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Off Script: Atlantic Canada Politics

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Off Script is a podcast for engaged citizens, public leaders and activists in Atlantic Canada. In April of 2019, this podcast will be dedicated to exploring the politics and possibilities surrounding the April 23 provincial election and referendum on electoral reform. Join hosts, Mark Coffin and Jesse Hitchcock, as they try to make sense of it all.

Explore our past episodes for conversations with former Nova Scotia MLAs (Season One), and conversations with active elected officials and activists in Atlantic Canada (Season 2).

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In this episode of Off the Ledge, Mark and Jesse pour over the election results. They take stock of election night coverage, speculate on what's next for newly elected MLAs and the government, and consider the future of electoral reform on Prince Edward Island.
Mark and Jesse are joined by a special guest who actually lives on PEI and knows something about asking the right question. We unpack a few highlights from this week's CBC leader's debate, explore whether PEI politics is as civil as it appears, and talk about even more hypothetical election and referendum outcomes.Follow us on Twitter: @SpringtideCo / @MarkCoffin / @JesseHitchcock / @jbgreenan
Mark and Jesse dive into the issues surrounding the Prince Edward Island referendum on electoral reform. In this episode, we explore the question, the rules, and the politics of the referendum.References Mentioned:- Electoral Systems Referendum Act- Much-amended P.E.I. referendum legislation passes (CBC)Follow us on Twitter: @SpringtideCo / @MarkCoffin / @JesseHitchcockFollow Springtide on Facebook and Instagram
In the first episode of the Off the Ledge series, hosts Mark Coffin and Jesse Hitchcock talk through the last several years of politics in Canada's smallest province in order to better understand how exactly we reached the current political moment. If you're not familiar with Island politics, buckle up. Here's where things are at:- The Green Party of PEI is leading in the polls, in a province that's never had anything but majority Liberal or (Progressive) Conservative governments.- A referendum is set for the same date as the general election, where Islanders will be asked to choose between a new, mixed-member proportional voting system, or to keep the first-past-the-post system.In this episode we explore how we got here, and what some of the potential outcomes of the election and referendum vote might involve.
This week we bring you some important news about the future of podcasts at Springtide.To chime in on the future of this show, contact me at Support the podcast.
This week, we have some questions for our listeners. Why do you listen to this show? What need does it serve for you? And how can we serve that need better. Answer us at or tweet @SpringtideCo.And in honour of April of 2018 being the 100th anniversary of the first time women voted in Nova Scotia elections, we share a re-run of an episode we produced last year - about the women of Nova Scotia politics past. We explore the unique experiences of the women who ran for and won seats in the Nova Scotia legislature – the challenges they faced in getting there, and the challenges awaiting them once they arrived.-- SUPPORT THE PODCAST
This week we're joined by Halifax councillor Waye Mason. Waye currently serves as the Deputy Mayor of Halifax. We chat about the politician's perspective on how the new bike lane coming to South Park street came to be. We explore some of the super-powers of the deputy mayor. We also talk about how Waye makes decisions when his constituents are divided on an issue. Support the podcast
The first time Prince Edward Islanders voted on electoral reform, they voted to keep the status quo. That was in 2005. Mark Greenan was involved in the campaign then, and ended up writing a masters thesis on the topic. The second time Islanders voted on electoral reform was in a 2016 plebiscite where 52% of voters expressed a preference for a mixed-member proportional system. The voters were ready, but the government wasn't. Citing low voter turnout, the Government is choosing to hold another vote. When the upcoming provincial election happens (at a date of the Government's choosing between now and next October), Islanders will be asked to choose between the current system and a Mixed Member Proportional one. Mark Greenan has been at the forefront of the movement for proportional representation on PEI since it began. On this episode of the Off Script podcast, we speak with Mark about the Island's lengthy journey towards electoral reform (and his own journey). Support the podcast.
We all know the importance of getting more people engaged in elections, politics, and civic life, but it can be challenging to know how to do so effectively. Mark moderated a panel discussion between three Halifax-based activists as a part of an event hosted by Springtide called "Engaging the Disengaged - A Workshop for the Already Engaged".- Jalana Lewis is a Social Justice Lawyer who is passionate about championing voices that aren’t often heard. She was the campaign manager for Halifax councillor, Lindell Smith.- Steve Estey is an advocate for persons with disabilities who works with the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunity. Steve is a former candidate for MLA in the riding of Dartmouth east.- Jenna Brookfield is a Health and Safety activist who is a part of the labour movement in Nova Scotia. Jenna has a background in projects that engage traditionally underrepresented segments of the population in politics and government more broadly.Support the podcast.
Last Tuesday, Halifax municipal councillors voted in favor of approving a 1.5 kilometer stretch of protected bike lane on South Park Street in Halifax. Today on the podcast, Mark speaks with Kelsey Lane who is the executive director of the Halifax Cycling Coalition (HCC). The HCC has been leading the charge for more (and better) bike lanes in Halifax.We talk about the changes coming to South Park Street, and (as we often do) we explore the ‘how’ of what happened. We unpack the kind of behind the scenes, online, and (quite literally) on-the-street work that goes into getting politicians to make the streets safer for cyclists.Support the podcast
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