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The Cam Kashani Show is redefining beauty, body and Self. The purpose and vision of this show is to help everyone feel beautiful, powerful, and enough. To heal the definition of beauty, body and Self that you currently have, to allow you to feel more empowered and self-aware, and as result, love yourself at an unwavering, unconditional, and unapologetic level. In this podcast, I break down societal conditioning and programming (i.e. lies) to help you build up the truth about yourSelf. If you want to learn how to love yourself more, while creating an empowered mindset that will help you thrive in all aspects of life, this is the show for you. I speak with vulnerability, authenticity and truth, to help inspire you, so you can elevate and become the best version of yourSelf.
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Forgiveness is an act of self-love; it has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. Forgiveness is about releasing yourself from the pain, negativity, and darkness that you have experienced in your life. But, when someone does something that hurts or offends you, do you let it go, or do you hold on to it? When we experience something negative, it’s so easy to get stuck replaying the story of what happened. We hold onto the fact that we were hurt, or traumatized, or somehow impacted negatively. While those feelings and experiences are very real and valid, it doesn’t serve you to hold on to negativity when you could set yourself free with forgiveness. To live a powerful life, you have to get out of victim consciousness. You have to forgive what has happened to regain your power. When you suffer a trauma, you have to do the work to help release it to move forward and live a powerful, happy, empowered life. But forgiveness is hard. It is much easier to stay angry, to continue blaming those that have hurt you for the hurt you feel today. Doing the work to forgive and move on is not easy, but it is worth the power you will feel once you let go. Take your power back and heal. Take your power back and forgive. Now, I’m not saying to just forget what has happened to you and go right to forgiveness. Forgiveness requires you to process what you have gone through and to experience all the emotions that it brings up. Hurt, anger, abandonment - every aspect of the pain is important, but once you have processed, it is just as important to let go. You get to choose. You can choose to hold on, or you can choose to let go. You are powerful enough to make that choice, and forgiveness can set you free. So, what does forgiveness look like? As someone who has done a lot of forgiving in her lifetime, I have included a guided journey in this episode to help you begin to forgive. Every experience in your life leaves an impression on your body, so we have to find where the pain lies, look at it, learn about it, and process it so that eventually, you can forgive and release yourself from the anger that is within you. You can heal yourself, and with a little work, you could be living a peaceful life free from the weight of holding onto your trauma. As always, I’d like to leave you with a question: If I’m not forgiving the other person, who am I truly not forgiving? Explore forgiveness and self-love by listening to episode 5 of the Cam Kashani Show! 
Nothing Is Ever PersonalWhat other people do or say has nothing to do with you. When I was a kid, I took everything personally. Probably until my early 30s, when I started doing work on myself. I thought everything someone said or did meant something about me. I was severely bullied as a kid - for being fat, for being an immigrant, for everything, and of course, I took it personally. I hated the way people treated me and wondered why they were so mean, but I also wondered: what was wrong with me?In my mind, the behavior of my bullies sparked the idea that I wasn’t enough, or that I didn’t belong. Little did I know that my bullies were projecting their own pain and anger onto me, and as a quiet, non-confrontational child, I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. I held onto this belief for a really long time.Our worldview is profoundly shaped by the experiences we have as children, and when we don’t take the time to do the work to overcome early trauma and shame, we end up feeling like a scared little kid in an adult body. When I was a little older and started dating, feeling like I wasn’t enough came up again and again. Yes, I was cheated on, and at that moment I felt like there was something wrong with me. Someone who cheats has a lack of self-worth and a lack of self-love. Some people might try to make you think they were just ‘really horny’, but let’s get down to the truth of it: a cheater fears full intimacy and being seen for who they are because they do not love themselves or feel worthy. Sadly, it is usually the person who is cheated on that begins to think that something is wrong with them, and it harms their self-worth. Well guess what: it has nothing to do with you.Other people treating you badly is indicative of their unresolved trauma and their level of consciousness, not yours. You have nothing to do with it. It isn’t personal. When you can let go of the need to assign hidden meaning to other people’s actions, you can begin to view the world with neutrality. To be able to observe and listen without taking anything personally can give you so much power, and can give you the chance to experience the world without pain or hurt. How can you begin to work with your inner child? When a trigger comes up, when someone says or does something that takes you to a place of sadness or anger, you must address it head-on. Acknowledge the pain you are experiencing, then try to grant yourself forgiveness to release your pain. Nothing will mess with you anymore: Healing will make you un-fuck-with-able.  Heal your shit so you will be able to see that other people’s shit is just their unresolved trauma. Heal. Forgive. Let go. Learn about self-liberation, empowerment, consciousness, and healing your inner child by listening to Episode 4 of the Cam Kashani Show. 
Your truth matters. Your voice matters. Your experience matters. In a society that conditions us - especially women - to stay quiet, it is so important to speak up and own your truth. I didn’t start speaking up for myself until my early thirties. I was afraid of conflict, of not being liked, and of not being accepted. Part of the problem was that I hadn’t done the work to get to know myself. In moments where I felt like I should speak up, I didn’t understand why I felt that way and had no words to express the feelings I didn’t understand. Instead, I would freeze. The empowered human knows and speaks their truth. You owe it to yourself to do the work to get to know who you are. You deserve to love yourself so that you can be your own biggest cheerleader. The only person that needs to love, like, and accept you is you. Not speaking up for yourself is a form of self-betrayal. When we don’t speak up, resentment builds within us. Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality, so when you don’t speak up on the outside, you deny a piece of yourself on the inside.We are conditioned to believe that not speaking up is often the ‘kind’ thing. We stay quiet to preserve people’s feelings; but what about YOUR feelings? Your feelings are valid and important, and there is always a way to express your truth from love and clarity.When did you learn that it wasn't safe to be ‘you’? Take a moment to reflect on experiences throughout your life that may have made you feel it wasn’t safe to speak up. Think about a time when you spoke your truth and were told to be quiet, or that you were wrong, or were otherwise shut down. How did that make you feel? And did those experiences shape how you own your truth today? Do you allow yourself to speak, or do you shut yourself down?Just like how adults made you feel unworthy as a child, shutting down your truth and not allowing yourself to speak up supports an underlying sense of unworthiness. Well, guess what: You are worthy. Your truth is worthy. You are a divine creation, so remind yourself every day: You are fucking worthy!Enough playing small and staying quiet: stand in your power and speak your truth! Tell everyone: this is who I am, and this is what I’m here for, and this is what I expect, and this is what it looks like - all with love and grace. Your truth deserves to be heard. How other people receive you is not your responsibility as long as you show up as a conscious human being. If people have a negative reaction, or you trigger somebody: good. Triggers can help us to identify underlying wounds, so whether you know it or not, your truth could help someone else to reclaim theirs. When was the last time you didn’t speak up for yourself and why?  Get super specific, and try to identify the underlying fear that stopped you from speaking up. Maybe you were afraid of not being liked, or not being accepted - whatever it is, acknowledge that fear without judgment towards yourself. If you feel embarrassed or ashamed, that’s okay too. Be with the feelings and allow yourself to become comfortable in that truth to begin to heal. When you are ready, go a step further and ask yourself: If you were just 10% braver, what would you have done differently? Like I said before, I grew up never speaking my truth. When I did the inner work, I let go of the feeling of unworthiness I had lived with for so long. I identified my limiting beliefs and I reprogrammed them, unlocking the key to loving myself.Everything you have been taught about staying quiet and keeping your opinions to yourself is a lie, and it is time to start doing the work to heal your fear. You matter, your truth matters, and you deserve to be seen and heard.
Today’s topic is: Body shame. It is everywhere, running rampant, impacting everyone. Body shame is when you deny, hate, or reject any part of your physical being. But, why are we taught to deny, hate, and reject ourselves rather than being taught to love every beautiful part of us? As children, we are programmed by society to believe that we are not inherently enough. We are told we aren’t beautiful enough, we aren’t thin enough, we aren’t enough period - and we buy into it. So many of us struggle with intense body shame for years (or a lifetime) as a result, and learning to deprogram those ingrained beliefs can take an immense amount of effort. Body shame isn’t natural. We are meant to love, accept, and be ourselves. We are born worthy, and everything else is a lie. Everything else is a projection from society. Let’s dump that shit, and redefine what it means to love ourselves and feel beautiful. Try asking yourself these four questions: What is the dialogue like with your body?Hold on, are you saying we should be talking to our bodies? Yes! When you listen to your body and really pay attention to it throughout the day, its needs and wants are loud and clear. Your body needs love, it needs nourishment, and it needs fuel. When you truly tune in to a conversation with your body, it will tell you what it wants to eat, when it wants to sleep, etc.Does your body feel safe? You may not even realize just how unsafe your body feels until you ask yourself this question. For years, my body didn’t feel safe: I hid it, I repressed it, I was ashamed of it. Now, on the other side of that, living in a body that does feel safe - I wish this glorious feeling for all of you.        3. Do you trust your body? Your body shows up for you every day. Your lungs keep breathing, your heart keeps pumping - everything is working, but do you trust your body?        4. Do you hide your body? I used to. When I look back at that version of me, hiding her body, I have so much compassion. She didn’t know any better. As a child, I had a terribly negative inner dialogue with myself and my body. I was the “fat” kid, and years of adolescent body shame led to an amphetamine addiction that would follow me for more than two decades along with a series of eating disorders. “Anything to be thin,” as I would say. Now, when I look at myself I just see this glorious, powerful woman. All that hatred and shame could be unlearned, and today, I can reflect on my former self with compassion. In this episode of the Cam Kashani show, I share stories from my past and pieces of wisdom that helped me escape body shame and fear and step into my true self, and to live in harmony with every part of my being. Listen to the full episode here and be sure to check out my Instagram for more on my self-love journey! 
The Cam Kashani Show: Redefining Beauty, Body, and SelfEpisode 1 What is your definition of beauty? Is it one that serves you? Is it one that empowers you and inspires you, or is it one that hinders you and brings you down? Is it one that constantly puts you in a place of comparison? A little over a year ago as the pandemic began, I had an epiphany, so to speak. I realized that I had had enough body shame, and was sick of being told by society’s standards that I was not enough. I knew I had to take my power back - and that’s exactly what I did. I created my own definition of beauty, did a ton of inner work, and gave society a big old ‘F-you!’ in the process! The moment I allowed myself to let go of the standards I had been pursuing for so many years, I felt free. I finally felt like I was me, and I had broken free of those false standards that had held me back for so long. Loving myself was never about changing who I was or how I was, it was about learning to love myself unconditionally. True unconditional self-love means loving all parts of yourself - even those parts of you that may have made you think you weren’t enough. You have to let yourself be who you are despite societal programming, and the sooner you can break free of that, the sooner you can take your power back. But how do you begin to heal? For me, it started in the mirror. I learned to stop comparing. I learned to love what I saw and appreciate what I have. I learned to access my inner child who, like the adult me, was hurt and never felt good enough about herself. Together, we learned to be within ourselves and to feel good enough exactly as we are. Imagine what your life would be like if you could look at yourself and love every part of you. Society has conditioned you to be critical of the way you look, the way you work, the way you behave - but what if you could just love yourself for exactly who you are? No improvements needed. I went from legitimately hating myself and my body and living with a constant negative internal monologue to learning to love every part of myself. It’s time for us to start loving ourselves, and witnessing ourselves as the Divine gifts we are created to be, and as a result, living more freely and as a bonus, loving and witnessing everyone else. 
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