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Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate


I remember talking to a colleague about ten years ago after we bought our first couple of rental properties. He was super condescending and basically said "that's cute, everyone is buying rentals these days."I don't think that he meant to be, he may have been well-intentioned. He acted like it was trendy and a fad. Maybe it was, hell maybe it is but the jokes on you buddy.  We got addicted to it, went all in like it was a box of Oreo's and a gallon of milk. No self control whatsoever .Some people may have jumped in and quit but we've stayed for the long haul . I don't know what made me think of this conversation today but I wanted to share with my Facebook family. Do not let someone belittle your plan, dreams, and goals. Unfortunately it will usually be people close to you and not strangers. Be careful not belittle others plan even if you are well intentioned.Surround yourself with people who have vision and understand how to execute it, those who don't say things like "that's crazy" or "that won't work." Be around the misfits and rebels, the crazy ones who also think they can change the world. They are your people.
“It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.”  Lou Holtz
Are you the calm or the storm?What about your spouse or business partner?Understanding how you react and deal with stress is the first step in taking control of it. If you never take the first step off the boat, you'll never know if you can walk on the
Fight Club

Fight Club


The first rule about fight club is you don't talk about fight club."You go to a job you hate, to buy things you don't need, to impress people you don't even like."- Tyler Durden
Richard takes follower questions from their Facebook group, Live it Full-The Community.
Do you want to read more but don't always have the time?Do you want to learn and develop but are on a tight schedule?I read, a lot, but I know it's not as much as I would like to. So I went looking for something to help me since my schedule is insane most of the time. I found blinkist. It doesn't replace books and audiobooks but it does give me a 15-minute "blink" on just about any book you want to.  It's pretty amazing to get the high-level details of a book in less time than it takes to walk around the block. Here is our affiliate link, I encourage you to do the free trial.  We do receive small commissions from our affiliate partners. I haven't met anyone yet that didn't subscribe after that.
I broke a rule I try always live by last week. I didn't upload a podcast because I did not think it was good enough. Done is better than perfect. Listen today as I discuss that and the original topic of
Do you want your business to not only survive but thrive in the next 18 months? The world is changing fast, you better adapt and overcome. Had a sub-contractor tell me they failed to get something done because the way they've always done it isn't working. Yet, they are still doing it the way they've always done it. Let that sink in. They know it is broken. They see it in hindsight yet have not changed. Even acknowledged it. Absolutely blows my mind. The most dangerous words in your business right now are "we've always done it that way."Keep doing things the way you've always done them and you won't have much to do very soon. I promise you that.
Richard sits down and throws out some random thoughts post fathers day in ep 66 of the live it full podcast.
Monday was National Weed Your Garden Day. I was thinking about an analogy a mentor of mine shared with me a decade ago as I started in the business.  I share it and my thoughts about our mental gardens and how to handle the weeds.
The Real Pandemic

The Real Pandemic


The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen is a book that changed the trajectory of my life. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.Hebrews 12:11-12
Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas


Why do we let doubt stop us from pursuing our dreams?This is a reference to “Doubting Thomas”, the disciple who famously refused to believe that Jesus had been resurrected until he had seen him with his own eyes. The story of Doubting Thomas is used as a parable about faith, and how true faith should not be predicated on a need for tangible evidence.I am the Man, Thomas, I am the ManLook at these nail scars here in my handsThey drove me up the hill, Thomas, I am the ManThey made me carry the cross, Thomas, I am the ManI am the Man, Thomas, I am the ManLook at these nail scars here in my handsThey crown my head with thorns, Thomas, I am the ManThey nailed me to the cross, Thomas, I am the ManThey pierced me in the side, Thomas, I am the ManI died on the cross, Thomas, I am the ManThey buried me in the tomb, Thomas, I am the ManIn three days I rose, Thomas, I am the Man
Kaitlin and I reviewed these 21 Rules of Money last year on Episode 18. Richard decided to make a 2022 edition and address some of our current financial concerns and plans for the future following these rules.The 21 Rules of Money 1: 70/20/10 - Live on 70% of your income, invest 20% and give away 10%. 2: If you can’t buy something with cash, don’t buy it with credit (other than car or real estate). 3: Have six months of living expenses in cash but no more than that. 4: Don’t waste money.5: Don’t spend money based on emotion. 6: When investing your money, do your due diligence, then do it again. 7: Think four generations in the future before you spend or invest your money. Will it benefit my children’s children? 8: Never carry a credit card balance unless it’s at 0%. 9: Never have all your money in one account. (Read Profit First if you haven’t) 10: Never have all your money in one investment (unless it’s your first deal).11: Never spend more than you can truly afford. You have to know what you can afford. 12: Don’t spend money solely to impress others, the Joneses are broke, you just don't know it. 13: Make sure the reward always outweighs the risk. 14: Treat your money as if you worked hard for it, even if you didn’t. 15: Never work for the same dollar twice.16: Manage and adapt your budget monthly.17: Know your numbers (this is most people’s biggest issue) 18: If it sounds too good to be true it is, trust me. 19: Inform yourself of how taxes work and pay accordingly, get a good CPA. 20: Never rely on just one source of income, the average millionaire has seven. 21: Spend your time earning money until you can spend your money earning time.



When you learn to sit at the table with your Judas, you'll understand the love of Christ. Be able to discern your Judas from your Peter. Peter had a bad day, Judas had a bad heart. Peter, you restore. Judas, you release. You have got to know who to restore and who to release. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.” Do you struggle with consistency? You always will, until you learn how to create habits that serve you.You must be intentional until the habits that serve you are second nature, they are your character. To quote Uhtred; "Destiny is all."
What are your business core values? What about your personal ones?Are they different?Are they intertwined?As Christians, we are called to have core values of Faith, Hope, and Love.I'm going to reconsider my core values that aren't different from my personal thoughts to my businesses.As always my core values for Live it Full are to live each of these to the best of my abilities in faith, family, finance, and
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