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One take. No edits. Let’s see how this goes… but, intuitive thoughts FUEL the dreamer only if you LISTEN and MOVE. In order to do so, you need familiarity. You need grounding. Meditation. Prayer. Faith OVER Fear. Has your gut EVER steered you wrong? Doubt it. --- Support this podcast:
I had to learn quickly that what I said had SO much to do with how I moved in my dreamer's journey. I was so negative with my words! I had no idea. I can't blame anyone but myself. Once I realized how negative I was, I had to go on a MIGHTY quest to figure out what I could do to switch that up! I hope this helps you!  the dreamer's survey: --- Support this podcast:
It's a quick survey. Let me know more about you. Help me help you.  Link to survey. Tell a friend. --- Support this podcast:
I have to know. I gotta figure this out. --- Support this podcast:
Ain't nobody got time for that! Especially dream chasing... (blows raspberry)... sure. Tell yourself that. Lets keep it HONEST though. You don't have time because you don't want to "waste time" to fail at your dream. Right? As you get older, you have more "obligations" or choices you've collected which take up your time. However, you make time for what you want... so why aren't you making time for this dream?? Hmm... I referenced a few great resources and wanted to share the wealth!  Make Time by Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky  Three reasons you aren't doing what you say you will do (TedTalk) - Amanda Crowell   --- Support this podcast:
Simple. Discipline. Yes, it sucks… but it’s the truth. Honestly, it’s the mind over matter moniker we’re all tired of hearing but we have to face the truth. WE can only combat our laziness. I have a few tips but it’s LEGIT up to you… --- Support this podcast:
Dreamers are lazy. We just imagine. We don’t live in the real world. Just lazy*… yes, that asterisk is intentional because there are conditions. Let’s discuss! --- Support this podcast:
I feel partly cloudy with a chance of rain. I might cry. It’s life. Gotta keep moving tho. --- Support this podcast:
What’s the most POWERFUL tool a dreamer can have? SELF-AWARENESS! Seriously… having awareness can help you navigate your OWN emotional responses and can increase your emotional intelligence something SERIOUS! By knowing your OWN moves, you won’t be surprised. You’ll know. You over here freaking ALL THE WAY out and you don’t know why? Nope. Let’s talk self awareness. --- Support this podcast:
YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE SURFACE! At some point, you gotta put yourself out there. No need of waiting until you’re “ready” because you may NEVER be ready. No need to wait until perfection, because PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST! We often get stuck at the point when it’s time to share our dreams and we hold ourselves back. This is your sign. Put it out there! Just… put it out there! Get it out the way… 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😎 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
The JIG is up! Come out with your hands up! Just accept the fact you have to hold this “L.” It’s hard, I KNOW, but it’s bound to happen. Now, let’s revisit those expectations. 😑 --- Support this podcast:
I have to be honest. I've given in to the feelings of comfort. Who doesn't want to be comfortable? Who doesn't want to feel like they're in control? So, take the easy route... But every action has a reaction and the reaction to comfort is stagnancy... or archived dreams... unattainable dreams. When faced with opposition, you HAVE to be honest with yourself.... those little white lies called excuses can have HUGE repercussions... so, what is your answer to opposition? --- Support this podcast:
I just got back from vacay. 🥰 I went with new friends. I had a BLAST! They made me feel so SAFE when expressing myself and they all had the responses like, “I feel that too” or “I’ve been there before.” It was then I realized that having a community of like minds is KEY for dream chasing! They made my vulnerability safe and less scary. I felt like I belonged. Thank y’all! Find you a community, family! 🥰 --- Support this podcast:
I cried. This is my vulnerability post. This was my honest reaction to launching the Thoughts of a Dreamer Pod! IT WAS SCARY! It was soooo scary, but I did it. I actually did it. 🙈 --- Support this podcast:
Doncha love all these what if questions?? Burning questions that make you doubt yourself and your good mind? The questions that make you FREEZE in your tracks?!? Yeah, well… what if you DONT? What if this is the moment you look back on and tell your younger self DO IT!! What side are you on?? Follow me on IG: toa_dreamer Email me: Follow me on Twitter: toa_dreamer FB coming soon! 😍 --- Support this podcast:
I HATE IT HERE! Whew! Who wants to be all vulnerable all the time? Not me! However, I’m finding so much STRENGTH in vulnerability! Man! I decided to take the risk and be vulnerable and I’ve reaped soooo many rewards! I guess I would’ve never known until I tried. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Get comfortable, kids. We’re gonna be in this vulnerable lesson for a minute! 😌 Follow me on IG: toa_dreamer Email me: Follow me on Twitter: toa_dreamer FB coming soon! 😍 --- Support this podcast:
I can’t get these old dreams out my head! I had to analyze those bad boys to figure out when my motivation and desire LEFT those TD teams… so to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself, I dug deep and found my why. I see now that the WHY has to be STRONG! The WHY is what will get you through all the hard and ambiguous times when chasing these dreams. Just follow me here… know your WHY!!! Follow me on IG: toa_dreamer Email me: Follow me on Twitter: toa_dreamer FB coming soon! 😍 --- Support this podcast:
I was cleaning and found my dream graveyard. What a DAY! As proud as I was to see what I accomplished in my past life, I was equally disappointed at my decision to defer. …the decision to stop… the decision to push the dream to the back burner. UGH. I thought about why I dropped all these dreams and I just was NOT in the right headspace. Welp, it’s time to pick them back up! …well, some of them… --- Support this podcast:
I LOVE a good analogy! It just hit me a few days ago that Covid literally changed my life! I was FORCED to feel EVERYTHING I locked away. It just gut punched me. We CANT NEGLECT ourselves because it ALWAYS comes out... whether you want to or not. Have you felt this? Just a mental health rant/check in... Follow me on IG: toa_dreamer Email me: Twitter and FB coming soon! 😍 --- Support this podcast:
I was schooled by a jogger. I tried to keep up and I couldn’t. It was humbling. I want it all... and want it now BUT not if I’ll be doubled over gasping for air! 😂 slow and steady. My pace. My race. No one else’s. I SWEAR learn lessons everywhere.... 👀 I’d love you to message me!! Have anything to say?? Send me a voice message!! ☺️ Follow me on IG: toa_dreamer Follow me on Twitter: toa_dreamer Email me: Facebook coming soon 🥰 --- Support this podcast:
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