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In this episode, I speak with another beautiful, grounded soul I met in Peru: Lauren Mazukiewicz --> @queendalini on IG.Lauren is deeply embedded in the world of plant medicine, trauma healing, and holistic care, and joins me to share a bit of her personal journey and to discuss the Divine Feminine and overcoming what holds you back from reaching your full potential. We focus on what it’s like to become co-dependent and allow the happiness of others to dictate your own happiness, and what it takes to break out of these cycles. What happens when you start to show up for yourself? What does it take to fine-tune your self-mothering to honor your past and your triggers while gaining the understanding to work through them? Like myself, Lauren has turned to powerful tools to heal trauma like plant medicine, yoga and meditation, movement, sound, and Feminine health. The link between your trauma and your physical health is undeniable, and when we hold in our trauma and allow our triggers to overwhelm us, it can create serious and sometimes chronic health problems. Through self-curiosity and self-love, we can all learn to harness our most powerful attributes, embrace our most sensitive selves, and live without the challenge of constantly reacting to or managing our triggers. Join me and Lauren for an intimate conversation about this and much more, and discover some of the ways we’ve chosen to put energy into our personal wellness journeys. Cam Kashanicamkashani.comDivine Feminine Embodiment Intuitive Transformational Coach@camkashani
You all have heard about my epic Sacred Voyage to Peru back in October, when I went on a plant medicine retreat that quite literally changed my life. I came back feeling calm, clear, and fully connected to my heart. (listen to the full episode a few posts back) This retreat was organized by a few people, but namely Anthony Hidalgo, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing for my podcast. He shares his story fully and openly, about how he went from being run by his ego, living in the world of Wall Street and outsourcing his happiness to the amount of money in his bank account, to his first encounter with plant medicine and how that broke him wide open, reconnect to his heart, and completely changed his life. The shift in his life not only impacted him, but so many others. He now leads these powerful retreats in South America and helps others tap into their hearts and follow their sacred calling as well.Thank you, Anthony, for the work you do. I am forever grateful. Listen to this powerful episode.All my love,CamDivine Feminine EmbodimentIntuitive CoachInspirational Speakercamkashani.comWant a powerful breakthrough session? Using a combination of Intuitive coaching (and the Akashic Records) plus transformational coaching, I channel your soul and help you break through barriers. Book a session with me here.
Healing is a lifelong journey. I’ve been doing “the work”, as in “the inner work”, for more than 8 years, and it has been a rollercoaster. It’s been difficult, painful, terrifying, and exhausting, and I’ve wanted to pull my hair out and give up entirely more than once. The journey has also been incredibly gratifying, and given me immense gratitude, and increased my self-love. My healing journey has brought out every emotion you can imagine, but I continue on because I know that it is a commitment, and moreover, I know that it’s worth it. When you start a healing journey, you think to yourself that in the end you will feel better and be all done. Well, you’ll certainly start to feel better, but there is no being “done.” Healing is a lifelong commitment, a lifelong journey, a layered and non-linear process. Sure, you may be able to move beyond some things, you may even be able to feel completely healed from them, but other things require lifelong work and attention. Healing is not a destination, it is a journey. It’s not “WHEN I heal I WILL BE empowered,” it’s “AS I heal I BECOME empowered.”There is nothing else I would rather be doing than healing, and with every layer that is removed, I am closer to my true self and the journey becomes a little easier. Those layers reveal new things about yourself, and new truths that may require more work, but with the work comes a deeper and more trusting bond between you and the Self. Now, I’ve turned my passion into coaching, helping others (and particularly women) connect with their divine feminine and truest Self. Even when the healing journey looks like an insurmountable mountain, it is so worth doing. Just take one step at a time. Along the way, you’ll gain so much more than healing and peace. You’ll have moments of immense joy, moments of clarity, moments of surprise when you reveal something about yourself you’ve never known before. In this episode, I talk a little bit about some of the clarity, painful memories, and surprises I have been faced with upon my own healing journey and share the wisdom I’ve gathered along the way. Don’t you deserve to live a free, embodied, empowered, happy life? What can you do for yourself today to begin to heal? Let’s get started together…Sending you all love,Cam KashaniIntuitive CoachDivine Feminine Embodiment Inspirational Speaker
Healing is a lifelong journey. I’ve been doing “the work”, as in “the inner work”, for more than 8 years, and it has been a rollercoaster. It’s been difficult, painful, terrifying, and exhausting, and I’ve wanted to pull my hair out and give up entirely more than once. The journey has also been incredibly gratifying, and given me immense gratitude, and increased my self-love. My healing journey has brought out every emotion you can imagine, but I continue on because I know that it is a commitment, and moreover, I know that it’s worth it. When you start a healing journey, you think to yourself that in the end you will feel better and be all done. Well, you’ll certainly start to feel better, but there is no being “done.” Healing is a lifelong commitment, a lifelong journey, a layered and non-linear process. Sure, you may be able to move beyond some things, you may even be able to feel completely healed from them, but other things require lifelong work and attention. Healing is not a destination, it is a journey. It’s not “WHEN I heal I WILL BE empowered,” it’s “AS I heal I BECOME empowered.”There is nothing else I would rather be doing than healing, and with every layer that is removed, I am closer to my true self and the journey becomes a little easier. Those layers reveal new things about yourself, and new truths that may require more work, but with the work comes a deeper and more trusting bond between you and the Self. Now, I’ve turned my passion into coaching, helping others (and particularly women) connect with their divine feminine and truest Self. Even when the healing journey looks like an insurmountable mountain, it is so worth doing. Just take one step at a time. Along the way, you’ll gain so much more than healing and peace. You’ll have moments of immense joy, moments of clarity, moments of surprise when you reveal something about yourself you’ve never known before. In this episode, I talk a little bit about some of the clarity, painful memories, and surprises I have been faced with upon my own healing journey and share the wisdom I’ve gathered along the way. Don’t you deserve to live a free, embodied, empowered, happy life? What can you do for yourself today to begin to heal? Let’s get started together…Sending you all love,Cam KashaniIntuitive CoachDivine Feminine Embodiment Inspirational Speaker
*TW: Mention of suicideI have been so honored to share details of my journey through life on this podcast. Now, I feel inspired to begin sharing other peoples’ transformative journeys to hopefully inspire you upon your path. The first story I want to share is Kaizen’s. I met Kaizen on my recent plant medicine retreat in Peru, which you can hear all about on my last podcast episode. Kaizen is a Mindset Coach from New York, where he was born to Ghanaian immigrants. His parents were extremely invested in his success and as their oldest son, Kaizen himself began to feel the pressure to strive for perfection. Though raised around religion, spirituality, mental wellness, and holistic wellbeing weren’t a focus - life was about taking logical steps to success.After years of excellent grades and setting high standards, Kaizen was accepted into Harvard, where he attended college. Despite being a high achiever with all the qualifications to study amongst his peers, Kaizen began to feel like he was floundering. In his mind, he had achieved his goal and reached Harvard, so he should be happy. In his heart, he felt anxiety, depression, and discomfort surrounded by so many over-stress, type-A, high-expectation people. Eventually, the stress became more unbearable and turned into darker thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Kaizen knew he needed to take time off. After Harvard, exercise and fitness became Kaizen’s outlet for keeping his anxiety and depression under control. He took on an exciting job planning e-sporting events, and for all intents and purposes, was successful. However, Kaizen spent most of his 20s simply getting by, that stress and anxiety kept at bay but never truly going away. In 2020, at age 30 and faced with a looming global pandemic, Kaizen quit his job to become a pro gamer. Instead, Kaizen found himself on a journey of Self-discovery, fueled by spirituality and plant medicine. In this interview with Kaizen Asiedu - who you can follow on Instagram @ThatsKaizen - we go in-depth on how transformational work, plant medicine and psychedelics have changed Kaizen’s life, and what truly knowing your Self can do for your life’s purpose. 
As you know, I recently took a trip to Peru to embark on a Sacred voyage thanks to plant medicine. I have worked with plant medicine for about two years now, and it has been an immensely powerful part of my healing journey. Plant medicine has helped me remember the sexual abuse my mind had hidden away and helped me to heal from that trauma as well. Plant medicine has helped me clear out limiting beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve me while expanding my consciousness. Of course, you could achieve this without plant medicine, but plant medicine serves as a teacher, an accelerator, a guide towards healing and truth. Over the last two years, I have been using plant medicine here and there, always with intention and with people I trust, that respect the Sacredness of plant medicine in the way I do. Now on my trip to Peru, I tried something new: Ayahuasca - the Grandmother - and San Pedro - the Grandfather. Before I left for Peru, I recorded an episode called “Surrendering to the Unknown”. Strangely enough, as I walked away from my profound plant medicine experience, I felt the greatest sense of surrender throughout my entire body. I felt fully open and surrendered to the present moment, the Universe, and in return, the Universe told me that I was loved, and made me feel safe and protected.What Ayahuasca and San Pedro gave me is the ability to release the need for control, and bask instead in the glory of the present moment, trusting that the Universe is there to guide me. I went into this journey wanting to let go of whatever blocks may still have existed in my heart from past pain. As I took these plant medicines, I began to be able to engage with the pain and learn from it, and I came upon a profound awareness: There is no pain when you are just Love. And that even the pain is God.When you vibrate on a loving frequency, when you embody, see, and know love, you feel no pain, you feel only love. When you are open to understanding yourself, the pain empowers and emboldens you. When we ignore, push down, and look away from the pain, it only builds. When you begin to engage with it, you can start to purge that pain and find the deeper lesson. For me, plant medicine has made a tremendous difference in my healing. The magnitude of my experiences can never truly be put into words, but I feel liberated and freer than I have in years thanks to this healing journey. Whether or not you feel called to explore plant medicine doesn't matter, but be sure to give yourself another avenue to explore your pain, whether that be therapy, meditation, or whatever helps you feel most at peace with yourself and the Universe.Listen to the full episode to learn more.
I’m writing this to you from the Sacred Valley in Peru. I’m here for the next couple weeks to do some deep healing work, so you won’t be hearing from me for a few weeks. I’m here to let go of the old, and allow the new. To surrender to the unknown. Exactly what I speak of in this episode. Surrendering to the unknown.Humanity is going through a collective awakening, and as with all awakenings, there’s A LOT coming to the surface. Much of it very heavy. Much of it things many of us may not want to see.The unknown has all of us feeling out of control, but it’s important to remember that control is an illusion. Control is a coping mechanism and without it, our egos are terrified. Your ego, which I define as anything separate from your authentic Self, is scared. Your ego is afraid of losing the familiar. Your ego is afraid to lose control. The ego is the part of you that believes in owning or controlling in the first place. In truth, we own nothing. We are as temporary as our belongings, but the ego clings to material things and theoretical control. Your soul, however, knows that the unknown is where we grow and evolve most, and embraces it. In this time of the unknown, how can you detach yourself from your ego to feel more centered and at peace? How do you tap into your soul consciousness and step out of your ego consciousness? You surrender. Let Go and Let God.We can only control ourselves, and in times of chaos, the most empowering thing you can do is to trust the process and surrender to the unknown. As scary as that may sound.Take control of the one thing you can control: you. Anything outside of you will happen the way it is meant to happen. Everything else will fall into place as it needs to for you, and for all of us, to grow and evolve. When you learn to surrender, you connect with your true, authentic self and your authentic needs, and you are able to allow yourself to focus on your life without fear and worry. Surrender and allow, and observe how your life shifts. Sending you all love.Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment GuideInspirational
We are living in a very interesting and defining time in history. There’s massive division, separation, and darkness in the world right now, which is most likely going to get worse before it gets better, and it is very easy to get sucked into the stress and worry of it all, despite the fact that much of it is beyond our control.So, how do we navigate through this unprecedented time without allowing it to throw us for a loop? How do we stay centered, grounded, and committed to our authentic selves? What can we do to help ourselves, and of course, others?Heal.If there’s ever a time to heal, it’s now. If there’s ever a time to go within and explore your triggers, this is it. If there’s ever a time where your inner work will not only help you, but will help propel humanity forward, this is that time. The world’s traumas are being exacerbated by fear and separation, and now is the time to tune in and protect your energy.All of the world’s darkest shadows are coming out right now. The shadows we have been trained to drown out, the secrets we have been told not to look at, the heavy stuff we’ve been conditioned to push away, it’s all coming to the surface. Add the impact of the shadows to our already stressful lives, and that trauma is amplified. This is why we see so much division. So much agitation. So much pain. Our traumas are being activated, and it’s pushing us apart. It’s important to remember that much of what’s happening is beyond our control, so surrender is an essential component, but it’s also important to protect yourSelf and your energy to ensure you remain grounded and whole through the chaos, while healing the trauma triggers. Here are a few strategies you can use to begin to heal, protect and connect with your true Self:Create a daily ritual or spiritual practice to center yourself (yoga, prayer, meditation...)Move every day (go for a hike, take a walk, dance...)Build/find/join a community (talk to friends, join an online club, have dinner with family…)Try to eat as clean as you can (get rid of the foods that don’t make you feel good after you eat them...)Do your inner work and peel back layers of your trauma to empower and heal yourSelfAnd finally... turn off the news. That shit is toxic, it’s fear-inducing, and it lowers your vibration. What are you actually gaining by watching it every day? Curb the addiction to fear, and work on what you can control -- you. This is the time to HEAL. You deserve to live a life that is healed and empowered. You deserve to live as your true Self.Sending you all love.Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment GuideInspirational
Inner child work has been supremely healing and life-changing for me. I have learned to love myself, built my own power, and healed from trauma that affected me for decades. Simply by connecting to, and loving on, my little one inside.All of us have this inner child who, at some point, was told that they were not enough, not lovable, not worthy. The damage done to your inner child is real, but with that being said, the damage is also reversible. In this meditation, I’ll guide you through a process to help make your inner child feel loved, accepted, heard, and understood. My encouragement is to do this meditation as often as you can, so that you can cultivate a profound relationship with your inner child, and over time, you two can become an unstoppable force together. <3Before you begin, I have one small piece of advice: Be open. Be willing.Meditation is a practice, and it takes practice, so don’t be frustrated if it is hard or unnatural at first. That being said, the first time you practice this inner child meditation can be a profound and healing experience. Either way, be open and willing to receive whatever comes to you without self-judgment or shame. Now, find a comfortable position in a quiet place, and let’s begin...
If there is anyone in this life that is absolutely worth loving unconditionally, it is you. When you go through life without a sense of true Self-love, you miss out on a lot. You miss out on opportunities to fully know and understand yourSelf.You are deserving of knowing and loving yourSelf in full. You are worthy. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, every part of you is worth loving. Any other idea is a lie. Conditional love is the programming we all have, but true love is unconditional. So, how do you tap into Self-love? How do you begin the process of falling in love with yourSelf?First, you must understand that all of the reasons you have for not loving yourSelf are lies. They are programmed, taught, and conditioned lies fed to you by a society that does not want you to love yourSelf. Any excuse you find to withhold Self-love is a lie, and you need to start by unlearning those lies and discovering the beautiful truth. Next, you need to take a look at the underlying reasons you have not begun to grant yourSelf Self-love. Most of the time, the reason is trauma. The reason we stay in addiction is usually trauma. The reason we avoid eating healthy foods is usually trauma. The reason we don’t take care of ourselves is, you got it, trauma. Unfortunately, that trauma is often hidden, or so deeply buried that we can’t look at it. It took me until last year to remember a severe trauma that I had repressed and had suffered as a young child. It took years of intensive inner work to uncover the pain I had been hiding from mySelf that had inevitably prevented me from loving my entire true Self. Once it came forward though, everything shifted.True, authentic Self love starts with yourSelf and the Universe. You must access your innermost Self, your inner child, your inner soul to be able to fully heal and begin loving yourSelf for who you truly are. So ask yourSelf: Where am I not honoring mySelf right now? What do you need to do, what do you need to acknowledge, how do you need to be open with yourSelf to begin the process of falling in love with the most important person there is... you?Sending you all love,Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment Guide -- I help women BE THE QUEEN@cam_kashani
We all have weird days, right? We all have days where we feel off, or not fully connected to our true selves, or disconnected from our bodies. Maybe you have anxiety or are struggling with feelings of hopelessness. Maybe you’re just feeling general blah. I’ve been feeling that recently. I’ve been blah. Usually, I’m a pretty positive and happy person, but I've been feeling blah and feel disconnected from my true self. While it’s uncomfortable to sit with ‘the blah,’ I always try to remember that ‘the blah’ is here for a reason. Maybe I need to learn something or get insight into something I’m not paying attention to. The body is an amazing thing and can tell you exactly what you need, just so long as you are able and willing to listen. Unfortunately, our society trains us to ignore our bodies and to simply patch ourselves up and keep going without investigating the root cause. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with short-term relief from an Advil or a bandaid, but that doesn’t solve the issue. In addition to that short-term solution, you need to listen to your body to find out what’s really wrong and receive the message your body is sending to you. There’s a message in the blah, and there’s a message in the pain. Your body is trying to communicate. But the question is: are you allowing that kind of communication?Rather than calming or quieting the pain, do you give it time to speak? Have you listened closely to find out if it has something to tell you? Could there be a hidden message under the blah?When I sat with my own ‘blah,’ I asked, “what is your purpose, and why are you here?” I allowed myself to be uncomfortable, and to sit with myself and the feeling of my body without dismissing my pain. Pushing away or numbing the pain doesn’t work. You might feel better for a little while, but the pain will come back stronger and with a more urgent message. When you give space for your pain to exist and for your body to communicate, you can unlock secrets and profound truths. You do not need to lead a life of pain. You can heal yourself and live in harmony with your body. The process starts with awareness and allowing. You have to feel to heal, so give yourself the space to begin communicating with your body. Sending you all love,Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment GuideAwakened Leadership ExpertInspirational Speaker
Body Autonomy

Body Autonomy


Hi everyone! Welcome back to the first episode of Season 2 of the Cam Kashani show!Today, with everything happening in the world right now, I felt really called to speak about BODY AUTONOMY. This conversation might be difficult for some of you, and that’s okay. I may even lose some of you, and that's okay too. But before I start, I want to ask that you try to listen to this episode all the way through because if you are triggered, that could reveal something deeper about yourself that needs to be healed. <3"Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes."My truth is my truth, and it’s meant to spoken. Just like yours. --Body autonomy. What does that mean?Body autonomy means I get to govern my body, decide what goes inside my body, what it does, where it goes. My body, my choice. My body, my domain.Now I have spent most of my life healing my relationship with my body, learning to love my body, healing body shame, rebuilding my relationship with myself, learning to speak my truth, and connecting to my inner Sacred Queen. And one thing that is absolute for me now is that no one gets to tell me what goes inside my body. No human, organization, or government gets to make decisions for MY BODY. So I am here to reflect back to you now, that if you are allowing a forced mandate to make a choice for you, what else are you allowing in your life that you have not necessarily chosen? When were we conditioned to forget our body autonomy? When were we taught that our bodies are not our own? When were we told that we don't have the power to choose what goes inside our bodies?Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not against the shot. I am only against being told what goes inside me, without my full consent. If you feel it's best for you to get it, by all means please do so. Just do so by choice. I am also not here to tell you what to do; I’m here to remind you that you have the power to decide. Many of us, women in particular, are raised to be quiet and unassuming. We are taught not to ask questions or stir the pot and to avoid conflict. And I used to be that way too. I used to avoid conflict at all costs -- especially mySelf. But now, it's different. I'm different. I've grown, I've healed, and I've learned to EMBRACE my power, not shy away from it. And if staying quiet and not disrupting the peace means giving up my freedom and my body’s basic rights, I don’t want peace. I want my power and my freedom. I know many of you are in the same boat as me but are rolling with the status quo to avoid rocking the boat in some way shape or form. I see you. I feel you. I was you. It is so much easier to just stay quiet and go along with it all. But it is so much more authentic to the core of who we are to stand in our God-given power and say: My body, my domain, I decide. I will leave you with this invitation: Does your power trigger you? Does your freedom trigger you? If so, I invite you to follow the line of energy and heal that trigger, so that you can allow yourSelf to revel in the glory of authentic empowerment and freedom in your own body.Sending you all love,Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment GuideAwakened Leadership ExpertInspirational
Trigger Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, and traumaOn the final episode of the first season of the Cam Kashani Show (be back in a few weeks), I want to cover a massively complicated topic, and one that I myself struggled with: Addiction. What is addiction? I define addiction as dependence. Dependence on something outside of yourself and believing that you need that thing to continue, to be yourself, and to function. As a former addict myself, I have come to the realization that none of that is actually true.You need nothing outside of yourself. Everything you need already lies within. In the spiritual context, addiction can be defined as a lack in your aura. A part of your soul has left your body and so an outside dependency has taken its place. But where does addiction come from? How does that spiritual rift occur? If you have listened to the first eleven episodes of Season 1, you have a basic understanding that most everything comes down to trauma. No matter how lovely your childhood was, how amazing your parents were, or how happy you are now, we have all experienced trauma. Trauma is part of the human experience, and not one human being in the world has lived a fully trauma-free life. Addiction, in my experience, stems from trauma and is used by humans as a way to either avoid processing or avoid feeling what we have gone through. Addiction comes in many forms. It doesn’t always look the way it does in the media, where someone is found on the floor with a needle sticking out of their arm. Of course, this kind of addiction is devastating and does occur, but for many people, addiction looks very different. I was a closet addict. I hid it well, so well that no one knew about my 20-year on-again-off-again amphetamine addiction (adderall). Yup, in this episode I’m going there.Before I had any hope of beating my addiction, I had to begin working through trauma. I did trauma work every single day at the beginning of my journey with the help of incredible mental health professionals and the support of family and friends. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, and the story of how I overcame my addiction helps you, I encourage you to start by 1) asking for help, we cannot do this alone 2) taking steps towards loving yourself and working on trauma. It’s not easy AT ALL, and everyone’s addiction is different, and to be clear I am not offering medical advice whatsoever or claiming I know what’s best for you -- I am simply sharing my journey and what worked for me. Once I realized that I did not need anything but me, I was astonished by my remarkable divine power, and realized I need NOTHING beyond mySelf. And that’s the possibility I hold for anyone struggling with addiction. Join me during the final episode of this season as I journey through the story of my addiction and recovery and share wisdom learned along the way. Sending you all love,Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment GuideAwakened Leadership ExpertInspirational Speaker*Disclaimer: this is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. Every addiction is different. Every human being is different. Do not do anything without consulting with a professional first. Addiction is serious and should be treated as such.
What is a toxic relationship? As with anything, there is a spectrum of toxicity, but for the sake of this episode, I'm going to define toxic relationships as relationships formed on trauma bonds. Trauma bonds occur when we go through periods of intense love and excitement with a person followed by periods of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. This can be in the form of emotional abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, and so on. When you experience extreme lows followed by extreme highs, you can get addicted to the cycle of toxicity, and bond with the other person also experiencing this rollercoaster of emotions. In most cases, this trauma feels familiar because it started at home and during childhood. As adults, we subconsciously attract toxic relationships that mimic childhood abuse and environments as a way of attempting to call attention to (or ultimately heal) the trauma. Unfortunately, instead of healing, many of us get locked into relationships that we know are not for our highest good. On the spiritual side of things, toxic relationships come into our lives to initiate healing. However, what happens on the practical level is that we become addicted to the toxic cycle and the other person. We begin to rely on another person to do the healing for us, and when those low-lows come, we seek those high-highs as temporary comfort. In truth, all you need to heal is yourself, and the desire to break those toxic patterns. So have you attracted a toxic relationship? If so, ask yourself: What kind of environment were you raised in? How were you shown love as a child? Does chaos feel safe? As adults, that addiction to chaos and that instinct to seek out comfort from toxic individuals will continue until you choose to heal from your trauma. Toxicity is drawn to us as a way to initiate healing, but it is up to us to discover the hidden pattern and heal it.Next time you are in an argument, or feel triggered, or find yourself in an extreme low with your partner, identify the trigger and ask yourself how far back it goes. Follow the trigger’s line of energy. When was the first time you felt this way? Does the trigger connect to a memory? Go back to an event or a person?When you identify where your trigger is coming from, you’ve done half the work right there, and you can begin to heal. And when you experience an extreme low and you feel that urge to go back to them, ask yourself: Why? Do you truly love them, or are you afraid of being without them?Are you afraid of being alone? What are you avoiding within yourself?Why do you believe that you don't deserve real, stable love?To truly heal, you have to sit with yourSelf and feel. We have to feel it to heal it. It can be painful and uncomfortable, but being on the other side is so worth it -- to be free. Once you begin the work, you will begin to realize the trauma wasn’t love after all, and that you became addicted to a toxic cycle of abuse. (Another possibility: both partners realize the pattern, and begin to work on themselves, and grow and heal together)You deserve real, true, authentic love, and you deserve to heal. <3Sending you all love,Cam Kashani Sacred Queen Embodiment GuideInspirational Speaker
This is a very vulnerable topic for me, but I feel the call to share because maybe it'll help one of you out there.I was sexually abused by a distant family member from the ages of 2 - 8 but had no recollection of the events until very recently. My mind had completely shut out the abuse, protecting me from the weight of the pain. However, while my memories of the abuse were hidden away, I still expressed trauma-based behaviors, and my life as I grew up was constantly impacted by my inner child who was still actively holding on to her trauma. Now, I’m able to talk about the abuse because I have done the work to heal my inner child. As a society, we are conditioned not to pay attention to trauma-based behaviors, and to simply go through life as though it is normal to go through trauma every day. As kids, we are taught that it is normal to be abused, which only leads to us abusing ourselves as we get older. Without healing, we learn to cope on our own and learn to disconnect from ourselves and our bodies as a way of avoiding pain. I myself struggled with addiction and abusive behavior towards myself for years because I was in pain. Humans all go through trauma - whether it is sexual abuse, neglect, physical trauma, or something else, we all experience trauma. Even though trauma is universal, no one does anything to teach you how to heal from it. Why? Why are we expected to devote years to learning geometry and quick facts about history when we are all suffering and in pain? What’s the point of living life disconnected from your true Self?Who decided that it was normal to be traumatized? The abuse I experienced manifested in so many other negative, self-loathing behaviors as well. I was an addict, I struggled with self-hatred, I was suicidal in my teenage years, and so on. SUPER vulnerable share: Every man I interacted with until I remembered my abuse was a trauma response. That's a big statement, and it is absolutely true. Until I remembered and healed, I was operating from my trauma mind, and had no idea. Once I began to heal and take my power back, I was able to become who I was truly created to be. Once I remembered the abuse, it was like a missing puzzle piece had suddenly appeared. It was painful, but it was also illuminating because I suddenly understood so much of mySelf and my past. Trauma leaves you feeling powerless with pieces of you scattered across various spaces and places, leaving you fractured and outside of yourself. Before I began to heal from my trauma, I was not fully in my body. Once I healed and did the work, I called my power back, and today I am fully in my body. Today, when someone tries to make me do something I don’t want to do, I can call on every part of myself to take on whoever or whatever comes my way. It’s no longer the trauma making decisions, it’s ME. Once I stop healing, I stop growing. I am so proud of you for still standing and still going despite what you have gone through. The fact that you are here, now, means you are ready to begin healing.Healing is a sacred journey, and a beautiful one that brings you into the truth of who you are. We don't deserve to live in our trauma body, we deserve to live in our healed body. <3It's time for us, as a collective to call our power back, heal, and be fully in our bodies. We deserve it.So an invitation I will leave you with: Were you abused in some way? Was your power taken away? You can call it back now. And what would be possible if you no longer identified yourself as someone who was abused? But instead as a divine fucking warrior and survivor that was able to take what happened, and brought yourSelf even closer to the truth of who you are.  I love you.Cam KashaniSacred Queen Embodiment GuideInspirational
I’ve really been leaning into my divinity and embodying what I have come to call my Sacred Queen, and as a result, feeling inspired to share more of what may typically be triggering. And so this week, that topic is: Sexual Shame.We live in a society that demonizes sex. That conditions us to believe that it is sin, wrong, bad, etc. This leads us to growing up believing that WE are in fact bad, dirty, wrong, sinful, etc. But sex is a part of the human experience, and a beautiful part at that -- in fact, when used properly, sex can be a tool for ascension.So what happens to us when we deny a part of ourselves, and call ourselves bad, wrong, sinful etc.? Rebellion, anger, and SO MUCH SHAME. And if you recall, on the scale of consciousness, shame is of the absolute lowest vibration (whereas love, peace, enlightenment are highest).When we embrace ourselves fully, including our sexuality, and even more so our SACRED sexuality, we attract and create opportunities for growth and healing. Sex with someone on your level of consciousness, who you love, who you feel safe and open with, can be a beautiful act of ascension.Women are especially conditioned to feel shame surrounding sex. Often being labeled as “whores” or “sluts” -- while men are applauded and high-fives. News flash: shaming women does not just affect women, it affects all of us -- humanity as a whole. We are all connected. The shame keeps feeding the shame. It’s a vicious cycle.By denying our true divine essence, we end up resenting ourselves, and as a result, creating a hyper sexual society that objectifies women. Men need to stop shaming women, and women need to stop shaming themselves. It’s when we start to heal from that shame that we can fully see and embrace the truth of who we are and our true self. Men, on the other hand, are shamed for experiencing emotions, and raised being told that ‘real men don’t cry', and shamed for having feelings as a child. They are constantly shut down. This drives them to unhealthy coping mechanisms that include unhealthy, wounded sexual practices -- and only knowing how to feel through sex. That’s part of why porn addiction and sex addiction are rampant in today’s society. Mindfulness and consciousness when applied to sexuality is key to creating that space for your healing and growth. You want to honor yourself, your body and your divinity. So how do we begin to heal this?Ask yourself: are you engaging in sex out of love? Self love? True authentic embodiment and enjoyment? Or is it from wounding? In search of external validation? Are you disconnected from your true Self? Engaging in sex out of boredom? Or hurt? Or trauma? Engaging in sex from this space of lack, will only end up leaving us feeling empty or hurt, and as a result, searching for more → addiction. Validation can only come from within.So today, I leave you with this: What is your intention when you have sex? AND.What would you do differently if you loved yourself only 10% more?By honoring yourself, and loving yourself, you create room for growth, awareness and healing.Sending you all love.Love,Cam KashaniAward Nominated Divine Feminine Leadership Coach and Inspirational Speaker 
We all have our shadows, our darker parts that we’re told not to look at. We’re taught to reject darkness, but on the path to healing, we need to accept and love our shadows. We need to embrace our darkness. On that note, today we’re talking about divorce and breakups. I myself am very happily divorced. But I definitely wasn’t happy when it happened-- it nearly killed me, no joke. Abandonment, hurt, betrayal and rejection—divorce can be brutal. Not to mention, my divorce took two years. During that time I was super depressed. I didn't want to feel and I used substances to escape, Many dissociate in various ways, from drugs, to alcohol to overworking or even sex. We’re not taught how to heal trauma, only to avoid it.But avoiding the pain is allowing it to control you. So one day, I decided I didn’t want that story to define me anymore —I wanted to define it.As painful as various events in our lives are, they are all happening for us. The spiritual context of the human experience brings a sense of peace and clarity. All these things happen for a reason: your soul calls them in to learn and evolve. My divorce turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, because it made me who I am now. I used to be a scared little girl, but now, I’m a loud and proud woman that takes up space and embraces my power. I no longer outsource power, I am my power.And you. You are powerful. You are a badass. You are the creator of your life, and you are the one who gets to decide whether to be a victim or to be empowered. You always have a choice to call your power back and become everything you are capable of being. Do you want it?And if so, how to heal?It begins with Intention. Intentions are so powerful. Declare to yourself and to the Universe what you want.From there, take small steps, and give yourself time -- honor where you are and where you’re going.Ask for help. Get out of your head and your ego and either start reading books, sign up for seminars or hire a trauma-informed coach or therapist who has put in the work (someone that truly knows what they are doing). That’s what I did -- hiring a coach (shoutout to Greg!) was the best decision I made and led to me becoming one myself.Lastly, acceptance. Accept the reality and trust you will heal. And as incredibly painful as it can be, you have to feel to heal. Don’t drown out your emotions or numb yourself. A feeling fully felt lasts only 90 seconds. (mind blown right?)With all this in mind, I leave you with this thought: Who am I capable of becoming when I am fully in my power and nothing else has a hold on me?Sending you all love.CamDivine Feminine Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker
I was never taught boundaries and had to learn my lessons the hard way. Many of you are likely in a similar position. We are taught to be mindful of others, but not ourselves, which results in negativity and resentment towards ourselves, which then gets projected outward.So, what is a boundary? A personal boundary (according to Google) is ‘the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships.’Let’s take this a little further. Boundaries could be described as integrity with yourself first, and others as a result - not the other way around, which is typically how we are taught. We are taught to put others first, but this is flawed. Integrity starts with you, and your experience with the outer world is always a mirror. If you don’t love and honor yourself, how are you able to truly and authentically do so for anyone else? With boundaries, we make Self-honoring choices  that end up resulting in our highest good. Many of us were trained to make choices that benefit others, but at the cost of betraying ourselves. This is a learned behavior, based on experiences we have gone through in our lives. In our society, it is common to interpret healthy boundaries as rejection. Many people become offended or feel insulted by someone else putting up a boundary, but all this indicates is that they don’t have a good relationship with themselves. Remember, everyone is operating at their own level of consciousness. A person who has a healthy relationship with boundaries will hear and honor your boundaries. They will not judge you, call you selfish, gaslight you, or attempt to make you feel bad in any way. A person with a healthy relationship with boundaries will respect yours and honor you, and at times, may even thank you for teaching them more about the power of boundaries. Boundaries are absolutely essential to creating a happy, healthy relationship that lasts, with yourself and others. When we don’t set boundaries, we betray ourselves and thereby create subconscious resentment and negativity. Eventually, that negativity gets projected outwards and onto other people - and that never ends well. Of course, some people won’t respond well to you setting boundaries. While this can be unpleasant, someone that won’t respect your boundaries may no longer be serving your highest purpose anymore. Honoring yourSelf will reveal the people in your life that will honor you, too. Like I said, everything is a mirror.When I started setting boundaries, some people couldn't handle it, and that’s okay. I am worthy of loving and honoring mySelf, and you are too. --Hope you enjoyed this episode. Check out to to sign up for insightful emails and updates!With love,Cam Kashani, Inspirational Speaker and Divine Feminine Leadership Coach 
What is judgment? Judgment is the act of making yourself or others wrong and is only present when we judge ourselves. You see, outer experience is a reflection of your inner reality, so when you find yourself being judgemental, you are also allowing yourself to be judged. So - do you judge others or compare yourself to others? Here’s what I mean: I went to go pick up my kids from school the other day. I was wearing a workout outfit, a sports bra, and some yoga pants, which meant you could see the big tattoo on my side - which I love and means a lot to me. But some other moms were staring at me and  making comments about the tattoo. Fortunately now, with the amount of work I've done myself, and as a Leadership coach, that doesn’t phase me at all. I know they are just judging themselves and holding themselves back, which is why they feel the need to judge me. Judgment comes from a low vibration place and is the result of dark energy festering within you. That energy has to go somewhere, and so we project it on those around us.When we do the work to heal and stop judging ourselves, then we can begin to stop judging others and allow them to be themselves. If you engage in self-judgment, you will be judgmental of others. When we let go and allow ourselves to be the divine free beings we are meant to be, we are also freed of the need to judge others. One of my favorite quotes is from Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher, and I'll butcher it but it's something like this:When you go out into the woods, and you look at the trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You see why it is the way it is...the minute you get near humans, you lose all of that. And you are constantly saying ‘you are too this, or I’m too this.’ That judgment mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.When you stop judging yourself and others, the judgment you face from the outside world will become irrelevant. When you do the work to identify your divine path, you’ll be able to let rude comments roll off your back - but you have to start from within. To help you start the healing process, and to get you thinking about judgment, I’ll leave you with these questions: What is the #1 judgment you have about yourself?Whatever that judgment is, can you love yourself anyway? Can you forgive yourself for that thing you judge?And remember -- You don’t *have* to forgive yourself, or release self-judgment - but it is your choice to continue to hold onto negativity. The more you become aware of your self-judgment, the higher your energetic vibration will be, and the more yourself you will be. And the more free you will be. <3
Forgiveness is an act of self-love; it has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. Forgiveness is about releasing yourself from the pain, negativity, and darkness that you have experienced in your life. But, when someone does something that hurts or offends you, do you let it go, or do you hold on to it? When we experience something negative, it’s so easy to get stuck replaying the story of what happened. We hold onto the fact that we were hurt, or traumatized, or somehow impacted negatively. While those feelings and experiences are very real and valid, it doesn’t serve you to hold on to negativity when you could set yourself free with forgiveness. To live a powerful life, you have to get out of victim consciousness. You have to forgive what has happened to regain your power. When you suffer a trauma, you have to do the work to help release it to move forward and live a powerful, happy, empowered life. But forgiveness is hard. It is much easier to stay angry, to continue blaming those that have hurt you for the hurt you feel today. Doing the work to forgive and move on is not easy, but it is worth the power you will feel once you let go. Take your power back and heal. Take your power back and forgive. Now, I’m not saying to just forget what has happened to you and go right to forgiveness. Forgiveness requires you to process what you have gone through and to experience all the emotions that it brings up. Hurt, anger, abandonment - every aspect of the pain is important, but once you have processed, it is just as important to let go. You get to choose. You can choose to hold on, or you can choose to let go. You are powerful enough to make that choice, and forgiveness can set you free. So, what does forgiveness look like? As someone who has done a lot of forgiving in her lifetime, I have included a guided journey in this episode to help you begin to forgive. Every experience in your life leaves an impression on your body, so we have to find where the pain lies, look at it, learn about it, and process it so that eventually, you can forgive and release yourself from the anger that is within you. You can heal yourself, and with a little work, you could be living a peaceful life free from the weight of holding onto your trauma. As always, I’d like to leave you with a question: If I’m not forgiving the other person, who am I truly not forgiving? Explore forgiveness and self-love by listening to episode 5 of the Cam Kashani Show! 
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