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Hi, I’m Gail Gibson, Master Performance Coach, International Speaker, Podcast Host & Author. I thrive on enabling leaders to step up, shake it off, and shine.

Welcome to my podcast, The Can Do Way.

My guests, from across the globe, have Can Do stories of growth, resilience, and success to share.

Tune in and be inspired by these individuals who have developed a strong Can Do approach. Each one of their stories is unique. Each one of their stories has a key message.

It’s the Can Do Way to connect, uplift, intrigue, build, enable, and grow #CanDo
102 Episodes
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Malcolm Teasdale, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Author, and Travel Addict. British and American citizen Malcolm was able to take early retirement when he sold his technology company in 2013.  After travelling on business for more than 30 years to the major cities and business hubs around the world, he now travels to the more unusual destinations in search of rich cultural and educational experiences. Think Nepal, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, and Borneo to name a few.  Today, his public speaking engagements focus on entrepreneurship, adventure travel, destinations around the world and foreign cultures.  A curious adventure traveller to 118 countries (to date) who says he will consider settling down at the grand old age of 95. Choosing a life well-travelled, Malcolm’s Can Do story is filled with opportunity, adventure, and respect for all global citizens.  Listen for Malcolm’s Can Do tips:  Have no regrets. Seize opportunities. Respect how others live.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Debbie Bryan: International TEDx Speaker, Multi-Award Winning Coach, and Best-Selling Author.  Overcoming life-altering injuries from a tragic car accident a dozen years ago, Debbie emerged as a symbol of hope and determination.  Now, as a dynamic motivational TEDx Speaker, she is committed to empowering audiences worldwide to unlock their potential and achieve success through the power of storytelling and authenticity. Born into an entrepreneurial family, Debbie’s ‘no boundaries, no rules’ Can Do story will inspire you to dig deep and pivot for success. Listen for Debbie’s Can Do tips:  Test the water with ‘I can’t walk away from it.’ No doesn’t mean no. It means I’m talking to the wrong person, or I can find another way. Take imperfect action.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Founder and CEO of You're Valued LTD. Health and Wellness Consultant & Boldness Coach, Sita McKee. Inspired by conversations with her father, Sita is passionate about enabling mental wellness in people. Working in the health and social care sector saw Sita help and empower her clients to live a life of wellness. Now, as a Boldness Coach, Sita uses her skills, knowledge, and compassionate nature, to support clients on their wellbeing journey from burnout to boldness.  Self-reflection and inner work sit at the heart of Sita’s Can Do story. Her bold approach will inspire you that there is no mountain too high.  Listen for Sita’s Can Do tips:  Know Yourself. Find your Source. Know your Purpose.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Coach, Facilitator & Founder, Megan Gaul. Specializing in wellness, habit-change, weight-management, and meal-planning, Megan is a coach who has had her 100-lb weight-loss journey.  While maintaining that weight-loss, she also transformed her career, bringing her passions of teaching, data analysis, cooking, and meal planning together as a weight-loss coach to help clients break free from stagnation and transform their lives. Megan’s empowering Can Do story encourages you to lean in towards a simple action you can take to kickstart positive habits and change in life.  Listen for Megan’s Can Do tips:  The fewer focuses the greater your success Perfectionism harms where you want to be Do something hard today that will make the future you say Thank You. Connect with Megan
In this episode of The Can Do Way,  I am talking to Resilience Coach and Speaker, Fiona Demark. Fiona helps people who are stuck and frustrated with their lives to create a new reality.  Born in outback Australia, and legally blind since, birth Fiona loves to share her story of resilience, positivity, and life achievements to inspire and motivate others. She is an adventure seeking, obstacle bounding, no regrets kind of girl that lives life to the extreme, having spent the past 30 + years using her talents in human communication, care, and kindness to help others.  Fiona’s Can Do story proves that all of us can learn the skill of reframing, to be resilient, strong, and grateful for what life presents us.  Listen for Fiona’s Can Do tips:  Every day is a new opportunity Taking responsibility for you own stuff. Be grateful for the things that are happening right now. Connect with Fiona
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Consultant and Certified Life Coach, Ale Garnica. Ale cares about women having a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle, while juggling around their roles and responsibilities in their day-to-day routine.   From her previous career as an engineer in a male predominant industry, Ale brings unique perspectives to professional women who want to create a more purposeful and satisfying life, by teaching them how to own their power, make decisions with confidence and put their needs first, to pursuit the dreams they have been putting aside for years.  Shining light on human potential is woven into Ale’s Can Do story. Her story highlights the value and richness of giving permission to unlearn, unpack, be curious and embrace change.      Listen for Ale’s Can Do tips:  Self- compassion – treat yourself kindly Self-recognition – see the power of you. Play – make your life fun. Connect with Ale
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to College Dean turned Career/Executive Coach, Mike O’Connor. Mike has helped thousands of people connect with meaningful Career opportunities and build lives of purpose through leadership roles at the world’s top liberal arts institution and as a C-Suite Higher Ed executive. Along the way, he’s side hustled as a consultant, advisor, and investor, while helping hundreds of the best organizations on the planet source talent.   Mike started his company, the Actualized Self, to expand his clientele and passion for coaching.    Leveraging positive outcomes sits at the heart of Mike’s Can Do story. Be inspired to embrace the opportunity to connect, disconnect, and reconnect with yourself and your life choices.      Listen for Mike’s Can Do tips:  Do the hard things.  Find your superpower. 3. Create an evidence folder.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Movement Flow Teacher, Joyce Lo. Following a career in education as an English literature lecturer, Joyce embarked on a personal journey of discovery.  Movement Flow is not just a system of exercises; it is a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of connecting mind, body, and spirit. By teaching people to move with intention and attention, Joyce believes that we can create a more compassionate and joyful world. With a passion to teach, Joyce’s Can Do story will evoke joy, potential, and the flow of movement and change in life.   Listen for Joyce’s Can Do tips:  Be curious.  Be consistent. Be firm yet flexible. Connect with Joyce
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to International Career Coach and Entrepreneur, Yesim Nicholson. A true citizen of the world, her career spans six countries and diverse industries. With her passion for innovation and connecting people, Yesim has been involved in a variety of interesting projects, from launching the International Agriculture University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to running her own Marketing consultancy in Sydney. Most recently she has founded YES Career Coaching, which runs career change programs Internationally, and is the host of the podcast ‘Your Big Career Move’.  From a nomadic upbringing, Yesim’s Can Do story will entertain you to make the best life you can when you embrace change and become whatever you need to be.   Listen for Yesim’s Can Do tips:  Tell ‘that’ voice of doubt in your head to Zip it!  Visualize how you want an outcome to be. Overthinking inhibits taking action. Connect with Yesim
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to business coach, Jenna Harrison. Jenna Harrison is a top-ranked business coach and reformed over-analyzer turned Queen of Clarity. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, she oversaw brand communication and copy for over 33 brands at a top fashion company.  When not wearing her coach hat, you’ll find her satisfying her wanderlust, playing tug of war with her puppy, or chasing after her 5-year-old son. Choosing to redesign her life led Jenna on an exciting Can Do journey of self-discovery and clarity.   Listen for Jenna’s Can Do tips:  Recognize that you need to be the leader in your brain.  View everything as a decision. Focus on the solution, not the problem.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Kevin Roberts, Podcast Host, Life Coach, Development Expert, and Growth Geek who gets genuine joy in helping people become the best versions of themselves. With over 20 years of coaching and development experience, Kevin discovered early that his purpose on this planet is to support others, working with a personal vision ‘to inspire people to reach their goals and live a life true to themselves.’ In his own words, Kevin “lives for those moments when the clouds pass, and people begin to forge their own paths in this world.” A reframe from ‘should’ to ‘could’ sets the scene for Kevin’s Can Do story to explore his new life path and grow his own way.   Listen for Kevin’s Can Do tips:  Focus on the times you have succeeded.  Ask yourself: What would you say to your best friend? Visualize how good it will look, feel and sound.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Rosie Zilinskas, Professional Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, and Corporate Trainer. Rosie is an expert Career Strategist behind the "No Woman Left Behind" brand. She is passionate about supporting women's advancement within the corporate world. As a bilingual speaker, Rosie provides education, empowerment, training, and tools to women at the heart of their corporate careers, helping them to recapture money left on the table and eliminate the gender gap in the workplace.  A defining moment in her corporate role sparked Rosie’s Can Do story into life. Let her words empower you to pause, reframe and trust the process of change.   Listen for Rosie’s Can Do tips:  Always negotiate.  Take the time to feel your feelings. Listen to your gut. Connect with Rosie and discover 3 ways how you are sabotaging your career
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to SEO specialist Brandon Leibowitz. Brandon has run and operated SEO Optimizers since 2007. SEO Optimizers is a digital marketing company that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic, which in turn converts into clients, sales, leads, etc. Brandon’s dynamic Can Do story will fire up your mindset to see the bright side of challenge and to keep pushing through as you strive for success.  Listen for Brandon’s Can Do tips:  Get a mentor.  Learn from your mistakes. Be persistent. Connect with Brandon
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Jacqueline Fong, Entrepreneur, Craft Activist, Independent Board Member, and Former Investment Banking Professional. Based in Kuching, Sarawak, Jacqueline is the director of Tanoti which is a congregation of artisans dedicated towards the preservation of heritage craft. Tanoti House currently houses a community of songket weavers practicing this exquisite craft entirely by hand. Tanoti is the winner of the World Craft Council Award of Excellence for Handicraft 2014 and the MaGIC Amplify Award 2015 for Social Entrepreneurship. Tanoti champions heritage preservation, women empowerment, and rural community building. Set around the theme of her continuing journey from perfection to imperfection, Jacqueline’s Can Do story will inspire you to explore the possibility of change for growth.  Listen for Jacqueline’s Can Do tips:  Be driven by intuition.  Have passion for your endeavour. Retain your integrity.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Peter Docker, Author, Leadership Consultant, and Executive Coach. Peter is passionate about enabling people to unlock their natural talents. He teaches leadership that is focused on commitment and human connection. This approach harnesses the collective wisdom of teams to generate extraordinary outcomes. He illustrates his insights by drawing on examples from his previous industry, flying, and military careers to explain powerful concepts that can be applied in any business. A trained leadership consultant and executive coach, Peter's commercial and industry experience have been at the most senior levels in various sectors, across 93 countries. With the theme of ‘there’s more I can do’, Peter’s uplifting story encourages you to lead yourself with courage and belief as you discover what you stand for in life.        Listen for Peter’s Can Do tips:  Put love in the driver’s seat.  Be curious. Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end. Read Peter’s book: Leading from the Jumpseat: How to Create Extraordinary Opportunities by Handing Over Control, 2021
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Dennis Heath, Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Voice Over Artist, Narrator and Actor. A qualified and experienced Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor, Dennis has helped managers become leaders and helped leaders and their businesses reach peak performance. His background includes thirty years in sales and management positions with multinational telecoms manufacturers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.  As well as his coaching work he is an accomplished voice over artist and audiobook narrator, and screen actor. Filled with Can Do pearls of wisdom, Dennis’s evolutionary tale invites you to step away from your comfort zone and allow opportunities guide you.     Listen for Dennis’s Can Do tips:  Do what scares you. Do not predict negative outcomes.  Reframe Can’t to Can through a process of elimination. Put things in perspective.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Nikki East, Co-Founder, Marketing & Brand Extraordinaire for Authors, and Book Addict. Co-Founder of Hull Noir and Spellbound Books, Nikki has been working in the shadows within the periphery of the publishing industry for more than 10 years. She has assisted numerous authors with promotions, building websites, proofreading, branding and much more.  Essentially, Nikki love books and being around people who love books. A self-confessed chatterbox, Nikki listens deeply to help her clients achieve their ideal outcomes.  A digital gypsy at heart, Nikki’s Can Do Story will energise you to dream, believe and achieve in 2023 and beyond.  Listen for Nikki’s Can Do tips:  Be honest with yourself.  Be clear about what you want to do.  Always believe that you can be anything you put your mind to.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Lindsay Randerson, Holistic Health Coach, Holistic Therapist, and Nutrigenomics Practitioner. For 30 years, Lindsay has worked in the health and wellness industry as a Wellness Director for five* health resorts, and retreat spaces internationally. The constant demands of juggling family and career took a toll on her health leading to burnout, chronic fatigue, and hormone imbalances. Lindsay is passionate about guiding women through shifts in nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset, to restore and optimise midlife health. When not working with clients you will find her heading for adventures, dancing, playing tennis, normally on the beach or exploring nature with family and friends and her new puppy Olive. A curious life adventure, Lindsay’s Can Do Story will inspire you to shift your focus from doing to being and embrace the power of self-reflection. Listen for Lindsay’s Can Do tips:  Be creative and get playful.  Try and trial things.  Practice being quiet and still.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Claire Wardell, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Leading with Menopause, Founder of You, Me and The Menopause, Town and District Councillor for The New Mills Ward Cirencester, and Former Mayor of Cirencester. After several years struggling through women’s health issues, Claire underwent a full hysterectomy. Following the procedure, she continued to experience gynae and perimenopausal issues. After seeking medical advice and receiving physiotherapy, and support from friends and family, Claire believed that more needed to be done to raise awareness on the impact of menopause. Claire’s passionate Can Do Story and campaign aims to encourage other women to speak up and to arm future generations with the knowledge and compassion to transition well through this stage in life. Listen for Claire’s Can Do tips:  Invest in you.  Book time for yourself each day.  Never give up.
In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Helen Webb, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Volunteer. Helen is a marketing expert and leader, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. After 25 years in consumer, non-profit and B2B organisations she now runs her own marketing consultancy. She specialises in helping organisations grow by understanding their customers and stakeholders enabling actionable strategic marketing plans. She makes marketing simple, targeted and cost effective.    Not one to sit still, Helen likes a challenge and volunteers a lot! She has been Chair of the local business club, mentored Air Cadets to Everest Base Camp, run the Chicago marathon for charity and is now a Trustee of Flying Scholarships for Disabled People.  A dynamic conversation filled with discovery. Helen’s Can Do story inspires you to explore what gives you purpose, to grasp opportunities that fulfil you, and to live life as a fun adventure. Listen for Helen’s Can Do tips:  Stay active and curious.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice.  Find your purpose – your ‘thing’.