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It’s a recap of Ted Lasso Season 3 episode 1 here on Brewstilled. The third season of Ted Lasso has premiered and it was well worth the wait. It was an episode with a blend of comedy and drama. We saw interesting storylines brew and distill in episode one in what could be a dramedy filled third season of Ted Lasso. A Hazy IPA from Moksa Brewing in Rocklin California is the beer pairing. 
In this edition of Brewstilled, its another barrel aged mystery in where I’ll be talking about the theft of the Irish Crown Jewels. The Irish Crown Jewels go back to 1831 when King William IV presented the jewels for use by the lord lieutenant of Ireland. They seen as a symbol of diplomacy between Ireland and Great Britain. Although they were not affiliated with any monarchy they were seen in high regard and had their own security detail. However, on July 6th, 1907, The Irish Crown Jewels were discovered as missing and they haven’t been seen since. What happened to the Irish Crown Jewels and who stole them? I’ll discuss the mystery here on Brewstilled with a sour ale from Cascade Brewing Barrel House in Portland Oregon as the beer pairing. 
For this edition of Barrel Aged Mysteries here on the Brewstilled podcast, I’m discussing the enigma of the USS Cyclops. The USS Cyclops was a US Navy supply ship that went missing while sailing from Brazil to Baltimore in 1918. No trace of her was ever found and she remains missing to this day with no sign of her whereabouts or answers on the circumstances of her vanishing. This a bizarre mystery as the Cyclops was reported to have a bizarre culture, a captain who was a suspected German spy and who may have plotted against him. Could have all of this led to the Cyclops vanishing? Its all here on Brewstilled with a Bourbon Barrel Aged beer from Prairie Artisan Ales as the beer pairing. 
For this edition of Brewstilled, I’m debuting the first episode of Barrel Aged Mysteries. For this barrel aged mystery, we’re getting off to the high seas with the mystery of the Mary Celeste. The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship with accident prone history that went on a voyage to Genoa Italy with a cargo of alcohol, yet she never made it to her destination as she was discovered drifting in the Atlantic Ocean abandoned with the crew and lifeboat missing. What happened? Where did the crew go and was something more sinister at play. I’ll be discussing the enigma of the Mary Celeste and where she may have gone. A stout beer from Prairie Artisan Ales is on tap as the beer pairing. 
The NFL season is now underway and the storyline are now starting to brew and distill. This period in the NF before the draft at the end of April is a critical period for NFL teams to resolve some issues with their roster and franchise. Free agency is amongst those issues along with the search for a franchise quarterback and that is where some bold predictions come in. In this edition of Brewstilled, I’ll be making some very bold NFL offseason predictions that although not likely to occur could very well shake up the NFL. An American style Imperial Stout from Old Irving Brewing in Chicago Illinois is on top for the beer pairing. 
The 2022 NFL season is now over, which now brings us into the NFL offseason. With The Chiefs now the reigning Super Bowl Champions, questions are now brewing if they can indeed repeat next year. For the Eagles, with the loss of their Defensive and Offensive Coordinators they will face the task of finding their replacements. How will the search for new Defensive and Offensive Coordinators impact the Eagles in the 2023 NFL season. For Kansas City, their Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy is likely going to move on, but is Andy Reid the main barrier to Eric Bieniemy finding a head coaching job in the NFL. All this will be discussed here on Brewstilled, with a Pilsner from Moksa Brewing as the beer pairing. 
For this edition of Brewstilled, I’ll be talking to Laurie from the California Craft Brewers Association. The California Crafter Brewers Association is a nonprofit that serves California Craft Beer industry. We’ll be discussing the California Craft Brewers Association and the role the organization plays in California’s Craft Beer Industry. We’ll also be talking about upcoming Celebration of Craft Beer Festival and the 2023 Craft Beer Summit. It’ll here on this edition of Brewstilled. Tune in and be brewed and be distilled! 
It's my Super Bowl prediction on this edition of Brewstilled. I'll go over the coming matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, which will include my prediction.  I'll also go over a small list of teams who are contenders for the Super Bowl in the next few years. I'll also go over a list of teams who are in need of a Quarterback and what they must do for their next Quarterback. An Imperial Hazy IPA from Other Half Brewing is on tap for the beer pairing. 
In this edition of Brewstilled, I recap my weekend in San Francisco in where I visited two excellent breweries while also attending Bay Area Brew Fest. I visited 21st Amendments Brewery's taproom in San Francisco. Afterwards, I visited Black Hammer Brewing. Both locations have excellent beers on tap with an excellent Cubano from 21st Amendment. I then attended Bay Area Brew Fest for my first craft beer festival in 2023. I also have an update on recent news in the NFL. It's all here on Brewstilled. Tune in and be brewed and be distilled!
It's a recap of the NFL playoffs divisional round here on Brewstilled. I'll be recapping the games and the consequences of the Cowboys loss to the 49ners. Is Sean Payton waiting in the wings? I'll also have my predictions for the Conference title games. A black IPA from Claimstake Brewing is on tap for the beer pairing. 
Beers for the Winter

Beers for the Winter


For this edition of Brewstiled, I’m discussing craft beers for the Winter season. With January almost over, winter will still remain and great craft beer will help with the cold winter days of February. I’ll be discussing 6 unique craft beers each with their own style, flavor and personality and how they fit well with the winter season. 
It’s a recap of the NFL playoffs wildcard weekend here on Brewstilled. It was a weekend in where teams walked the tightrope between victory and defeat. The Buffalo Bill advanced after a close matchup against the Dolphins why the Giants fought off the Vikings. The Jaguars continue to thrive in the post Urban Meyer after their win against the Chargers. The Cowboys also achieved redemption in their win against Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. Its all here on Brewstilled with an IPA from Track 7 Brewing. 
The 2023 beer festival season will soon be underway with the first festival to held later this month in San Francisco known as Bay Area Brewfest. Bay Area Brew Fest is a beer festival in San Francisco that will feature breweries from the by Bay Area, San Diego, Sacramento and beyond. For this edition of Brewstilled, I’m joined by Dan the organizer of the Bay Area Brew Fest in where he provides a preview of Bay Area Brew Fest. 
The NFL playoffs are now here, and teams are looking for any advantage they can get, but could that mean going as far as to spy on their opponents? Author Kevin Bryant returns to the Brewstilled Podcast to discuss the role espionage plays in the NFL playoffs. With the NFL post season now here, the stakes are higher, and the competition is greater. Kevin Bryant who wrote the book Spies on the Sidelines: The High Stakes World of NFL Espionage returns to Brewstilled to discuss this secret world of the NFL. 
The past Sunday in week 17 in the 2022 NFL season, we saw the power of the last full drive. With the playoffs looming, teams on the playoff bubble made moves in the last full drive to secure the final remaining spots in the NFL playoffs. Tom Brady led Tampa Bay to victory in a comeback over the Carolina Panthers in where Tampa Bay secured the NFC South and a spot in the playoffs. The looming question is, will Tom Brady play elsewhere next season? The Cowboys won and with the Eagles loss against the Saints, the Cowboys still have a chance to win the NFC East and the number one seed in the NFC Conference. The Packers won and they will face the Detroit Lions in a high stakes matchup in a winner takes all matchup in week 18. All this and more will be discussed here on Brewstilled in the first episode of 2023. 
In week 16 of the 2022 NFL season, we had the Christmas Day games in where we saw the end of the Nathaniel Hackett era with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos fired Hackett before his first season with the team was concluded. Where do The Bronco's go from here? The Cowboys won against the Eagles in their Christmas Eve matchup, but are the Eagles still the team to beat in the NFC?  All is not well in the Raiders locker room as players are now questioning the commitment amongst their teammates. Could the Raiders be looking at an offseason exodus when the season is over? Tom Brady led Tampa Bay to a win over the Arizona Cardinals. The question is, how far can Tom Brady take Tampa Bay this season? All this and more will be discussed here on Brewstilled! 
It's a recap of week 14 of the 2022 NFL season here on Brewstilled. Week 14 of the NFL season was one with wild overtime victories and wins by teams looking to make a playoff push. The Vikings overcame the Colts in an historic come from behind victory in a game that went into overtime. The Bengals showed they're a team that could indeed win the AFC conference over the Chiefs and The Buffalo Bills. The Dallas Cowboys and The Philadelphia Eagles engaged in war of word as they will face off against one another on Christmas Eve. Yet, The Cowboys lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Does this loss mean trouble for the Cowboys? All this and more will be discussed on Brewstilled with a Winter Ale from 21st Amendment Brewing as the beer pairing. 
It's a recap of the season 2 finale of The White Lotus here on Brewstilled. The second season of The White Lotus was a fitting conclusion for an amazing season. It was a finale with drama, revelations, and a shocking character conclusion. Tune into Brewstilled for a recap of the season and an outlook of what we may see from season three. A beer from Einstök is the beer pairing. 
It's a recap of NFL week 14 for the 2022 NFL season here on Brewstilled. Week 14 showed us who's staying relevant and who may be irrelevant in the remaining weeks of the 2022 NFL regular season. Baker Mayfield won in his debut with the LA Rams. Could Baker Mayfield be their starter next season? Brock Purdy guided The 49ners to victory over Tampa Bay.  Can Brock Purdy redefine the term Mr. Irrelevant? Did The Cowboys get exposed in their win against Houston? Could it also be the disastrous Denver Broncos season was years in the making? The Eagles remain in control of the NFC and it may stay that way while the Chiefs and The Bills battle for control of the AFC Conference. All this and more will be discussed here on Brewstilled with a West Coast IPA from Flatland Brewing as the beer pairing!
In this edition of Brewstilled, I speak with Stellar and Aaron from Otherwise Brewing based in San Francisco. Otherwise Brewing is a gluten-free brewery, dedicated to exploring the flavors of alternative grains. Otherwise Brewing makes an eclectic group of craft beer each with their own unique style. They will also be attending Bay Area Brewfest in 2023. I discuss Otherwise Brewing with Aaron and Steller about the beers they make, the non-barley beer movement, San Francisco’s craft beer scene and what’s ahead in 2023. Tune in and be brewed and be distilled!
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