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Author: Corin Jorgenson and Alessandro Musu

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A weekly volcano update podcast where hosts Alessandro Musu and Corin Jorgenson give volcano updates discuss what volcanoes have been busy the past week.
59 Episodes
Here we are with June 2023 volcano news and an exciting journey into volcanic eruption forecasting and machine learning with Dr. Alberto Ardid! You can find more about Dr. Ardid's work on his twitter (@AlbertoArdid) and linkedin profiles!And thanks again Dr. Ardid for the interview! :)
Hi all! Sorry for the long hiatus! Here we have the volcano news for May 2023 and a stellar interview with Dr. Leif Karlstrom! You can check out more of the Volcano Listening Project here: You can also keep updated with the project on twitter @VolcanoListenerThe sound clip is from a very cool recent article: Check it out!And thanks again Dr. Karlstrom for the interview! :)
Sorry for the long pause! Here is the news from the last few weeks and a longer update on Mauna Loa!!! Happy Holidays and happy new year!
Just the news this week but with a special guest host Monica Agreda-Lopez!
We talk with Dr. Scarlett about her research surrounding the geohertiage of volcanoes!
Corin and Alessandro give the news as usual and the focus which links a volcano in Alaska to Cleopatra!!
In today's episode Corin and Alessandro interview Lisa Ricci, a PhD student in geochemistry at the university of Perugia, who tells us about an innovative method for estimating the emplacement temperature of Pyroclastic Density Currents from the study of charcoal. After the interview, as usual all the updates on the eruptive activities of the past two weeks.
This week we chat a little about CO2 and volcanoes - who emits more?! Then the news of the week with special correspondent and friend of the pod Marion Grosjean who is at La Reunion!
After a quite long break, here we are! We're back for a new explosive season of the podcast, Season 4!!!In this episode, Corin and Alessandro chat a bit about the recent eruption occurred at Fagradalsfjall, Iceland! Following an update on worldwide volcanic activity from April 2022 to the present.
Corin interviews Dr. Allan Fries while sitting on a picturesque Caribbean beach. You can also imagine you are there and listen to Allan chat about the volcanic history of Martinique and Mt. Pelee and about his research on ash fingers! Happy summer!
The weekly news and a little chat about mud volcanoes! This will be the last weekly episode for a few months since life is picking up for both of us with deadlines and field work - see you back in Sept for our regular weekly content!
The weekly news as per usual and then a interview with April Anderson, who is the Director, editor, and cinematographer of the documentary “Fire & Iceland”.
Corin and Alessandro discuss the seismic crisis at São Jorge and chat about the weekly news! Enjoy!
The news as per usual and then a special focus on Bezymianny! We chat a little bit about the eruptive history of this amazing volcano, its dome on top of its dome, its block and ash flow and a lot of other explosive things!
The news as per usual and then we get real science-y with a small chat about black body radiation! Science rules!
After a quick update on the recent eruptions around the world last week, Corin and Alessandro will talk a bit about the stunning lakes of the Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia. Why do they change colour? What does the volcano have to do with the amazing colours of these lakes? This and much more will be discussed in this episode of Volcano Watch.
The news as usual and then a little chat about Ol Doinyo Lengai and carbonatites!
In this episode, after a quick updates on the world's volcanic activity over the past week, our special guest, Emma Horn, will take us through the enchanting landscapes of Tenerife, telling us about her scientific research. We will discover what cumulates are, chat about plumes of magma rising from the mantle and all in the stunning and complex volcanological environment of Canary Islands.
News + volcano myths with some dramatic love stories. <3
In this episode, after a quick updates on the world's volcanic activity over the past week, Corin and Alessandro chat a bit about subduction zones and The Ring of Fire!