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Welcome to The Purpose Over Profit Podcast with Darren Green and Chris Dowdall. Each week we'll be discussing what it takes to live a life of purpose and profit and talk to the people doing just that.
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This week we're joined by Aimee Browne, Time and Business Growth Strategist.Aimee had a very successful career as an Executive Assistant but realised that she needed to take control of her time and build a business that worked around her life. Now she spends her time helping other business owners do the same.Check out her website here and Instagram here 
This week Greg Friel joins us who is a  musician, podcaster, marketer, songwriter, and all round creative thinker and good guy.Greg shares with us how he got into music, how it's not all glitz and glam, and how it's helped him navigate the challenging moments in his life. Check him out here
This week we have James Fleming on the pod talking about his business The Power Within Training. From humble beginnings he forged a successful career across many years before recognising his purpose lay outside of his career, motivating and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.He's got an incredibly infectious energy and anyone struggling with motivation can't help to be inspired to this episode!You can check out his website here and connect on linked In here
This week we have Emily Black on the podcast, owner of the fantastic brand Arlo and Jude.Her business has developed a fantastic concept of helping kids wear their 'secret' superpower written on their clothes to help instil self-belief and increase confidence.It's such a simple but amazing concept to help our young people and if you've not seen them yet head over to their website to see what they are all about.In the episode, we talk about Emily's previous businesses and how she juggles time as a teacher, entrepreneur, and mum!Check out her website here and connect on Instagram here 
This week we're joined by Farah Hussain who is a business networker and all round lovely person that puts building strong relationships at the heart of her business. We hear that this might not have been the life she had planned for but how through adversity she has come to grow as a person and business owner and helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people along the way. She now boasts over 30k followers on Instagram with her blend of humour and Tik Tok videos, leaving empowering messages for woman across the World.You can find Farah's business page here and check her out on Instagram here
On this weeks podcast we speak to Chris Stewart, someone I actually hired about 5 years ago in my corporate career. He decided, like me, to leave the relative security of his corporate job amidst the global pandemic despite his business being closed at the time! He's since gone on to start three other businesses all looking to solve problems he was seeing around him.I'm sure you'll find something in this episode about backing yourself and taking that leap into the unknown forces you to start swimming!You can find details about his businesses below:Rate My CleanerWeanz World Play Cafe and Instagram page 
This week we welcome Kirsty Raynor to the podcast. She's a self-care and mindfulness expert, who runs multiple business and is a transformational coach and yogi to boot. We hear about her journey from the fast pace of advertising in London, to quitting to train as a Yoga in Hawaii, and latterly to training as a transformational coach and mindfulness expert.You'll learn that there is no one path for you but always looking up and checking if you are heading in the direction you'd like to is so important. Also, how Kirsty trusts herself to figure out her plan on the way and not staying restricted to a definitive plan.You can find Kirsty on Instagram here, and check out her website here.As always, let us know your comments or questions by dropping them into
This week on The POP Pod we've got Angela McKillop who is a multiple business owner who bounced back from losing her 7 figure construction business in 2016 to do it right with her new business We Love Your Projects. More than anything you'll get an insight into how life as a business owner can be tough and staying resilient throughout and learning from your mistakes are two of the most critical things to create a successful business.You can find out all about Angela's business We Love Your Projects here and keep up to date with her on her Instagram page here
This week we welcome successful businessman turned philanthropist Iain MacRitchie . After enjoying fantastic success turning around big businesses, Iain has focussed his efforts on helping disadvantaged youths to realise their potential through his MCR Pathways programme.We discuss MCR Pathways, why it's important, and how you can get involved too as a Mentor.Head to to find out more. As always, head over to to join in the discussion in our private facebook group and check us out on Instagram @the_pop_pod
Welcome to The Purpose Over Profit Podcast with Darren Green and Chris Dowdall. Each week we'll be discussing what it takes to live a life of purpose over profit and talk to the people doing just that.Join us for episode 1 where Chris and I go into our reason for starting the podcast and what you can expect in the coming weeks and months.You can find us over on Instagram @the_pop_pod and we also have a facebook community, Purpose To Progress, full of people striving to live a purposeful life and would love it if you joined us over there.We'd love it if you could subscribe and share the podcast with friends to make sure you don't miss any episodes and also to help it rise to the top and help more people find their purpose. Finally, if you have any questions for either of us, you can drop them into or Alternatively just reach out on our social channels.Until next week, stay on purpose!
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