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The Modern Sage Podcast offers no-nonsense wisdom and inspiration so you can love the life that you live. The weekly interview series is hosted by author and intuitive spiritual teacher Leah Guy featuring experts, authors, healers, musicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and everyday heroes who know life's struggles, and sharing ways they've learned to be inspired and heal. The focus is on emotional healing and mental health with a good dose of secular spiritualism mixed in. Our aim is to make visible the reality of hope, change and transformation while acknowledging our humanity so that we can grow into whole, happy and satisfied people. A down-to-earth expert, you can count on Leah to bring it to you straight.
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The journey of awakening is often a messy process. Stepping into our higher self, healing, connecting to our higher consciousness and developing our intuitive and trust skills can feel chaotic, energizing, scary, thrilling, confusing and overall like a roller coaster. In this conversation, Leah and Phill talk about the journey to awakening with the true stories of Phill from his new book, Letting Glow. We discuss:mediumshiphow raising our frequency can feel like a mental breakdealing with griefhow to trust your intuition and develop 6th sense capabilitieswhat it's like seeing ghosts and energy in the spirit worldPhill Webster is an author, actor, and developing medium. After living abroad and traveling the world for twenty years, he returned to his native England in 2017 and embarked on an acting career. Most notably, he has worked with people such as Elle Fanning, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hardy, and Benedict Cumberbatch, to name a few. At the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexplained event, coupled with a devastating loss, sent him down a completely different path forever.These events prompted a complete life review, and an exploration into the mystical, which culminated in the Amazon top of the charts book ‘Letting Glow’, and its soon to be released sequel, ‘Glowing Deeper’. In Book One, he documents his journey into mediumship, and sets out to de-mystify the mystical, making the unfolding and development of psychic senses accessible to us all. ‘Letting Glow’ delves headfirst into how we can connect with our highest states of intuition, manifest lives of purpose, realign the connection between our thoughts, consciousness, and our authentic selves, and ultimately, searches for proof that we survive physical death. To find out more about Phill, visit his website.Leah is an intuitive healer, author, speaker and spiritual teacher. To find out more about her work visit her website. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
"Mindful forgiveness is your mental decision to consciously choose to disempower the resentment by energetically releasing the incident from your thoughts, rendering it powerless so you can move forward for your inner peace, happiness and healing."Kelly BrowneFive-time best-selling author Kelly Browne joins Leah to discuss the power of mindful forgiveness. How can we do it? When should we do it? What's in the way of forgiving others, and ourselves?This conversation is meant to open your heart and your mind to what is possible in the next steps of your healing journey. Five time best-selling author, Kelly Browne is the go-to gratitude expert on thank-you note etiquette for adults and kids. She lives in Los Angeles, using social media to promote the “magic of gratitude" and "mindful forgiveness." Her advice has appeared in Parade, The Wall Street Journal, eHow, Tinyprints, and Jezebel—among many others—along with TV and podcast appearances. You can find more about her work here. Leah is the author of 3 self-care books translated into four languages, including Overcoming Toxic Emotions; A Practical Guide to Building Better Relationships with Yourself and Others. You can find more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Many of us feel like imposters - and it's not just at work, but in our communities, relationships and social circles.Kris Kelso, author of Overcoming the Imposter, talks with Leah about what Imposter Syndrome really is, and some helpful tools to help us live more authentically, more confidently, and in our power.We discuss:Humble ConfidenceWhy faking it until you make it isn't the best strategySymptoms of Imposter SyndromeLiving authenticallyand more.Kris Kelso is a keynote speaker for leadership conferences, corporate events, and universities and has been both a guest and host on television and radio programs. Trained and certified as an executive coach, Kris has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, and their leadership teams. He is an advisor and instructor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, is a Facilitator / Coach with The Alternative Board, and is a contributing writer for The Nashville Business Journal. You can find more about his work here. Leah Guy is an intuitive healer, speaker and author of 3 self-care books published in 4 languages. You can find more about her here.Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
The Confident Empath

The Confident Empath


Leah's guest today is a soul sister, fellow energy healer, intuitive, psychic empath and author of the new book, Confident Empath.We talk about the difference between empathy and empathing, the protocols for healers to use to stay clear, unattached and boundaried, the dangers of empathing if unprepared, and the overall energetics of the age we are currently living in. Sensitive people, those with unresolved trauma wounding, and general empaths will learn how to recognize your own energy from others, how to protect and strengthen one's energy, and ways to be alerted when one is taking on others energy or experiencing hitchhiker energy.Leah and Suzanne also discuss gaslighting, narcissism, the auric field, paranormal activity and the heightened state of energy that is leaving some people unsettled. It's a packed show! Suzanne Worthley has been an energy healing practitioner, intuitive and psychic empath for more than two decades. You can find more about her work here. Leah Guy has been an energy healing practitioner, intuitive and psychic empath and public speaker for more than two decades. You can find more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
We are covering one of the most popular topics of the human condition - relationships - with trauma-informed polarity coach, David Lea and Leah Guy. David and Leah dive into the definitions of masculine and feminine, the characteristics of each in our daily lives and how we show up to ourselves and one another in relationships. Being trauma-informed means recognizing that we each carry trauma memory and are in the process of healing, yet with awareness and application we can shift the way our energy is received by others and the impact that has on relationships.This is not a gender issue, it is an energy issue and everyone has a dominant energy or one they identify more strongly with and when we come to relationships out of that alignment, we can create stress and disharmony for all.David is a coach, speaker and teacher and, alongside his life partner, Paige, has created a foundational program called Daring Deeply. Find more about his work here.Leah is an intuitive healer, author, speaker and teacher who owns Modern Sage healing company and leads events and retreats around the world. Find more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
From trauma recovery, transcendental meditation, healing, traveling, and mindfulness practices, spiritual awareness and healthy eating, Leah Guy discusses these and more with 20x author Donald Altman.In today's society, even the every day activities like texting and scrolling, can speed up the mind, cause us anxiety and keep us in a stressful state. Donald and Leah talk about their tools for mindfulness, ways to stay grounded, and bridging the gap between mindfulness and spirituality. Donald gives us insight into The Quantum Collective, the connection of all being in the past, present and future, as portrayed in his new work, Travelers. Disordered eating has been a focus of Donald's work, as well as his most famous book, The Mindfulness Toolbox and others focused on mindful living helps us understand the importance of staying centered in one's life while making the best choices for our optimal health. Donald Altman is an award-winning author of over 20 books, a psychotherapist and former monk whose work integrates ancient, timeless practices into our modern lifestyles. He has taught thousands of professionals in healthcare, mental health and business how to find resilience, wholeness, healing and joy.His new novel Travelers is an inspiring journey about overcoming loss through hope, healing and spiritual renewal. Find his work here. Leah Guy is a spiritual teacher, author and speaker. Find more about her here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Reiki has become an internationally popular healing modality and today Leah talks with Frans Steine, author and master Reiki teacher.Reiki is more than a hands-on healing modality, but a way of life. In this episode Frans talks about the importance of deepening one's personal spiritual life, understanding the precepts of Reiki, and how to reduce anger and worry. Frans also shares his former struggles prior to finding this way of life, and the joys he experiences in his day-to-day life of his community in Amsterdam.Frans is the author The Way of Reiki - The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui . The Way of Reiki guides us on the path to becoming a better human being, softening our anger and worry so that we can live in a world of compassion and kindness. It is a must-read for any Reiki practitioner or teacher who wants to bring more love into their practice, teachings and the world.The #1 Amazon hot New release in Religious & Spiritual Eastern Philosophy.Frans has been a major influence on global research into the system of Reiki since the early 2000s. His practical understanding of the Japanese influences on the system has allowed students worldwide to connect deeply with this practice. You can learn more about him and his offerings here.  Leah is an intuitive healer, 3x author and spiritual teacher/speaker with many offerings for your continued spiritual journey. You can find more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Have you wondered what your dreams mean, whose theory to believe in attempts to interpret your dreams, or wish you had a more active and vivid dreamtime?Dreaming can have a powerful affect on one's life when we learn how to engage and interpret this state. Leah Guy talks with dream expert and author Tzivia Gover about the power of our dreams and how to dream on purpose. Tzivia says we can utilize the power of our dreams when we learn how to understand them and the way our subconscious works. Leah believes much of our emotional processing can happen in dreams, for those who are overwhelmed or unable to process verbally. Tzivia's latest book, Dreaming on the Page, is to help not only authors, but everyone access a richer experience from their sleep-time. She shares how she chose her husband from the information in her dreams, and Leah shares her love of the dreamtime where she travels, has conversations and lives a full life!Tzivia a certified dreamwork professional who leads workshops and teaches domestically and abroad, in person and online. She's a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the former education director for the Institute for Dream Studies. You can find more about her work here. Leah is an intuitive healer, author and speaker. You can find more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Everyone talks about meditation and its benefits. Lots of us have trouble doing meditation. Leah talks with The Path founder Dina Kaplan about how to be a student for life and utilize meditation as one of the training tools. This is a candid episode from two successful women who have also struggled with anxiety, self-confidence, performance and authenticity. Listen in on how to follow your gut to course correct and live your authenticity, how to notice the symptoms of emotional imbalance, and how the power of meditation can transform your mind and your life.Learn the difference between meditation and religion, and how meditation is open and available to all. Discover if diving deeper, getting your toes wet or actually becoming a meditation teacher yourself is the right next step for you. Dina guides us in a short gratitude meditation at the end of the episode. Enjoy! Dina is founder/CEO and a certified meditation teacher who teaches meditation and guides retreats around the world. Before The Path, Dina was co-founder/COO of Blip, an online video start-up that was a real thing but led Dina to panic attacks and an eventual trip around the world to learn to be herself again. Prior to the tech world, Dina was a television reporter who won an Emmy which is now in storage. Dina loves languages (speak to her in Italian), hosting dinner parties, and the tiny Sicilian island of Panarea. Find more about her and her company here. Leah is an author of Overcoming Toxic Emotions, Spiritual Journal for Women and The Fearless Path, as well as an intuitive healer focused on emotional health and spiritual growth, motivational speaker and retreat leader. Find more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Welcome to season 3 of The Modern Sage Podcast - where you can be inspired and informed to live a life that you love.Leah is talking with Dr. Betsy Holmberg, psychologist and researcher, about what the monkey mind really is, why it offers us such challenges (and criticisms) and what we can do to tame this part of our brain, which Betsy has named the Tribal Brain. Sharing her personal story about loss, depression and suicidal thoughts, Betsy has personal experience in managing the mind and mood in relation to life's challenges, as well as the skills to understand and use effective tools that can make a positive difference.We discuss* the power of mindfulness* how science and spirituality can complement one another* tribal brain (neuro default network) Betsy Holmberg ran the global behavioral health service line at McKinsey & Company, a premier consulting firm, where she ranked in the top 5% of all consultants.  In her previous incarnation as an academic, she worked at Harvard and co-authored several peer-reviewed academic journal articles on non-suicidal self injury and suicidal thoughts.  She is trained in Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapies, and has treated clients of all ages and presentations.  Betsy received her doctorate in Psychology from Duke University, where she also graduated Phi Beta Kappa. You can find more about her here. Leah Guy is an author, speaker and spiritual teacher. You can learn more about her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
It's the end of the year and while many people are considering their New Year plans, I want to invite you to consider the practice of resiliency in our spiritual journey.Becoming more resilient is something we can foster in our lives at any age. It's not just the ability to be strong or brave in the face of uncertainty or life's challenges, but the ability to come back to self, to your center and trust your mind and body to process what is necessary so that we can continue. It's a great skill, and one that is necessary for all of us to move through life with more authenticity and grace.Leah discusses this important topic as a way to invite us to look at our self-commitments this year, and to help secure within the anchor that we so desperately need in times of stress. Many blessings to each of you, this day and this new year and beyond. Thank you for listening, for following, and for showing up for yourself on the healing journey!Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
In this special episode Leah features comedian Mike Marino, aka "NJ's Bad Boy" for a little holiday cheer. Mike and Leah share some laughs and also talk about some of the challenges in life, including the holidays, growing older, change in our lives and a variety of other miscellaneous conversations. It's like listening in to 2 friends catching up on life. Leah even got Mike to meditate for like 1 minute. Mike Marino – affectionately known to millions of his fans worldwide as New Jersey’s Bad Boy – is one of the most loved comedians of our time. He has performed in every major comedy club, theatre, casino and event center from New York to Los Angeles and around the world. Mike has also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business.In the Fall of 2008, Mike Marino was inducted into the New Jersey Comedy Hall of Fame and in 2015 he won the USO Bob Hope Comedy Award for his many performances for the military. Mike has also been featured on numerous talk shows and has hosted some of the most prestigious award shows including The Beverly Hills Film Awards, Hoboken Film Festival, Montreal Quintus Film Festival and countless corporate events. Mike has been featured in the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada, seven years in a row.Mike Marino has a tongue like a razor and a heart of gold. He has the incredible ability to perform in any arena, big or small, and can cater his material for all audiences, from strictly clean to down and dirty. To learn more about Mike, visit his website.  Leah Guy is an author, spiritual teacher and intuitive healer. If you'd like to learn more about her work, please visit her website. Happy holidays to all who are celebrating! Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Leah and Buddhist teacher, Deborah Eden Tull share an enlightening conversation about the darkness that may bring hope to any listener. Darkness is deeply misunderstood in today’s world; yet it offers powerful medicine, serenity, strength, healing, and regeneration. All insight, vision, creativity, and revelation arise from darkness. It is through learning to stay present and meet the dark with curiosity rather than judgment that we connect to an unwavering light within. Welcoming darkness with curiosity, rather than fear or judgment, enables us to access our innate capacity for compassion and collective healing. Dharma teacher, shamanic practitioner, and deep ecologist Deborah Eden Tull addresses the spiritual, ecological, psychological, and interpersonal ramifications of our bias towards light.  Eden is an engaged dharma teacher, spiritual activist, author, and sustainability educator, who teaches dharma intertwined with post-patriarchal thought and practices, resting upon a lived knowledge of our unity with the more than human world. She trained for seven and a half years as a Buddhist monk at a silent Zen monastery and has taught engaged meditation for over 20 years. Eden has lived in sustainable communities and as an organic gardener/farmer for decades and celebrates the essential wisdom of nature. For more info, visit her website. Leah is a 3x author, spiritual teacher and intuitive healer with more than 25 years in private practice. She leads workshops, retreats and classes focused on emotional health and spiritual growth. Her regular mindfulness and meditation contributions can be found on InsightTimer, and her many courses on DailyOM and other platforms. For more info, visit her website. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, and The Body Code, joins Leah Guy to discuss how to release emotional baggage in order to restore mental and physical health. Nelson discusses how he formulated the emotion code, and how learning from his clients that many of our physical ailments and mental blocks are due to holding old emotions in the body. This can also include generational trauma.And, that healing doesn't have to take months or years, as it is possible to release the energy charge of certain emotions in a simple way.Nelson also shares his personal spiritual beliefs and reliance on answered prayer from his higher power and divine connection to follow his call and bring this information to the world. He relates the human body to a computer, and the subconscious mind as a super-computer. Nelson notes that we can ask direct questions and receive answers from the subconscious mind. "Within each person is the absolute perfect understanding and knowledge of what is wrong with them and why they are manifesting the dis-ease." We know everything is energy, and energy, as emotion, as meant to move, change and release. His best-selling book "The Emotion Code" provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body's energy healing power. Look for his new book, “The Body Code: Unlocking Your Body's Ability to Heal Itself,” coming February 2023 from St. Martin's Press.To learn more about his work, please visit his site. To learn more about Leah, please visit her site. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
The simple reminder, that "this is happening for me, not against me," is a powerful and recurring lesson many of us face.  Turn being a victim into an empowered state of being, it's possible as we take on a new lens. Different then toxic positivity, but a full immersion to seek the growth and evolution through healing our very personal experiences. These are the lessons and blessings of life's occurrences. Charles and Leah , two healers from different modalities, talk addiction, healing, using awareness and other tools we have like breath, movement, and food to become self-sourcing for personal growth, emotional healing, and inner peace. Charles' personal stories of a mother who committed suicide, severe body pain and injuries, and how he moved through these events with grace, while figuring out how to process emotions and honor the reality of these experiences for him is inspiring. Charles is an Inner Peace Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Published Author, and the Founder of Freedom From Pain Coaching. Throughout his career, he's been able to see the greatness and potential in others even if they don’t see it themselves. Through emotional intelligence, and powerful Self-Healing practices, his goal is to guide you to step into your most empowered Self sharing your unique gifts, talents and passions with the world and eliminating the resistance and fear in the way.To learn more about Charles, visit his website. For more healing inspired work from Leah, visit her website. Leah is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and author of 3 books including her latest, Overcoming Toxic Emotions; A Practical Guide to Building Better Relationships with Yourself and Others. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Leah Guy and Matthew Branham, MAcOM, LAc, discuss powerful topics based on finding the harmony within our lives, living in harmony with the breath, and overcoming the fear of death. Yin & Yang, breathing with nature, finding acceptance and flowing with the expansion and contraction and not forcing through or disrupting are part of this conversation. The breath dynamic happens every day, every season, with every breath, and as with Yin & Yang, the human body also functions seasonally, and part of our conversation is about how death has come to be perceived as a loss, a fear, and a negative occurrence. Perhaps nature has a different intention.To find out more about Leah, visit her website. To find out more about Matthew, visit his website. Matthew received his Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine (M.Ac.O.M) from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine where he was clinically trained in acupuncture modalities from mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and even France. Matthew’s Chinese herbal medicine training is broad and includes both classical and modern approaches. He is licensed as an acupuncturist and herbalist in the State of New Jersey and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).In addition to his acupuncture expertise Matthew has been a massage therapist specializing in Asian Bodywork therapy for over ten years. Matthew’s passion is in facilitating patient’s journey of healing on a holistic level. Recognizing and honoring that while we appear as separate individuals, in truth we are all deeply connected. Likewise, our mind, emotions, and body are not separate. Disease and pain are often more obvious symptoms of an underlying imbalance.Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Self-abandonment is a form of sabotage that many of us have learned as a means of "survival" in our relationships. Once formed, it often becomes a negative pattern in our daily lives.Self-abandonment is a learned behavior, which means we can unlearn the behavior.We abandon what we want or need.We lie to ourselves and others about who we are and what are our wants and needs.We hide.We people please.We ignore our hunches, intuition, or inner guidance.We criticize and judge our most vulnerable parts.We become perfectionists to avoid ever satisfying or achieving success.We run from our dreams, change courses to avoid success or positive results that help us feel good and purposeful.These are some of the ways we abandon ourselves.What can we do?We can learn to sit with our feelings. We can show up for ourselves. We can learn to speak our truth. We can follow the callings of our hearts and trust the process. Remember who you are. Remember that you are carrying precious cargo.You are here with a soul that is brilliant and wants to shine. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
How can we change our relationship to money so that we experience more happiness and peace and less worry and shame. Ken Honda and Leah Guy talk about the mindset about money and energy of prosperity. Happy Money should make you smile with you receive it, and when you spend it you feel can feel appreciation. Your attitude toward money is the foundation to live in wealth, both emotional and tangible.Arigato money is the way. Find out what that means from Japan's bestselling zen millionaire Ken Honda. Money is energy, and energy flows. We have to learn to receive money as well as let it go."Money is energy. It can be happy or unhappy.When you adjust your perspective on money you can see it as positive and negative flows based on the energy you have when receiving and spending your money.When you receive and spend well you generally have a happy life. Conversely, if you are always feeling tension or fear around spending and receiving, chances are you are holding that energy through most situations.Happy Money is your invitation to let the unhappy money go and begin bringing in happy money and a sense of freedom.Ken has impacted millions with his message, selling over 8 million books worldwide.You can learn more about Ken on his website. You can learn more about Leah and her work here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Medium and mindfulness expert, Alaine Portner, and intuitive healer Leah Guy share an intriguing discussion about mediumship and if there is life after death. When people whom we love transition out of their human bodies, of course we experience great loss and sadness. However, as Alaine and Leah share, there is still connection available as our loved ones watch and  engage with us from their dimension. Alaine has done thousands of readings for people, both helping them process grief as well as gain connection and clarity so they can continue in their lives without guilt, shame, resentments and grief. Leah is an intuitive healer who uses mediumship in her work to assist clients in their personal growth. This conversation is about consciousness, connection, healing and how we can shift our perspective about death and our soul states. Anyone can learn to trust there intuition, it just takes learning how to get out of one's way by quieting the mind, settling the ego, trusting what you hear/see/feel, and having the courage to share what your intuition or knowingness is informing you of. For more information about Alaine and her work, visit here. For more information about Leah and her work, visit here. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
Anxiety presents itself in many forms. Dr. Tracey Marks, a forensic psychiatrist, talks with Leah Guy, an intuitive healer, to help us understand:*what anxiety is*why we get anxious*natural ways to prevent and reduce anxiety*personal accounts of a healer's journey through life's many anxious moments*how to use mindfulness to stay calm If you, or someone you know suffers with anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD, recurring worry, insomnia or any other debilitating afflictions that are altering life, please reach out for support. Dr. Marks has a very popular youtube channel and new book, Why Am I so Anxious? You can find more info about her on her website. To learn more about Leah's work on spirituality, emotional healing and intuitive readings, visit her site. Thanks for listening! Follow leah on IG, FB & TK @leahguylive for more!
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