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The Tour de France bike ride starts this weekend so I talked to my old friend and former guiding colleague Luca about the race. He's an amateur racer so explains some of the strategy, the different winners' jerseys, and why the event is so popular in the world of cycling. We also reminisce about some of our favorite moments from the dozen or so tours we've taken to see the Tour and Giro d'Italia live. You can see photos from our Tour de France tours over at my blog at  
Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing. Amazingly, my father and I were in in the square just two weeks before the violence began, when up to a million people were flooding into the city to voice their dissent in peaceful protests. I recently discovered a cache of photos in my parents' basement so thought it would be fun to interview my father -- a Southeast Asia specialist and historian -- about his recollections and also hear his thoughts on China today. You can see some of our photos over on my blog at:
After a year of closed borders and cancelled flights, Alitalia and Delta now offer regularly scheduled flights between Rome and JFK (New York) or Atlanta in the U.S. Everyone must show proof of a negative Covid test before boarding and service on board is limited, but I just did it and was so excited to travel again. Italy's borders are still closed to international visitors but hopefully they'll open this summer, so here's a preview of what to expect. As always, see accompanying pictures of my trip around Rome over on my blog:
Greece is just emerging from its strict lockdown and plans to open to visitors again by mid-May, so I checked in with my friend and colleague Dimitris to see what things are like in Athens. This often overlooked European capital has lots of fun places to explore within the city center but also in the  nearby surrounding mountains. Come along for a tour! And check out the accompanying photos and text over at my blog: 
I've spent the past year exploring every inch of Florence's city limits, so I thought it would be fun to check in with my friend and colleague Emanuela Angelini (aka "Manu"), who has been doing the same from her home in Rome. How is the capital city for urban trekking?(see photos and text at:  
We think of the ancient Celts as being from the British Isles but their history is far more complex. This once nomadic people from the Steppe of Central Europe moved into France, Italy, Spain and Greece and terrorized Ancient Rome, going so far as to sack the city in the 4th century BC. Bloody battles took place between Roman soldiers and Celtic warriors, many of whom fought naked. One such battle took place in the hills above my house, between Florence and Fiesole, so come along to hear the story! See pictures over at my blog at: 
It's been one year since Covid ravaged Italy, and after a host of sporadic lockdowns and safety measures, the cases keep rising. Starting today, half of the country is in "red" lockdown while the rest is holding mostly in "orange." How badly has this year affected the city of Florence, and what might be some of the positive consequences of this enforced pause in mass tourism? Join me for a few statistics and stories from one of the world's most beautiful cities. For a complete transcript of this episode including links and statistics, see my blog. 
Welcome to my podcast!

Welcome to my podcast!


Here's a brief intro to my new podcast, including some background about me and how I ended up here. Covid has temporarily shut down my 25-year career as a hiking and biking guide, so I'm trying my hand at some virtual tours! For more photos and stories see my blog!
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