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If you’re a decision maker in a commercial business, you know disruption comes at you fast — and no time faster than in 2020 and 2021. That’s why we created Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, a business podcast series full of lessons learned from the recent past and smart strategies for the future. We’ll cover what companies need to thrive in today’s ever-changing world, from supply chain strategies and hybrid work models to fraud management and fighting decision fatigue. Listen as experienced commercial business advisors discuss what’s new, what’s next, and what you can do to best position your business for the road ahead. Regions Bank, Member FDIC
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How have customer needs and expectations shifted in the past year, and what does that mean for businesses who want to thrive? On this episode, we cover everything from evolving approaches to customer interaction — both online and in-person, and a mix of the two — to how businesses can make the most of changes in customer behavior and digital acceleration. One hint: It all starts with empathy.
You've heard about different approaches to supply chain management, fraud prevention, hybrid work, digital transformation, and more throughout this season of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank. On this episode, we dive deeper into how those issues vary on an industry-by-industry basis. Thriving in a post-COVID world looks different in manufacturing than in healthcare, for example, but there are risks — and opportunities — in every industry.
The pandemic has many business owners thinking about managing unexpected twists and turns, and making sure a plan is in place for what’s next when it’s time to step down. In a changing business environment, what are the key factors business leaders need to keep in mind to make sure a succession plan or plan to sell is durable and realistic? And what are the implications for retirement planning? In this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we're talking with Bryan Koepp and Julia Weaver about the key factors business leaders need to know to make sure their business succession plan is durable, realistic and likely to succeed.
Chances are, your hiring and onboarding processes were thrown up in the air in the past year. This episode will cover lessons learned and best practices on how to manage new challenges and new opportunities — and make sure new hires feel like part of the team as we move into longer-term remote and hybrid work environments.
If COVID taught us anything, it’s that you can’t plan for everything. But you can change the way you plan. How can your strategic plans anticipate and account for the inevitable “unknown unknowns” in today’s business environment? Learn how to develop an agile plan and increase your business’ ability to adapt.
For the past year, few risks have loomed as large as liquidity risk. What cash-management lessons should companies carry forward into a post-COVID business environment, and what should they leave behind? On this episode, we lay the foundation for a cash management strategy that adapts to times of stability or disruption.
For the past year, business leaders have faced a torrent of critical decisions, from staffing plans to urgent liquidity needs to supply chain shifts. And they've often faced those decisions in a new environment, at home, where personal life blends with professional demands. In a time of such drastic change, how can you fight fatigue and stay sharp?
A few months into the Biden administration, what executive orders and new legislation have affected businesses? On this episode, we cover the Biden’s administration’s policies and their effects related to pandemic control, trade, infrastructure, taxes, healthcare and the regulatory environment — with a special focus on what decision-makers need to know to identify opportunities and adapt to challenges in the coming months.
Managing a Hybrid Team

Managing a Hybrid Team


With some people heading back to the office and others remaining remote — and some doing a flexible mix of the two — how can your company promote collaboration and make sure workflows remain efficient? In this episode, Kelly Brown-Murro, SVP and Market Executive for Regions Bank, describes how she views the future of hybrid work and explores best practices in managing a hybrid team, both in terms of processes and communication and in terms of culture and collaboration.
Businesses have learned much in the last year about what can go wrong with modern supply chains in the face of an unexpected shock. On this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we talk with Carl Lund, Head of Procurement Operations and Supply Chain Management about supply chain vulnerabilities and how to shore them up. We'll discuss valuable approaches and steps supply chain leaders can take to make sure your company is ready for future disruption, no matter what form it takes.
It’s been a little over a year since COVID landed on our shores and buffeted our economy and business landscape. Companies have adapted and even innovated, but now it’s past time to shift form a defensive stance to one that takes bold, substantive steps into the post-COVID era. On this launch episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we look at lessons learned and best practices from the past year, plus how smart businesses will apply them now and in the future.
Fraudulent attempts on businesses have been on the rise — and steadily evolving — since COVID began. But even as the topics change, fraud typically still comes in tried-and-true forms that have worked for years, from business email compromise to impersonation. On this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we explore how the pandemic has escalated fraud, and how well-prepared businesses can spot the warning signs to stay ahead of criminals with shifting targets.
Our world is changing at a breakneck speed, and today’s business leaders need guidance to position themselves for success. Commercial Insights With Regions Bank is a new business podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with thought leaders on the key issues affecting your business, from post-pandemic recovery to strategic planning to supply chain vulnerabilities. Hear experienced commercial business advisors discuss what’s new, what’s next, and what business owners and C-suite leaders can do to best position their organization for the road ahead. 
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