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Author: James Hammond

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Welcome to the Winging It Podcast with me James Hammond where I talk all things travel! A casual and informative podcast where there will be stories to tell, tips to share and experiences to inspire.
21 Episodes
Welcome to Episode 19 - Travelling with Mark Law. Today we discuss the mad drinking culture in rural Australia, the unplanned trip to Iceland, wearing jeans in the heat of Malaysia and the beauty of the Philippines. This is a great episode with lots of stories and Mark's unique way of delivering will get you laughing. Enjoy!
Hello and welcome to part two of my conversation with Scott Howieson. We cover our trip to Nepal in 2018 and talk about our near death experience on a bus ride, our trek to Poon Hill, Dal Bhat and crazy Kathmandu. If you are interested in travelling to Nepal, don't miss this episode. Hope you enjoy it! Ciao!
Welcome to Episode 17 where I discuss travelling with my mate Toddy. We cover Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, NZ, Acle and Norwich. Some great discussion in here about travel anxiety, thoughts of a new backpacker and experiences gained from some care free globetrotting. Enjoy!
Hello and welcome to this week's new episode where I discuss my new business start up, what I offer, how you can benefit from this service and plans for the future. This has been six months in the making and I am excited to get this going. Please listen and share to as many people as you know. Enjoy!
Welcome to this bumper episode with Hayley Cambridge. Get your swear jar out as you are going to need to it! We discuss The Cotswolds, all inclusive holidays, St Kitts and Nevis, Western Australia, Melbourne and then more Perth. Hope you enjoy it!
Today I bumble on about why I started a podcast and where I see myself taking it in 2021 and 2022. I am covering subjects like my motivation, how to set up a podcast, why I love getting guests on, what the plans are for 2022 and what I hope to achieve. Time for reflection! Enjoy!
Today I am joined by my good friend Lewis who I travelled with in South America in 2014. We talk a lot about Norwich, China, South America, why you should travel and some facts about travelling. This is another super episode and hope you enjoy it!
Episode 12 - Bolivia

Episode 12 - Bolivia


Today I am discussing all things Bolivia. I am covering the activities I participated in and the stories I gained from my two weeks there in 2014. Things such as The Salt Flats, Death Road, La Paz, Lake Titicaca and buying dynamite at a market. Hopefully this will inspire you to travel to Bolivia. Enjoy.
Today Mike and I continue our journey through South East Asia as we cover Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali. Hope you are enjoy the stories, it was great fun recording this one. Enjoy!
Today I am joined by my partner in crime and university buddy Mike Butlin who I met in London in 2008. This is the first part of two and we discuss our shared experiences in Nepal before cracking on with our 2013 six month trip by covering Bangkok and Cambodia to start with. The rest of that trip will be released next week. Enjoy!
Today I am discussing all things New Zealand. I am covering different ways to travel in New Zealand, places to visit, The Kiwi Experience, living and working in Wellington as well some top coffee haunts. Hope this inspires you to add New Zealand to your bucket list!
Today I am joined by my good friend Scott Howieson who I met in Australia in 2014.. We discuss Scotland, Australia, Working Visas and India. Enjoy!
We continue Episode 7 with a part two and once again I am joined by my good friend Tom Osborne. We discuss Vietnam, M150, Vinpearl, Israel and Thailand. Be sure to check into this one as we have some hilarious stories to discuss. Enjoy!
Today I am joined by my good friend Tom Osborne. This is part 1 of 2 and we kick off discussing Norwich, France, Oktoberfest, Greece and sunrises vs sunsets. Be sure to check into this one as we have some hilarious stories to discuss. Enjoy!
Today I am joined by my good friend Anjuman Arora. We discuss our life in Vancouver, Anjuman's move from India to Canada, Indian life and some top tips for making that move! Enjoy
Today I am discussing whether you should travel solo or not. I compare that with traveling with a partner and/or group of friends. There will be comparisons of the pros and cons of each. Enjoy!
Today I am joined by my good friend Rachel Fox. Rachel shares her hilarious stories from Central/South America, India and New Zealand. We cover a lot of topics such as travelling solo, doing the work visas, almost dying in Patagonia and top places to visit! Tune in and enjoy!
Today I am joined by my good friend Adam Bamford. We discuss Bhutan, South East Asia, Verdansk, Europe, Canada and our future travel plans (plus much more).
Today, I am discussing about my week at Lub D, Bangkok in 2013.
Today I'm discussing my travel history, who I am, what/who inspired me to travel and why I think you should travel.
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