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Girls Night is back and we are reclaiming our time! The girls started off a little shy but they did their thing, We did a little ice breaker and asked about which body part you wash first in the shower, then it lead to how we talk dirty to get some sex, waxed or garden vagina, appetites that men have, and of course some edibles stories... I hope you all enjoyed Tabitha and Kita! Follow ModelETwitter @ericajonezIG @eandfriendspod
Hey guys, I talk a lot tonight! I am pissed about this IG purchase I made, my debit card declining, and I also talked about period panties!! yes, so tune in
Hey guys, we got a few things to talk about tonight, mostly filling your knowledge basket. This man says i looked like Halle Berry, the government is making a mistake with SNAP benefits, and craigslist scammers
Hey yall, i love the fact that lisa monet and jason momoa is rekindeling their marriage. Also listen who made the dummy list.
I did a thing!!!

I did a thing!!!


Hey yall, tune in this week with me as I talk about Brittney Griner cuaght up in Russia, Netflex upcoming shows, and 5 ways to protect your marriage during the pandemic with Dr. Louis
Not Whoopi Too!!

Not Whoopi Too!!


Man, they got Whoopi appologizing for her comment on the view, my glasses never fogged up in the shower, Ryan Bomberger; thank you and sorry to Leonard! Tune in loves!
Hey guys, this biweek I talked about Nick Cannon and a all his kids, Rhianna and DaBrat having a baby and its just a baby Galore!! Also talked about a daily regiment to keep us going and how this woman wanted to find a man she met on vacation soooo bad, but his wife found her!!! oops tune in loves
I'm Sick of It!

I'm Sick of It!


Hey guys its 2022 im glad to be back with you all, im also sick of it, sick of the scams, people telling you what to do with your money and this cold ass weather. Tune in
Hey guys it’s the end of the year and you know modele always bring you her year end review, re-caption of what all happened and what are the plans for you in the upcoming future and also a little bit of my goals and a little bit of things I want you guys to accomplish as well. Thank you for being my listener and see you all next year!
It’s time to clean house, with our relationship of course! Let’s talk right and wrong. Tune in
Hey guys, Thanks for tuning into another episode with ModelE, discussing how you should never embarrass, or make your partner feel humiliated by not giving good sex. I also talked about how Facebook blocked me and other good stuff. Grab some wine and relax!
I’m back, discussed some trash stories on some women, pandemic plus up, High thigh underwear, and winning the lottery and how I felt
Just being petty drinking Stella Rosa Blueberry our the bottle! I’m cold and wearing a bonnet! Ever felt like parents have a favorite child? I want you all to leave R Kelly alone, stop being stupid and casting love spells on your exes. Remember he left you! It’s more of course do tune in.
Hey Guys this week its all about ME and a little something extra! I take you to my first time with Gummies, yes and it had me at a hole in the wall in MY HEAD. I also brought you into my Loc Journey, my mini breast examination LOL and you know the rest! Tune in
Hey Guys I'm back and I got something I want to get off my chest! lets talk why folks on government assistance always get ASSISTED, 911 Dispatchers are scarce and woman lets start being submissive to our men! Tune in
Hey y’all, let’s talk marriage and the female proposing! Da Baby out here teaching lessons, wining the lottery and keeping my mouth CLOSED and of course my shenanigans. Tune in loves
Hey guys, welcome back to another episode! Do you wear glasses, or need glasses? Ever heard of Myopia? Well you may know it as nearsightedness. Let’s talk a little eye care and how inexpensive it can be if you used these hacks. I also talked about my nightmare of when I heard my neighbors father asked his son this question. Tune in now loves😜
Hey guys and welcome back, filling your knowledge basket up this week! I talked about how Walmart is going bag less, having a stroke at 25 and possible ways to avoid it and sex trafficking. Yes it’s still a thing! Tune in
Hey hey guys, welcome back to another episode ! I hope you are readyfor today’s conversation because I took you into the courthouse withmy ex husband and I divorce and how those shenanigans went down, Italked about my relationship with my dad and how mothers can’t want orhave anything in the eyes of society’s opinion. Let’s go!
Hey guys welcome back! This week we got a Lot to get into. I talked about student loan debt, how I could be a cash app thief and how people who pretend to care about you when all they doing is trying to selling you something! Well I gave my 2 cents. Now tune in. Model E (Erica Jones)Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Letters:
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