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Flipping the Tin

Author: Sardines Digital Engagement

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A podcast from Sardines Digital Engagement, where we talk to event industry specialists, policymakers, conference organizers, and attendees about the future of conferencing and events. Sardines Digital Engagement specialises in digital and hybrid events, building digital branded communities, and connecting colleagues meaningfully online. We emphasize engagement, inclusivity, and sustainability. Want to know more? or
5 Episodes
In this episode, Queen Margaret University Professor Joe Goldblatt discusses his theories on events, citing his texts, and proposes there will be an optimistic future in the world of digital and hybrid landscapes.
Susie Huang, radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant in radiology at Harvard Medical School, and MUSC medical student Emilie McKinnon discuss the place of events in the medical profession, and the strides that have been made in digital conferencing, and how medical students are working in clinical research in a time where we couldn't be face-to-face.
In this third episode of Flipping the Tin, Dr. Miguel Moital, Principal Academic in Events Management, muses on consumer psychology, and explores the motivations behind event participation, and how this has all changed within the last year by going digital.
In this second episode of Flipping the Tin, research assistant and Deaf Studies specialist Rachel England joins English Language and Linguistics lecturer Gerardo Ortega in discussing the challenges of digital conferencing, and how to facilitate these events to be more accessible, and deaf aware.
In our first episode, we have distinguished guests Professor Susan Nacey and Dr Bodo Winter on to discuss their experiences of digital events and the route to sustainability within academic conferencing.