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In the FINAL episode of season 2, we speak to Iron Heart International Matriarch, Paula Padmore. Join us whilst we drink wine and talk about Giles and Paula getting their skipper licence, Paula's experience growing the Iron Heart International business, and the upcoming 20 year anniversary party! This is the final episode of season 2, but we're already lining up our guests for season 3. We'll be seeing you very soon. Enjoy!Episode talking points on the forum:
Jason Jules is author of the epic book 'Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style'. He is a director, producer, brand consultant, model, and one of the most stylish guys we know - just ask Tyler, the Creator. In this episode we talk about motivation, how to define oneself, and doom scrolling.. Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style is available online, and at your local, independent bookstore. Be sure to give Jason a follow at @garmsville on Instagram. Enjoy! points on the Iron Heart Forum:
Ever wondered how a British guy named Dean Micetich became king of the chopper scene? Join us as we have a chat with co-founder of the world famous Dice magazine. We talk about how he and Matt Davis set the magazine up with £29 software and a 3 megapixel camera, how he shipped a precious chopper around the world, and how he drove a 1930s Hot Rod 3000 miles across America. Enjoy!To get your subscription to Dice magazine follow this link: 101 Run Tickets: talking points on the Iron Heart Forum:
TJ Schneider is the founder of The Shop Vancouver in Canada. He is an ex professional snowboarder, a biker, a content wizard, and all round great guy. In this episode we discuss all things from books, to leather pants and Tom of Finland... join us as have a chat with the tour de force - and one man band - that is TJ Schneider. Enjoy!
Simon Hayes is a Bafta and Oscar winning sound mixer from the UK - not to mention European BMX Champ, and third dan black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Simon has worked on movies such as Snatch, Prometheus, 28 Weeks Later, Kingsman, and more recently, No Time To Die, for which he has also been nominated for another Bafta and an Oscar. Simon and I talk about BJJ, Motorcycles, working with Guy Ritchie, and, of course, Denim. We hope you enjoy episode 5 of Iron Cast. Talking points on the Iron Heart Forum:
You may know him from collaborations such as the IHDR-502, IHDR-602, or the more recent IHDR-434; well, strap in and listen to the stream of well-read consciousness that is our brother Jason Pecarich, founder of Division Road. We talk about his collaborations with Iron Heart, his bold move from Seattle store to  Central Virginia immersive experience, and we take a deep dive into the topic of wool... Enjoy!Talking points via the Iron Heart Forum:
Splitting his time between the Hudson Valley and concert halls of Manhattan, not to mention the rest of the world, Albert Imperato is a veteran workwear blogger on Instagram. You may know him as @upstateguystyle, you may have even listened to his podcast 'Vir Vulnerabilis Vir', but one thing is certain, Albert loves leather and denim - and he may even get you hooked on classical music.  We hope you enjoy Episode 3 of Season 2 with Albert. For all things we discuss in the episode, and to get involved in the conversation, follow the link to the Iron Heart forum. You'll receive a warm welcome:! 
In this episode we have a conversation with Hollywood actor, filmmaker, musician, photographer - and one of the chicest Dads we know - Adam Goldberg. You may have seen Adam in movies such as Dazed & Confused, A Beautiful Mind, Saving Private Ryan or Zodiac. You may have listened to the mind-bending music of his band, The Goldberg Sisters - you may have even bought the limited vinyl version of The Goldberg Sisters 'Home: A Nice Place to Visit.' But one thing is for sure, Adam is as cool and refined as they come, and loves the denim scene. Enjoy!Link to talking points:
We're back! And what better way to kick off season 2 than to have another chat with Iron Heart UK founder, Giles Padmore.  He tells us about how living through Covid has made him and Paula reevaluate what they need out of life, what that means for Iron Heart International, and why they are thinking of buying a boat!  Oh, and it wouldn't be a proper conversation with Giles unless we spoke about fishing, would it? Welcome back to Iron Cast, and we hope you enjoy this very special announcement episode. Enjoy!Link to Talking Points:
The final episode of the season... Listen as we broadcast from Iron Heart International in Gosport to introduce you to the crew many of you will have emailed with already.  We talk about chance encounters, Harley Davidsons, and discover the somewhat unknown art of Kerning! We hope you enjoy the final instalment of season 1, and we look forward to bringing you more Iron Heart content in the not too distant future. 
Self confessed IH fan-boy, and Iron Heart Forum moderator, Reuben Quinnell Cleaver talks about rock star vests, how the sub cultures of his youth informs his style today and his love for the forum.
If Josh had been a great scholar or enjoyed being suited and booted, the world would be a lesser place, and we would not be able to enjoy the brilliance of his creations.  Hear about how what he was not good at, led him to go deep into jewellery design and give us the brand we love.
When it comes to workwear, Mike Elias is about as real as it gets. After realising he didn’t have durable enough clothing during his time as a stonemason, he set out to make the perfect jacket for the job. This endeavour ended up being the Genesis for the brand and retail space we all know and love: Ship John.
Chris is one of the most respected players in the heritage work boot industry, in this episode Chris talks about the path that led him to Wesco, current builds and future plans for the business – oh, and a lot more….
Adam chats about what it's like living in a vacation destination during a global pandemic as well as how a chance encounter with a magazine advertisement spawned his love for raw denim more than 15 years ago. We hear tales from how the early days of internet jeans forums shaped the Iron Heart forum into the special place it is today, while diving into folklore behind some of the brand's most iconic jeans models.  
Danny covers topics as diverse as London fish ponds with British rock pedigree to the effects of Brexit on his business. He talks of how a chance meeting with Giles and Paula in 2011 led to the end of his long-haul career at British Airways and diverted his business plans away from Antipodean coffee culture and straight into the lap of Japanese denim.
Alex talks about his life before denim, the path he took from junior grunt to the day to day running of the business, as well as his plans for the future. He and Olly consider the importance of sustainability and ways Iron Heart plans to improve in this respect, and discuss the new Island to Island Group e-commerce platform, Sonder Supplies.
Giles talks about how his love affair with Levi’s 501s which started in the early 1970s bought him, via a very circuitous route, to owning the international operations of arguably the most successful brand in the Japanese Amekaji (American Casual) market. He discusses some of his favourite pieces, his relationship with Haraki and what is likely to happen to the brand when he and Haraki decide to ride off into the sunset.See the products Giles refers to here:
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