, the White Sox went on the road and completely lost their way, losing every game on the trip!  What happened and where do the White Sox go from here? Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey are here to sort it all out.(2:15) - What is the concern level for the White Sox?(8:30) - Frustration with Tony La Russa playing Leury García(14:00) - The strategy of throwing to Byron Buxton(20:00) - Tony La Russa's lineups(29:00) - Eloy Jimenez is going to be out for a whileSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The pitch clock being used in the minor leagues this season is dramatically changing the pace of games and reducing game times by an average of 20 minutes. Some games are taking less than two hours to play! Chuck Garfien takes a closer look at how the pitch clock is affecting pitchers, hitters, and the viewing experience. When will this be coming to the majors? Sooner than you might think.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This early in the baseball season, what’s really happening with the White Sox and the rest of the AL Central? Chuck Garfien speaks with’s Anthony Castrovince for some early takeaways and freak out factors here in the month of April. Should White Sox fans be concerned about the rash of injuries, Liam Hendriks struggles in the ninth, and the play of Leury Garcia? They also talk about the White Sox challenging April schedule and cover the freak out factors in the rest of the division. Another injury to Byron Buxton, multiple players hurt with the Tigers, the Guardians front office attempt to win, and more.(5:23) - Should Sox fans be concerned about the injuries?(10:32) - Is Liam Hendricks' struggles in the ninth going to be an issue this year?(13:30) - Will Leury Garcia remember how to play baseball?(30:00) - How good will the Guardians be this year?(38:10) - Should Twins fans be concerned about Byron Buxton's injury?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
One of the best early stories of the baseball season is about White Sox pitcher Tanner Banks who finally made it to the major leagues at 30-years-old. Chuck Garfien speaks with Banks about his long journey to the majors and why he never gave up on his ultimate dream. Banks tells stories about how he learned he made the team, striking out the side against the Tigers in his debut, and more.(4:00) - Tanner on what kept him going after so many years in the minors(9:42) - Tanner describes how and when he found out he made the big leagues(15:30) - Making The Show, Tanner's first game in Detroit(21:48) - Has it settled in yet that he's finally in the majorsSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The Tigers might be better this year, but in the opening series of the season, the White Sox made a statement against their AL Central rivals winning two out of three. Chuck Garfien and Gordon Beckham talk about how the two teams matched up against each other.  Plus, Chuck speaks with Tim Anderson about the Tigers who might be gunning for the White Sox, but came up short in their first matchup with the White Sox in 2022.(2:40) - White Sox still feel like the dominant team in the division(8:00) - Tim Anderson reacts to the series win and being the hunted in the division(12:35) - How the White Sox overcome all of their injuries(17:07) - What statement was made after the opening series?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
It’s time once again to look into the future and make our season predictions! How many strikeouts for Dylan Cease? Who will the White Sox acquire at the trade deadline? Who throws the next no-hitter? How many wins for the White Sox? What will happen in October?? Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, and Chris Kamka make those predictions and many more!(5:00) - Who pitches more innings, Dallas Keuchel or Johnny Cueto?(12:50) - How many strikeouts for Dylan Cease?(28:32) - Who do the White Sox acquire at the trade deadline?(36:31) - Our boldest predictions!(45:44) - What happens in October.....See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
With Lance Lynn out for about 8 weeks with a knee injury, the White Sox need someone to help them fill the void. Hello, Johnny Cueto!  The White Sox signed him to a minor league deal. He should be in the majors soon after that. What can we expect from the 36-year-old two-time All-Star? Chuck Garfien discusses the wide-ranging possibilities with Ryan McGuffey and Chris Kamka!(4:00) - When will Johnny Cueto be ready to join the White Sox?(11:00) - Expectations for Cueto(17:20) - What happens to the rotation when Lance Lynn returns?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
You want a big spring training trade? We got one!  Chuck Garfien speaks with White Sox TV analyst Steve Stone about the AJ Pollock/Craig Kimbrel trade. Plus, Garret Crochet probably needs Tommy John surgery, and what if the White Sox are able to acquire A's pitcher Sean Manaea as well? Lots to talk about!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Chuck Garfien speaks with manager Tony La Russa about Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, Craig Kimbrel, and the right field situation which caused controversy amongst White Sox fans this week when La Russa questioned the need for them to sign a right fielder from outside the organization. They also talk about this year vs. last year and if the White Sox are in a better position to win in 2022. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
What happens when Chuck Garfien gets together with Jason Benetti and Steve Stone? You never know. Among the topics are, Chuck's terrible impression of Keith Jackson, Steve's encounter with Yermin Mercedes, the White Sox right field situation, what happens with Craig Kimbrel, what if Luis Robert plays 155 games, and more.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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