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Author: Lizbeth Meredith

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Created for and by survivors and strivers, Persistence U podcast with Lizbeth shares stories from guests each week that inform and inspire. Whether it's publishing a first book after 70, or slowly re-entering life after a crushing setback, they'll tell who and what helped. Because big goals and obstacles are no match for grit and good community.
30 Episodes
Kay Suthar's journey to success included some interesting pitstops. From police officer to event planner, her adventurous spirit carried her through both failures and success.You will learn:Acute work stress may turn into physical maladies such as rashes.Asking questions and leaving ego and assumptions behind when embarking on a new career is a much better strategy than faking confidence and competence. In the United Kingdom, stab-proof vests are used by police officers rather than bullet-proof vests.For show notes, click HERE
In 1995, when my kidnapped daughters were still living in hiding out of country, I bought a starter home in Alaska.Twenty-seven years later, I'm closing one chapter and beginning  another. You will learn:How neighbors can become a makeshift family.The work to create stability and sustain a household isn't for the faint of heart.A home isn't built of walls and cement, but of the love and memories made.For show notes and pictures, click HERE. 
Kathryn Bennett wanted to be sober. She went to meetings, saw a counselor. But it wasn't enough. Not everyone can sit quietly and engage in the exercises offered during treatment.Rather than giving up, Kathryn challenged herself physically by entering the world of power-lifting.Today, Kathryn is a nationally placed lifter who enjoys speaking about her journey toward sobriety and fitness.You will learn:Relapse is part of the cycle of substance abuse continuum.Finding the right support and sponsors is key to success.Gradual success in a different life domain builds confidence that may positively impact sobriety efforts. Show notes HERE
Karey Spransy made a series of terrific choices after becoming pregnant in her teens.Parenting alone and putting her child first meant so many other dreams were put on hold, but she knew it was for the best.  When her son was ready to leave the home, she looked forward to a life filled with possibilities. Then cancer came.You will learn:How sacrifices made in her youth as a teen single mom helped Karey have laser focus on financial and personal goals.When crisis strikes, how clarity of meaning and purpose can come and redefine what success is and is not.About the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO).Show notes HERE.
Dai Manuel was used to making excuses to himself for his addictive behaviors, but when his wife asked him a pointed question, he knew it was time to make radical changes.You will learn:That it might only take one direct question asked with love to create a desire to change. How many (or few) close friendships most men say they have.The importance of getting support when navigating big life changes.For show notes, click HERE
Dawn Cochrane King is an author, speaker, and accidental bereavement support group facilitator who found her calling when she was nudged by members of her church to get involved. Her work helping others during their end-of-life journey became the backdrop for her book, Survivor's Nuggets: Walking Through the Stages of Grief to Find Hope. It also helped her come to terms with her own fear of death.You will learn:1. The fear of death is not inevitable or permanent.2. Sometimes others in our support network can identify strengths and passions in ourselves that we've yet to identify.3. Preparing for the end of life adds a sense of control and can reduce anxiety about death.Show notes HERE
Looking at Jen Kiaba's art and writing, you'd never guess that she grew up inside a religion that discouraged personal expression.In this interview, Jen talks about her wedding to a virtual stranger within the Unification Church,  and how breaking her vow to him meant vowing to move toward freedom.You will learn:That oppressive religions and cults exercise similar control over members as abusers do over domestic abuse victims. That leaving the Unification church or similarly high-control groups can be dangerous and have many unintended consequences, including alienation from family members remaining inside the group.There is life after leaving, but the journey to freedom is difficult.Find show notes HERE 
Do you remember what you were doing at age 22?As  author and radio personality Nelson Brown approached his 22nd birthday, he spent part of his day with me recording from across country, talking about his third book in the series, The Beauty in Us.Brown has already worked to sort issues of perfectionism in therapy, and is proud to share with other young people, especially young Black men such as himself, that being vulnerable and asking for support at times isn't simply acceptable, it's a path to creating  a fulfilling future.You will learn:What inspired Nelson Brown's book series.How time spent alone during the pandemic created space for reflecting and writing.The importance of creating space to support men, both young and old,  to have challenging and sometimes painful conversations.Find show notes here
Gina Dobson grew up feeling different than the rest of her family.  In a large  bunch of academics, she was the child passionate about art.  Bullied at school, she learned early on that it was okay to be different, and that those who demonstrate aggression are often people acting reflexively out of insecurity.A singer and performer, Gina has also been an educator for more than 15 years. Her interest in scapegoating culminated to her recently published book, Stop: Scapegoat No More. You will learn:Being bullied often happens to the strong,  not simply vulnerable people.Writing about traumatic times can help unpack a lot of pain.Not forgiving another can be compared to you drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die.For show notes, click here.
At a time when many women look forward to sitting on the couch with their feet up and watching television, Maura Sweeney's post-retirement plan included embarking on the life of her dreams. After working  in corporate America and homeschooling her daughter who'd successfully launched, Maura made good on her daughter's challenge to take dance lessons. Clumsy by nature, yet having long dreamed of learning the art of dance, Maura enrolled in and subsequently failed the course more than once. But she didn't give up. Lesson by lesson, Maura muscled up and discovered that some dreams are worth failing for. Today, Maura is sometimes mistaken as a dance instructor. Her success greenlighted her dream to become a sought-after speaker, an author, and a podcaster.You will learn:How giving ourselves the chance to fail can create a ripple effect for other opportunities.The path may be longer and meandering, but never lose sight of your inner guiding light.It's never too early -- or too late -- to change course to find your best and authentic self.See show notes here.
From skin problems to aches and fatigue, the symptoms related to Manchester resident Olivier Mankondo were enough to spur his doctor to recommend lifelong medication. Olivier rejected that plan and did what few dare to do: made permanent and radical changes to his diet. While he lost weight and gained health, he also lost support of some family and friends.You will learn:How to respond to your support network when they're threatened by changes you're making to improve your life. The dietary change that erased Mankondo's symptoms. The journey of wellness that led to Mankondo's career change and book on plant-based nutrition.For show notes, click here.This is not an endorsement of any diet plan. Always consult a doctor before proceeding with dietary changes.
After Erin Mac nearly ran over her friend's husband  while driving  to help a client in crisis, she knew that the successful business that she'd built wasn't the destiny she'd hoped for.Here, Erin shares her journey to find joy and create the life and work that continues to be fulfilling.You will learn:How getting what you want might not be what you need.That now, in the midst of struggle, joy can be found.The simple act of breathing can bring focus and aid in navigating anxiety.Find Erin here.Show notes here.
Since battling chronic illness, Toronto Native JoJo Marie has the unique distinction of spending 1,460 days on bedrest.  But the time was not wasted. While JoJo focused on getting better,  she also  took a deeper look at the life she'd lived thus far, and mentally prepared to make steep changes and do better. You will learn: Unaddressed trauma may turn into emotional pain. Learning to be grateful for the darker times or circumstances aids in the healing process.Time spent convalescing can inspire personal growth.For show notes, click here.
While a master's degree in curriculum development may have helped The Innate Coach Traci Philips map out how to serve executive leaders worldwide,  her experience with new motherhood was the internship that provided opportunity for growth In this week's episode, Traci shares how she had courageous conversations with the team of doctors and nurses on the importance of how to deliver cautionary news, and gives tips on what is needed to unify a team that could easily be divided by conflict.You will learn:Cultivating empathy for the offending party, choosing to see the world through their lens, can make addressing a  conflict with grace that much easier. Assertively addressing conflicts in a team environment optimizes the overall performanceAsking yourself three critical questions before engaging in a battle can clarify how and when to proceed.You can find Traci at Eavesdrop in the Moment on Facebook or at The Innate Coach.For show notes, click here…us-conversations/ .P.S. Writer friends--Book Marketing on the Skinny enrollment closes 6/27/21. Find out more here.
Author Meg Nocero left a career as a federal prosecutor at the Department of Homeland Securities after her mother sucuumbed to breast cancer. By writing insights of the day as she navigated the healing process, she felt pulled to share them with others in her first  two books.Meg's third book, Butterfly Awakens, will be published in September of 2021 by She Writes Press. To learn more about Meg's books or coaching, click here.Connect with Meg on Manifesting with Meg Podcast on Spotify.You will learn:  How writing can help in the healing journey. That walking the Camino de Santiago aided in healing from grief, yet required a great deal of persistence.That looking at life one day at a time is helpful during low points to avoid overwhelm.For show notes, click here.
At 35, Steve Gamlin's life took a  downward spiral. He'd experienced great success as a radio personality, but knew it was not where he wanted to land. Unhappy at work, inattentive to debts, and his marriage folding before him, he felt he was standing in ashes.  Here, with humor, Steve tells the story of how he rebuilt his life, slowly and steadily and with great intention, to become one filled with peace and love and meaningful work. You will learn:What a vision board is.That pursuing a passion as a side-hustle rather than quitting the day job is a perfectly wonderful option to try on new skills and roles.The value of looking in the mirror once a day and finding something, any one thing, that you appreciate about yourself.For show notes, click here.
After routine medical procedures turned ugly, successful model and mom of young boys, Christine Handy was then diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She doubted her will to fight it, but friends, family, and faith prevailed, and today she is a survivor and ambassador for cancer survivors everywhere.Today, Christine is an author and speaker who partners with Paul Mitchell's EBeauty to provide wigs for cancer survivors. Her book, Walk Beside Me, is a fictional account of her life.You will learn: Friends and family sometimes long to be useful and help us during hard times.Christine's definition of happiness versus joy.The fight to live can inspire an unshakeable confidence.For show notes, click here!
When Terry McDougall jumped into the deep end of the applicant pool for her ideal job many years ago, she did a belly-flop. She'd thought she was a shoo-in, having performed the duties of the position and enjoying a positive reputation at the company. But rather than get mad or give up, she hired a coach who helped her do a realistic assessment of the obstacles and create an action plan. Soon Terry was applying again.  She faced more setbacks, but ultimately found the exact position that fueled her passions. Now, a career coach herself with a thriving business, Terry B. McDougall Coaching, and authored Winning the Game at Work, she's happy to pay it forward with clients who are committed to running down their own career dreams.You will learn:Three topics that employers often want  applicants to address during interviews.The role of a career coach.Why an applicant saying during a job interview that their worst quality is working too hard  may very well backfire.See show notes here. 
When Neloo's  Bahai and Muslim parents married in Iran decades ago, it didn't take long to them to realize that to raise children safely, they would need to come to America. Years later, their children embraced religious freedom to the max. The skill set needed to navigate passionate conversations around their religious diversity has become an asset to Neeloo, who, along with a friend, has created Peace, Unleashed.You Will Learn: Laughter brings people together and creates intimacy and is particularly powerful for managing conflict and reducing stress. Humor interrupts the struggle for power by removing tension and allowing for reconnection and regaining perspective Humor, laughter, and play free you from rigid forms of thinking and behaving Humor frees us from inhibition, allowing us to express our genuine emotions  There are 3 factors that define crucial conversations: 1) opinions vary 2) stakes are high 3) emotions are high. These conversations can lead to breakthroughs or breakdowns depending on how we handle them. Often, they are not handled well or at all. People either live in a sub-optimal state, OR they hope for the situation to resolve itself. Start with the heart (i.e empathy and positive intent)Stay in dialogueMake it safeDon’t get hooked by emotion (or hook them)Agree on  a mutual purposeSeparate facts from storyAgree a clear action planFor show notes, click here
Before he was a cancer survivor, Terry Tucker had a life filled with exciting challenges and goals achieved. An NCAA Division I college basketball player, a Citadel cadet, a marketing executive, a hospital administrator, and a SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, that all changed when he found the callus on his foot was actually cancer. At least for a while. Now as Terry fights for his life, he uses the lessons learned to motivate others through his blog, book, and inspiring talks.For show notes, click here:You will learn:How being a SWAT negotiator prepared Terry for hard conversations when facing incurable cancer.What he wishes people knew about what they can ask about dying and living with cancer.How Terry wrote a book in the three month break between cancer treatments.
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