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In this fun episode Cousin Nancy has a wonderful time interviewing Paul Garrison and his beautiful wife, Alejandra , who work as a team training mules and their people.Tony has known his good friend, Paul, since they were kids going to school, in Medina. Paul & Alejandra are professional mule/people trainers and they are known worldwide for their outstanding skills and knowledge of training mules and teaching "mule-people" everything there is to know concerning mules.Paul and Alejandra have and will travel worldwide doing clinics for groups of mule lovers and by appointment only people can bring this couple their mules for some  one-on-one instructions and Alejandra & Paul will also travel to help individuals learn mulemanship and the  art of training these magnificent animals.For more information about Garrison Mulemanship & Training please check them out on Facebook and also please go to and follow the link to her blog for more information, links and photos.
In this fun and interesting podcast Cousin Nancy interviews her dear friends Jay Pennington and Gerry Olert of Olert & Pennington Productions about their latest award-winning feature film Heart Cycles. Jay and Gerry are known for making films on shoestring budgets that are high quality films that win many awards. In fact, last year Cousin Nancy actually played a small part acting like a crazy, old woman who spends most of her time stacking rocks when not worrying about her outlaw son— in Vinegar To Honey soon to be released.In this episode, between Cousin Nancy's corny jokes, the two discuss both  their backgrounds and how they met and work so well together. And they also talk about the multi-talented actors/actresses and the awesome music score that has made Heart Cycles a must-see feature film.For more information and pictures about Heart Cycles, Jay Pennington and Gerry Olert please go to and follow the link to my blog. Thank y'all for listening and please always remember my favorite quote, "Life is short and so am I!"P.S. Please check out Jay and Gerry on Facebook, too!
Cousin Nancy has a blast interviewing her and Tony's dear friend Fourth Coates. And you can see why they love Fourth so much by listening to this entertaining interview with Fourth telling one funny story after another,  and with Cousin Nancy often cutting in to tell a few jokes.For more information and to see pictures, etc. please go to
I had such a great time doing my 18th podcast with Tony's and my dear friend, singer/songwriter Phill Brush. Tony and I have known Phill for over 20 years and he is one super talented man.In this fun to listen to podcast Phill and I talked about many subjects including his valuable work volunteering, at Kinky Friedman's and his sister Marcie Friedman's Echo Hill Gold Star Camp.  And I gave a Cousin Boomer update and he and I traded a few good jokes.Phill sang us three beautiful songs that he has written and he talked about the Western Express Band's new CD that is being released next week. And to find out more about Phill Brush and the Western Express band please click here.Here are some upcoming August play dates for the Western Express Band:July 31  Austin TX  Guero's Taco BarAugust 3  Bertram, TX  The Globe TheatreAugust 4  Austin, TX   Broken SpokeAugust 5  Austin, TX  Sam's Town PointAugust 6  Kerrville, TX  Trailhead Beer GardenAugust 7  Helotes, TX  John T. Floore's Country StoreAugust 17  Austin, TX   Broken SpokeAnd Bluegrass every Saturday (in the summer) Jester King in Dripping Springs, TXTo find out more information on Phill Brush and his music please check him out on Facebook and Spotify! And for more information please go to and follow the link to my blog for pictures and more information.Thank you for listening!
In this 17th episode Cousin Nancy has a super fun visit with her and Tony's dear friend—Boone Holding. Boone Holding is out of Bandera TX area and he loves singing classics and Texas country music. His easy listening sound and kind soul will make you instantly fall in love with his music. Cousin Nancy did a super-fun podcast with their dear friend, Boone Holding. Recorded live at, The Last Resort (aka the kitchen) studio, located on Big Foot Ranch. And Tony & Henry Standing Bear (their awesome Lab/Great Pyrenees mix) were their attentive audience.During the interview she and Boone talked about Boone's popular podcast "More Than The Music," which he has done over 200 podcasts compared to Cousin Nancy's 17 podcasts . Please note: In Boone's "More Than The Music" podcast, he explores being a Hippie Cowboy in the Texas Hill Country. He also interviews Texas artist and discusses being a growing artist himself. And his "More Than The Music" podcast is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.Boone played his guitar and sings three of his awesome songs that he wrote. And he talks about his latest song Cornfield High, which is now available to listen to on Spotify! So please check it out and give it a thumbs up.Boone Holding loves writing songs and performing them and quote, "I'd die on my feet, before I'd live on my knees. I guess that's the Hippie half of the cowboy in me."During the podcast Cousin Nancy gives a Cousin Boomer update and tells a few jokes. They talked about Boone performing regularly, at the River Oaks Court and Escondida Resort & Spa, both located in Medina, Texas. Then we talked about him being a radio host and performing for KFAN Texas Rebel Radio 107.9 FM and other radio shows. And here are a couple of pictures that Tony took a few weeks ago of Boone playing, at Medina's popular River Oaks Court's Social Club. And needless to say—"That night Boone owned the audience and no one wanted him to stop singing."To find out more about this talented singer/songwriter, musician, podcaster, family man, radio host, gardner, chicken farmer etc. this is his website:  (Where you can also check out his podcast and his fabulous music, etc.)For pictures of Boone Holding and more information about him and this podcast please go to and follow the link to her cousin nancy blog.
In this fun episode Cousin Nancy has a blast interviewing her and Tony's dear friend Jean Weber and the laughter is non-stop as Jeans entertains CN, Joan and Tony with hilarious stories about friends and family and her beloved cat Tiger.
In this fun podcast Cousin Nancy gives a Cousin Boomer Update and then she tells her story about a shiny, red, 1962 Corvette Convertible. If you would like to read a transcript of this episode please go to cousin and follow the link to Cousin Nancy's blog.
Cousin Nancy has one heck of a good time interviewing her and Tony's dear, artists friends—Liz & Jim Cravotta—who are also famous, because of their historic, Texas wedding that took place in Bowie, Texas known as "The Great Hippie Wedding of 1975, in Montague County."Liz and Jim entertain Cousin Nancy and keep her laughing out loud with their hilarious stories which include: how they met, their first date, their wedding, their famous friend Burt Finger, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kennedys, etc. For more information about Jim & Liz Cravotta, the East End Market, in Kerrville, Texas, their art and Jim's whimsical Bare Bones Sculptures, their Space #42 at the East End Market please go to and follow the link to Cousin Nancy's blog.Here are links to watch the hilarious spoof on Longmire: Longmire—Texas Style, so you can laugh out loud and see The Grey Goose Saloon, Liz & Jim's authentic 1870's cowboy saloon, that they built and where half of this video was filmed and edited by the great videographer Gerry Olert. Plus you'll be pleasantly entertained listening to Chet O'Keefe's awesome music.And here is the link to Kerrville's famous EAST END MARKET: Antiques & Vintage Goods, owned by Cindy & Rick Burton and managed by the super nice and friendly Aislinn Byrne. The East End Market has all kinds of great collections and you could spend hours just browsing around this gigantic store. And on top of all of that— it has the best vibes! And that is why it is Kerrville's favorite place to shop.
IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE! or The Pentagon!This fun episode is about Cousin Nancy's dear friend Henry B. Gonzalez, from Austin, Texas who passed away a few years ago. He was an extremely talented artist and one of the funniest people that she ever knew. And she shares of her favorite "Henry" stories. This episode also includes a Cousin Boomer update.  And a hilarious story about her doing "work" for the Pentagon—sorta. And she also gives her thoughts on skydiving.For pictures and more information about the late, great Henry B. Gonzales, please go to and click on the link to her Cousin Nancy blog. And her blog now includes a transcript of this podcast!
In Episode:12: Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner, Cousin Nancy tells her humorous story about the time when Kinky Friedman called her, at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, to ask her to please cook dinner for him and the famous Christopher Hitchens, one of the best known journalist in America. And also for Hitchens' four-member camera crew, and for his and our dear friends Sandy & John Wolfmueller.It was the fall of 2004, and was totally unexpected when Christopher Hitchens and his film crew came out to Kinky's ranch to visit and interview him for a documentary that Hitchens was currently working on—Texas: America Supersized. It can be viewed on YouTube, so if you are interested in watching it please click on Texas: America Supersized.Cousin Nancy also gives a Cousin Boomer update and tells a joke about newly weds.
In Episode: 11 The Frequent Flyer, Cousin Nancy  has a blast interviewing her dear friend Simone de Vries. Simone is a famous international award-winning documentary film-maker and is also an International Emmy Award nominee.Simone's documentaries have allowed her to meet many celebrities. Some of these famous people that she has met or spent time with or interviewed include: Kinky Friedman, President Bill Clinton, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Robin Williams, Rutger Hauer, John Callahan and the Queen of Netherlands just to name a few. And me, too!For more information about Simone de Vries please visit her website: http://www.simonedevries.nlOr check out my website and follow the link to my blog:
In Episode 10: The French Connection Cousin Nancy talks about her newest favorite author: Louise Penny and being instantly hooked on reading her bestselling series of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novels. http://louisepenny.comThen she tells her hilarious story about her experience taking French in high school, along with a couple of Cousin Boomer updates.
Cousin Nancy's guests are her dear friends Nancy Harvey and Gerry Olert. Nancy is the official First Lady of  Bandera, Texas and Gerry is officially the Best Videographer In Texas.In this fun, 40 minute, 9th episode, Nancy Harvey tells some fascinating stories, talks about her awesome Bandera store "Spirits Of Texas," her famous family, and her singing Chihuahua that will only sing when listening to Kinky Friedman sing. And Gerry keeps "The Nancys" on their toes and laughing out loud—by reading some of Willie Nelson's most favorite jokes.It is a fun time for all and to find out more about Spirits Of Texas, Nancy Harvey and Gerry Olert please visit: and click on Cousin Nancy's Blog link, located at the top and at the bottom of the page to find links and see photos of this episode. And to check out Nancy's store Spirits Of Texas please click here:  and for information about Gerry Olert please click here: Gerry Olert on Facebook.
In Episode 8 Cousin Nancy gives a Cousin Boomer update. Then she tells her humorous story about the time when she, her husband Tony and their dear friend Kinky Friedman went out to Las Vegas together.
Cousin Nancy has a fun time interviewing her & Tony's dear friend Danny White aka "Cowboy Capital Troubadour: Singer Songwriter for Hire."Danny tells the stories and sings the ballads of those who made the west....The West!During this fun interview Danny and Cousin Nancy cut-up and do a lot of laughing and Danny also entertains by singing 3 songs and telling stories.To find out more about Danny White, please go to: and click on the link to her blog for more information about Danny. And see a picture taken by Gerry Olert, of Danny and Cousin Nancy posing together, before the interview.To check out more of Danny White's awesome music and his press kit please click on the link below:
This podcast is dedicated to Cousin Nancy's dear friend, Gaby Wernette, in Germany.In this podcast Cousin Nancy tells a humorous story about Cousin Boomer's test and a story about her mistaken identity, along with a few jokes.If you would like to see a picture of her with her mistaken identity please go to and click on Blog at the top or the bottom of the page.
Episode 5:  1st Day of High School! Cousin Nancy tells a Cousin Boomer pandemic story about birds, a few bird jokes and her 1st day of high school.Go to and click on the link to Cousin Nancy's blog to see pictures of Miss Howell and CN's freshman, high school picture, because that is the empire dress that she was wearing.
In Episode 4: "Bragging Rights" Cousin Nancy tells her story about the time, March 28, 2003, when she smoked a joint with Willie Nelson, on his bus.And if you would like to see pictures of her Willie Nelson autographed guitar and her unsigned Willie Nelson poster please go to: and click on the link to her Cousin Nancy blog . Her blog link is located at the top and also at the bottom of the page. 
Cousin Nancy 's 1st solo podcast. She tells jokes about clowns and about death and tells an hilarious true story about helping out her mom help a friend.And please note that Cousin Nancy is a big-time animal lover and in her podcasts and near the end when she laughs and wonders out loud, why people do these crazy things—she wasn't talking about burying or cremating pets. She was talking about why her mom's friend and some people  have the nerve to ask friends or their friends daughter to put their dog down for them. 
Cousin Nancy has her sweet  husband Tony as co-host tell a few jokes.
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