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Stuart Waddington STAR Development UK and Host of the #Leadership What’s on your mind steps in to guest Host this weeks episode where the tables are turned on me!You will hear how 3 pieces of string and a basketball backboard made lasting impressions on me in my RAF Career and how I have made plenty of mistakes in both my RAF career and my transition planning, so you don’t have to.I celebrate some of the amazing guests I have had the privilege to share with the listeners and also the lessons I have learned about the transition and myself over the past year.I hope you enjoy, share and feedback on what you hear.Thanks for your support with over 4000 listens over the past year, I am not finished yet.Dominic OSullivan(Normally )NAAFI Break Host
This week we talk to former RAF Physical Training Instructor and Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor John Grindrod, who now owns Functional Training Company Gym and Academy in Ipswich.John followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the RAF, having grown up being surrounded by RAF culture.His personal development and investment in his knowledge and education has driven him to demand high standards that have not(and despite challenges) will not be compromised. His military background and positive outlook have driven him to succeed and survive in the commercial world in spite of the Covid pandemic.Resilient , adaptable and determined John is a great example of making that gear change from uniform to Veteran.Please follow and share to anyone with a Forces connection.
NAAFI Break with Paul Sutton, former RAF Regiment Gunner, who following Medical Discharge, found himself unable to continue his full on Physical lifestyle. The adjustment, the isolation and the effect on his family are explained with honesty and reflection by Paul. However with the strength of mind and support from his wife, Paul climbed back up and now has found a new purpose and renewed positive outlook to help others, who have struggled too.Honest, raw and still retaining the banter of his time in uniform, Paul has ‘Stood up and Served again’ and formed the Veterans Boat and Shore Angling Club.You can fiend the group on Facebook and Instagram Please follow and share to anyone with a Forces connection Dominic OSulllivanNAAFI Break Podcast HostVeteran 
This week we talk to Henry and Craig, two serving Army soldiers, about the Hills & Minds group that they have set up to help Veterans avoid isolation and reconnect with their Military family.Based in Scotland they have created a group that supports itself through organised walks, with the unique military banter, camaraderie, oh and dogs!Talking to these guys it’s incredibly humbling to know there are good people out there doing good things because they can, not because they are told to. We need more of these ‘Good Apples’.Please follow them on Facebook Hills & Minds and Instagram Hills_Minds Please follow and share the NAAFI Break with anyone with a Forces connection.Dominic OSulllivanNAAFI Break Podcast HostVeteran 
This week we look at how lived experience translated into finding a new purpose, moving countries, setting up a business in a new country, learning new skills and giving back to the Military Community.Charlie Ellis former submariner and now Chief at Mountains & the Sea and Hoofing Holiday, the latter specifically aimed at Military and Veterans seeking adventure, respite and recovery.Charlie may come across as relaxed and laid back, but the is a huge amount of industry, energy and resilience in his story.Sit back and appreciate another Veteran journey from the Military.Please share to anyone with a Forces connection and follow the podcast.Dominic O’SullivanPodcast Host
This week we discuss the transition process from the Military from the perspective of a Military Spouse.If you want to understand the challenges of being married to someone in the Military, this will open your eyes. If you have served, you may be surprised about how it feels to be the one left behind when you went on Operations. Either way, it’s an incredibly honest and insightful conversation with Jenny.Please follow the NAAFI Break podcast and share.
This week we meet Darren Carew National Inclusion Manager at the WRU, Chair of Special Olympics Wales, Agent for Change for Inclusion. He is a former Army Soldier, Warrior Games Athlete and after an IED incident in Afghanistan found himself standing pitch side watching his kids play rugby as a retired 30 something. The seed was planted and he set out to restart his career in coaching. He has applied his military training, skills and mindset along with his own lived experience to become a leading light in the Diversity and Inclusive Sports environment.A Force Multiplyer, who has an infectious enthusiasm and articulates his passion and purpose clearly and acknowledgement of what shaped his journey.I have met a variety of fantastic people on the NAAFI Break podcast, this time I was truly humbled to share his story with you.Please share to anyone with a Forces connection.
On George Vlachonikolis’ 25th birthday, he was holding an SA80 assault rifle. Inside his webbing pouches were 150 rounds of ammunition, two HE grenades, two smoke grenades, a small survival kit, 20 Marlboro Lights, and a medikit that included two sticks of morphine and two tourniquets. Strapped to the left-hand side of his Osprey body armour, within easy reach, was his bayonet. George was in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.On George’s 37th birthday, he was wearing a striped cotton twill shirt and well-ironed beige chinos. A thin fabric lanyard carried his ID badge proudly. In front of him was a class of secondary school students, who were settling down and getting ready for their next lesson. George was in a school in the UK.From Camouflage to Classroom is about everything George learned with the British Army in Afghanistan and has brought to his classroom teaching today. By reflecting on the most intense and thought-provoking experiences of his life, George aims to explore the role of the classroom teacher from an original perspective: one based on military principles and practice.This book takes a direct, human and very honest look at the challenges faced by classroom teachers today and offers some military-inspired solutions. A share of the royalties from this book will go to support Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the charity for bereaved British Forces children. the AuthorGeorge Vlachonikolis is a teacher at a school in Oxford. At 23, he joined the British Army and served in two operational tours of Afghanistan. After a six-and-a-half-year military career, George shifted gears into a new challenge: becoming a schoolteacher. Now, as an experienced veteran of both combat and classroom, he is keen to explore the overlaps between the two fields.George currently teaches economics at A-level and IB, and is the PGCE lead for economics at a well-known university. He lives in Oxford with his wife and two daughters.Buy his book here: 
The Christmas episode of NAAFI Break, brings a different focus to the Podcast with a remarkable, inspiring and humbling personal journey of JJ Chalmers. We chat about his upbringing, destined to be a Royal Marine, the life changing episode In Afghan, the recovery and media career, as well as the chance meeting Ona plane to Tokyo.I have followed JJ on his many media assignments and always admired his professionalism for a late comer to the media and celebrity sphere. What has always struck me is his humility, authenticity and open and honest candour about his Service and Injuries.Please share to anyone with an interest or connection in the Armed Forces Community.
Another episode of the NAAFI Break Podcast highlights the transition process from the Military into a successful second career.It isn’t always simple, it can be a wavy path to find the right fit for you. Abbie is frank and open about how she found her WHY in life. Abbie is a two time author, blogger, coach and Royal Navy Veteran. Please share to anyone with a Forces connection or wants to understand the transition process from the Military.
This week we talk to two former RAF Physical Training Instructors, Mick Murphy, who I served with in the 90s and Phil Quirk, who have 3 Transition stories between them! That’s just greedy!Charting the ups and downs of their own personal journeys and how they have had a reset over the past 18 months of Covid.Another opportunity to uncover the mindset, the insights and the inspiration behind another post service success.Imagination + Innovation =Organisational TransformationOmnia Mind was created from a deep belief and passion that given the right conditions, everyone can fulfil their potential. However, all employees, teams, and organisations face unique challenges requiring customised solutions.A thumbprint is synonymous with the individuality of every human on earth, and although all thumbprints may look similar, they are different. Likewise, culture is the thumbprint of your organisation, and we know that every organisation is unique. That’s why we love to design and deliver training solutions customised to your organisation’s needs.
This weeks NAAFI Break features Richard Gettings, a former Police Officer In Hong Kong and South Yorkshire and now founder of The Daparian FoundationA non-profit, UK Veteran and Emergency Services, PTSD research organisation which has the purpose of researching UK Veteran and Emergency Services PTSD from the perspective of the diagnosed sufferer and, in so doing, provide the PTSD diagnosed Veteran and Emergency Services communities with an increased presence at the decision table in respect of their treatment, care and recuperation.Richard was very candid and honest in his interview and I hope others will identify some drums of comfort and support in his words.Please share to anyone with a Forces or Blue light connection! 
This weeks NAAFI a break, shines a light on the role of an Armed Forces Champion in the NHS. We hear a lot of titles, phrases and words around the transition, that to be honest can be overwhelming. Sarah gives us the reality of what to expect in terms of support and guidance from an Armed Forces Champion and a little about her journey to the role and her Service connection and influence.I know if I was looking for a career in the NHS I’d want someone like this in my corner.Please share to anyone with a Forces connection.Dominic 
NAAFI Break with Carl Harrison, former RAF Regiment Gunner, who is trying to help his fellow cap badge in the preparation for the transition from the RAF into civvy street.November 27th will be the first RAF Regiment Networking event at LS-TEN in Leeds. I just want to ask you to encourage as many Rocks, past and present to not only like this post but please share. The event with provide a fantastic opportunity for people to get a real insight into the resettlement process, transition out of military life into a civilian working world. Provided with a range of opportunities. A series of guest speakers sharing their experience.Most importantly an opportunity to catch up with friends, renew contacts and build nee links. The centurion fund have expressed an interest in supporting future events with a view to looking at other locations. I have also had discussions with the Leeds City Council and several other employers about future possibilities. If your planning to attend please comment or send me a DM, alternatively if you can’t attend but would be interested in having a zoom link put it in the comments. If not available on this occasion but interested in getting involved in future events please let me know. Carl Harrison Details:RAF Regiment Networking1600-2300 hrsLS-TEN, Hunslet, Leeds, LS10 1NT #military #networking #opportunity #event #veteran #armedforces #RAFRegiment #Leeds
This week on the NAAFI Break we focus on the transition 'into' as well as 'out of' the military. I first came across the post below from Andy Challen and immediately identified what I have felt for some time, the need for good mentors and role models for our children. That person who will light the flame of ambition or nurture and support to show that 'anyone can' reach their potential. That kind of person, the mentor, crops up time and time again in the transition particularly with Veterans helping Veterans. I will ask you at the end of this episode to recognize who your 'mentor' has been since deciding to leave the military?There are two jobs that everyone wants to be in the RAF, PTI or Pilot! #ifyouknowyouknowOriginal post from Andy Challen MA CMgr FInstLM MSylInnovation Champion at Inzpire LtdFor those not getting the A level (edit - or GCSE) results expected or needed today:I wanted to be an RAF pilot and decided to study A-level Geography and Modular Technology (electronics, pneumatics, structures). But I failed O Level Maths due to disrupted teenage years in a single-parent family where I believe my mother suffered mental health issues.My retake O Level maths class clashed with some of my A-level classes. I was the only person in the town studying Modular Technology (the first year it had been run so I was the test case). Each subject was taught in a different school so I cycled around the town of Stevenage trying to get to the classes on time.I skipped some of the technology classes to go to maths classes as I needed the maths to be an RAF pilot.My Headteacher found out and told me he would give me a bad reference if I did not attend and pass the Modular Technology class. So I quit subjects I really enjoyed after a year and did a 4-year apprenticeship at BAE Dynamics. I worked 4 days a week with 50 or so great colleagues in my intake year and we went to college one day a week and 3 evenings a week most terms. I went into lodgings at 17.I got the academic qualifications needed. I lived on the breadline and caught rabbits in the local woods to supplement my diet, but had no debt. I spent 4 years in the high tech industry. I planned for 5 years but at the end of the apprenticeship, most of us were not offered jobs. The Cold War was ending and the defence industry was crashing.I drove a 7.5 tonne truck (as you could in those days on a normal licence) and worked long hours delivering fresh and frozen meat and veg to pubs, hotels and hospitals. I waited for my RAF application to be processed and to attend selection. I promised the family firm I would stay on for Christmas, their busiest period.I joined the RAF and served 24 years, became a Qualified Flying Instructor and Electronic Warfare Instructor on the Tornado and reached the rank of Wing Commander. I went to Staff College and struggled through a Masters. I have O levels, and a Masters. No A levels. No degree.The flight plan is not always direct routing. Stay loose, chill your jets, find your own path.
Since the start of the NAAFI Break podcast,my aim was always to highlight success in the transition process from the military. My experience has brought me into contact with some amazing people with inspiring and uplifting stories. During the process of finding and unearthing the stories, I was introduced to Garrath Williams (Season 2 Episode9) and as a result, a collaboration was formed to produce sector specific podcasts, with the goal of changing the narrative around Veteran employment and highlighting sectors that welcome and value our Service Leavers and Veteran community.These JobOppO episodes are now available on the NAAFI Break platform, widening the reach and availability to Veterans and Service Leavers.In this episode of 'NAAFI Break with JobOppo' we delve into all things Construction with some fantastic guests, who bring real lived experience of the Construction sector.Angela Forbes Buildforce CEOSanju Varkey Site Manager Balfour BeattyPeter Boase Senior Project Manager Al Farwaniya Property Developmentswww.buildforce.comwww.balfourbeatty.comwww.alfarwarniya.comwww.joboppo .co.ukPlease like and share with anyone with a forces connection or within the sectors we publish.Dominic O'Sullivan
This week we have a special bonus episode on Remembrance Sunday. We talk to Matt Simmons who is the founder of Ems4Afghans supporting the Afghan refugees.It’s a great example of ‘Service’ and after listening to the news, like everyone else, Matt was stirred to take action and do something to help.He has got the attention of the National media and MP Stephen Morgan supporting his work.ON Remembrance Sunday, it is poignant that we acknowledge the role the Afghan Interpretors played in supporting our British Forces on the ground.Please share to anyone with a forces connection.,
This week we look at the transition from the Military to a successful second career, with Dan Jarvis MP for Barnsley CENTRAL and Mayor of South Yorkshire. A former Parachute Regiment Officer, who resigned his Commission and an hour later was sworn in as the MP for Barnsley Central, the first non-Yorkshire man since 1938 to win the seat. He is known across parties for his integrity, honesty and hard work ethic in politics. His transition was not the usual, but he offers some insightful and valid pointers on the transition. We need better people in politics, here is one of those ‘good apples’!Please share to anyone with a forces connection who wants to understand the transition from the Military. 
This weeks NAAFI Break guest is Research Fellow, Dr Graham Cable, who since our interview has moved on from his post at The Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre, a Big Lottery Fund endowed spend-out charitable Trust, whose aim is to provide an evidence base that will influence and underpin policy making and service delivery in order to enable Veterans and their families to lead successful civilian lives as they transition from the serving military community.I wanted to hear from someone involved in research, how policy is influenced and how can the stories of our transitions that we have heard on the NAAFI Break, may be able to be used.A very insightful conversation and my recent connection to Graham has spurred me on personally to enroll into Higher Education. You’re never too old to learn!Bio Graham is currently leading learning with @QA_Ltd, supporting public and private sector clients in determining, developing, deploying, managing and continuously improving technology-enhanced blended learning solutions.Volunteer support to UK and international military veterans via public appointment as Vice Chair of the South East England Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee (appointed by the UK Minister for Defence People and Veterans) and current and former professional and voluntary academic roles, including membership of the (US) Veterans Studies Association Advisory Board.Doctor of Education, published in the area of military-to-civilian transitional support and healthcare, with doctoral thesis focused on educational transition from the UK Armed Forces (former military education and training officer). 
Since the start of the NAAFI Break podcast,the aim was always to highlight success in the transition process from the military. My experience has brought me into contact with some amazing people with inspiring and uplifting stories. During the process of finding and unearthing the stories, I was introduced to Garrath Williams (Season 2 Episode9) and as a result, a collaboration was formed to produce sector specific podcasts with JobOppO, with the goal of changing the narrative around Veteran employment and highlighting sectors that welcome and value our Service Leavers and Veteran community.A NAAFI Break with JobOppo is a Series of podcasts that shines a light on the Sectors that value our Service Leavers and Veterans. We look at the Sector as a whole and chart the personal journey of those who chose a career in the Sector.Today we meet Rick Mounfield CEO of The Security Institute  and David James-Roll Security Risk & Crisis Management Director These JobOppO episodes are now available on the NAAFI Break platform, widening the reach and availability to Veterans and Service Leavers.
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