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The new year is almost here (time to let out a big cheer!)  It's important to reflect where you are, where you have been and where you are going! In this episode of the Master Your Energy Podcast Megan will guide you through a series of questions that will help you make your 2023 even better!   Link to the Cleveland OH book launch party:   Watch the podcast:
Ever wake up to realize your health has slipped by the wayside and need to course correct? Your body tells you WAY in advance before something happens to your health. So in this episode, I'll help point out some signs of your health going by the wayside so you can get back on track quicker! We talk: Signs your energy is leaving Questions to ask yourself The importance of awareness Tying in holistic health principles to hone and enhance your health Sleep, movement, stress, and more! Link to Megan's Book BLOOM BLOOM: Poetry that expresses a young woman's transformation into self love and acceptance Link to Master Your Energy Podcast with Dr. Dalton Combs: Dr. Dalton Combs Podcast Interview Link to Wellness Plan Starter Kit: Watch this episode:
Meet our special guest Dr. Alyssa Dweck! Dr. Dweck is a practicing gynecologist and the Chief Medical Officer of Bonafide. She is an Ob/Gyn for over 25 years with a special interest in menopausal health and training in female sexual health.  Dr. Dweck is the co-author of three books and has appeared on The Today Show and Good Day LA. She contributes regularly to multiple prints and online media outlets.  She has been voted “Top Doctor” in New York Magazine and Westchester Magazine. Special Audience Giveaway: w/ special code PODCAST In this episode we discuss: What is menopause  What we experience during menopause Female sexual health What happens to our sexual health as we age How to enhance your sexual health during menopause How to manage symptoms of menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy What the vaginal biomicrobe is And more!  Dr. Dweck's Social Media:   Facebook - Instagram - Website:   Your World of Wellness Guide to Thrive:
Grab your Guide to Thrive: In this episode it's time to get real...with ourselves. Having a relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever, ever have. So, why not get to know ourselves! In fact, we really need to have a loving relationship with ourselves before we can cultivate any changes in our health and wellness. So, in this episode, Megan will take you through why it's important to make time to have a conversation with ourselves, questions to ask ourselves, and the importance of the quality of our self talk! This is an episode to watch on youtube so if you'd like to check out the audio version click below!
Please welcome our special guest - Dr. Daniel Hochman, MD! This will be the first of two interviews with Daniel!  Daniel is a psychiatrist from Austin, TX where he mainly focuses on treating addiction cases. Daniel is a progressive thinker with a passion for understanding how the human mind works and helping people explore their true selves. Learn more about Daniel here ---> Podcast content:  Addiction programs, accessibility, and statistics What is addiction Daniel's background How the human brain is wired Finding balance of structure and abstract and why they are important  Finding your self through intentional experimentation (16:08) Why we hammer the inner child out of us (33:30) The importance of order/abstract, masculine/feminine, yin/yang  How to integrate different parts of the psyche to thrive in our modern culture (40:02) The importance of widening our sense of self personally as well as the collective impact (45:22) The importance of self acceptance and self love (53:02) How to stop harmful self talk  Medication and psychiatry (59:22) Holistic health principles and mental health (1:02:00) Creating intentional experiences for an altered state    Connect with Daniel: Watch the video version of the podcast:      
Have you been struggling with discipline? Do you constantly have 500 tabs open and can't seem to stay on one task for more than a few minutes?! If that sounds like you, you will love this episode with special guest Jeremy Nagel! Jeremy is a developer from Australia who created the computer program Focus Bear. This creation was inspired by Jeremy's battle with ADHD and the desire to create a better, more disciplined life! In this episode you will learn about: Focus Bear is ADHD and symptoms How holistic health principles help with ADHD The importance to meditation, exercise, and other health practices for focus Being purposeful with your actions How to create discipline and how to override our brains natural desire to wander Mental health practices The importance of support, and more!    Learn more about focus bear: Watch the interview with Jeremy:   -    
Please welcome our next guest Dr. Dalton Combs!  First as a neuroeconomics PhD researcher at University of Southern California, and author of “Digital Behavioral Design.” Second, as a tech startup founder applying cutting edge neuroscience. Dalton explores how the brain mechanisms that underlie value, reward, and motivated behavior can be used to help people form healthy habits and live better lives. Dalton leads Temper with an unrivaled understanding of the brain, the future of technology, and the interaction between the two.    In this episode you will learn:   - The hazards of snacking   - What the recycling mode of the body is   - How exercise influences your metabolism - Causes of heart disease and alzheimers   - What the app Temper is and how to use it  - The importance of timing your food intake  - How to feel your hunger  - What causes us to overeat  - Emotions and hunger  - How to truly listen to your body and why that is important  - Why full body workouts are important for your metabolism  - Why we are addicted to sugar  - How to eat to burn fat  - Is your technology nourishing you?    Learn more about Temper:   Watch the interview here:  Get the book Digital Behavior Design: 
In this episode we interview Polyvagal Theory expert Dee Wagner! Dee Wagner is a performer, dance movement therapist, and the Originator of Chi for Two®! In this episode, we talk: - What is the Polyvagal Theory - Anatomical explanation of the vagus nerve and your nervous system - What is Chi for Two® - How to connect with yourself, and tune into and improve your sense of self so you can better connect with others - Why feeling safe is so important - How our development influences our behavior as adults - and more!! Watch the video version of the podcast: Learn More about Dee Wager and Chi for Two®:
Joshua Gillis is a therapist working in the field of neural functionality. Joshua is currently traveling the United States sharing his knowledge and passion for how we can hack our nervous system to help improve cognitive function, improve your emotional state, and reach your fullest potential! In this episode, we will talk about - the evolution of the nervous system  - Who can benefit from neuro-functional training and why  - How Joshua got into neuro-functional training - How early stages of development can affect our nervous system - Why regulating the nervous system is important - The role stress plays on our nervous system - and much more!  Watch the video version of this podcast: Learn more about Joshua and Neuro-Func:  
The thought of pursuing something that has been a dream of yours for years can be quite scary. There are many thoughts that may go through our head of "what if I fail?" or "what if I am not good enough?" Well friends, I am here to tell you that there is hope! This week on the World of Wellness Podcast please welcome our special guest, Comedian Adam Verdon.  In his day job, Adam is an attorney working in the public sector. In his off hours however, he has begun making a name for himself performing stand-up comedy in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, and appearing at popular mainstays like the Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv. Pursuing comedy has been a longtime dream of his, and Adam talks about his process for confronting fear/self-doubt, and the ways in which he stayed motivated to get on stage the first time. Please join us for a fun, uplifting, inspirational podcast about achieving your dreams at any age!!  Watch the podcast: Watch Adam Verdon Perform Live Show Dates Below:   Adam's Instagram: @adamverdon    
In this episode of the World of Wellness Podcast you will learn: - What the nervous system is - The different parts of the nervous system - Why it's important to train the nervous system and what that actually means - What a dysfunctional nervous system looks like (symptoms) - What causes a dysfunctional nervous system - How to bring the nervous system into harmony View the video version of the podcast: Reserve your spot for the Master Your Energy - Wellness Experience September 17th in Capistrano Beach, CA:
Music and movement go and and hand and you cannot have sound without movement! Get tickets to the Wellness Experience on September 17th here ---> In this episode of the World of Wellness Podcast, we dive into: Why humans like music so much How rhythm exists within our bodies Why rhythm is important for our survival  How sound is associated with movement  How music, sound, and movement benefits our health!  Watch the video version of the podcast:
The breath is an incredibly powerful tool that we can use to influence our energy levels. Wether you need a pick me up or a "cool me down", you can do that ALL with your breath.  In this episode we discuss:  1) The role of oxygen in the body 2) How oxygen creates energy 3) Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method 4) How the Wim Hof Method gives you more energy 5) Breathing techniques to get you into a calmer state for sleep and relaxation    Resources: 1) Watch Megan's favorite Wim Hof Documentary: 2) Breathing Technique for Sleep: ---> 3) Breathing Technique for Relaxation ---> 4) Guided Overbreathing with Megan --->  
Your energy is your life force! Without energy, there is no life. Protecting your energy is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. In this episode we discuss: 1) Why your energy is your greatest asset 2) What energy is and how energy is life 3) Why having, cultivating, and harnessing energy is so important 4) Holistic health principles and how they can help you hone and master your energy. 5) How movement, breath, nutrition, and sleep all influence the quality of your energy 6) The importance of making yourself a priority Stay tuned for info on our wellness experiences starting shortly!
Considering taking a protein supplement or using a protein powder? Here are a few things to consider.  Be sure to consult a registered dietician or a your doctor if you are unsure!In this episode you'll learn:How to know if you should use a protein supplement The role of protein in the bodyWhat are amino acidsThe amount of protein you need per dayThe amount of protein you need per servingHow to choose a protein supplement Design your holistic lifestyle  and get a customized wellness plan with our Holistic Lifestyle an Executive Coaching Starter Pack! Learn More here ---->
Have you been struggling with a lack of energy? Are you working way too much to keep up with an expensive lifestyle? Are you burnt out and your quality of life is low? Then tune into this podcast my friends! In this episode we will discuss:Creating the lifestyle you want How to protect your energy How to create more energy Why slowing down is so importantThe importance of recovery and creating harmony How Tai Chi and QiGong can help you master your energy The importance of treating your body well Check out our youtube tai chi videos:World of Wellness Tai Chi Videos --->Holistic Lifestyle Starter Pack:
This week meet special guest Kristy Manuel! Kristy is an experienced yoga teacher, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), certified fitness trainer and wellness specialist with over 30 years experience in the fitness industry. Kristy is currently a Senior Master Trainer with YogaFit and facilitates  teacher training workshops in both the 200 and the 500 hour RYT as well as the Therapy Tract. Kristy is a developer & author of several YogaFit Trainings including, Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma, Restorative Therapeutics, Sound & Mantra Healing & Indoboard Yogafit Balance board Training. Kristy has also coauthored and contributed to many YogaFit Teacher Trainings including Therapy 2: Subtle Body Anatomy, Pranayama, Restorative & Anatomy. She was privileged to travel to Australia in November 2013 to lead the first YogaFit trainings in that country!In this episode we talk: - Kristy's background - The healing impact of yoga- The importance of healing the nervous system- What is trauma- How trauma is affects the body, brain, and  nervous system - Cultivating the tools to move through trauma- Why awareness is important- Spirituality and science- living with purpose and much more! Connect with Kristy:Facebook: @kristyyoga_inspiration Website:
Welcome our Special Guest - Adil Panton! Adil has been practicing Qigong for over 25 years. His philosophy is that all people have the power to heal themselves and through the practice of Qigong, this can be achieved.What to expect in this episode:- Adil's background- What QiGong is- The importance of self knowledge- Personal accounting- The importance of taking care of and respecting yourself- The importance of honoring yourself and having fun - What our society has not been educated on and what we need to be more educated on (awareness) - You are what you think, read, and do- The ego and mind -....& much, much more!Learn more about Adil here: Adil's book: Claim Your Happiness
Meet today's Special Guest Jill Hollander!Featured in U.S News and World Report, Associated Press, Entrepreneur andthe American Heart Association, Jill Hollander is a speaker, certified life andhealth coach, and writer who inspires those around her to recognize theircourage, reframe their challenges and reinvent their lives. By recognizing herown innate fighting spirit and conviction at a very early age, Jill hasestablished herself as an authority on authentic confidence and unparalleledresilience. Simultaneously using the power of her own story to empowerpeople to find their YES in every facet of their lives, Jill helps people aroundthe world gain perspective and boldly claim what is truly important.Born with a congenital heart defect that required a heart transplant before herhigh school graduation, she has since had not just one, but six, triumphantresponses to every Lymphoma diagnosis, each one only deepening herdetermination to rise above, to honor the transitions and to actively craft a lifeof purpose. Whether speaking to individuals about the importance of not justprevailing, but thriving, in the face of adversity, to corporations about buildingresilient teams within their organizations, Jill is living proof that we don’t haveto simply play the cards we were dealt. We have the power to use them to winthe game.In this podcast episode we talk: - Moving through emotions- Resiliency- Moving through challenges not around them- Using emotion to empower ourselves- How to clear out things that aren't serving you and how that may look different than you anticipated- How to find and trust your voice - and much more!Learn more about Jill and grab your YES GUIDE here:
Support is KEY to success in anything we do in life wether it's health, fitness, business, friendships, or relationships!In this podcast you'll learn:The importance of supportHow to identify your greatest source of supportHow to support yourselfWhy it is important to find support with community and more!Executive Coaching and Holistic Lifestyle Design Starter KitKickstart World of Wellness Executive Coaching Program to design your customized holistic lifestyle with this 4 session introductory package for just $250! ($499 value) Am Positive Affirmation App
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