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Todd & David discuss aspects of the music, of education, and how to survive in the music business today.
Todd and Jimmy discuss Jimmy's path into music and a perception of a possible generation gap among jazz musicians.
Todd and Terell free associate and reveal many aspects of their histopry that come as surprises to one another.
Ed and I discuss aspects of mentorship, the younger players coming into the field, and observations about teaching.
Charles and Todd Free Associate On Several Topics Spanning Music, Education, Society, Community, And The Universe!
Todd and Dick discuss their paths in music and the multitude of lessons they have learned from their peers.
John and Todd discuss their beginnings upon arriving in New York, and what has transpired since.
Steve and Todd cover a lot of ground discussing various aspects of life as a jazz musician.
Todd and Joris get into a wide ranging discussion about their experiences in the music business.
Walter and Todd touch on a variety of subjects pertaining to Walter's background and recent activities.
Randy touches on several subjects that illuminate what it takes to become a first call musician on today's New York scene.
Jihye reveals her unusual journey in becoming a composer and forming a jazz orchestra to perform her original music.
Peter and Todd reveal mutual concerns, experiences, and observations about what being a jazz musician entails.
Vlad and Todd go way back and get caught up on current and past events.
Kenny discusses various aspects of his outstanding career.
Eric discusses his background and the arrival of a long awaited project that has just been released.
Samara Joy discusses her background and her sudden rise as a jazz vocalist of note.
Two old friends discuss their experiences in jazz music.
George discusses his background and history and shares his views on his approach to playing music with others. 
Pat and Todd discuss various aspects of playing and thinking about music.
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