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Author: Strggl

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I wanted to tell the story of starting a business, how it isn't always easy, these are the stories of Strggl.
3 Episodes
In this episode of strggl, I interview Amanda Lannert the CEO of Jellyvision. Over the last 10 years, she tells her story as running a business as an outside hire, to CEO, twice. One snippet, it took 7 years to grow into the powerhouse they are today. Hear how it wasn't easy, here is her story.
Grant Gochnauer

Grant Gochnauer


This is an interview with Grant Gochnauer. A successful entrepreneur who shares his struggles over the past 10 years to build his business with his co-founders to the success it is today. Hear is strggl story.
Seth Kravitz

Seth Kravitz


In the first interview of Stggl, I interviewed Seth Kravitz, the co-founder of Seth shares all the struggles involved with a startup but more importantly he shares how he overcame the struggles and became successful. was started to share the stories of successful professionals, the WHOLE story of success. showcases the struggles of entrepreneurs who have had hard times through their personal lives, through their business lives, and often from their own desire for success. When you struggle, you grow, and these stories of growth are ultimately what is about.
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