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Episode 81 - Guess who’s back in the…By the time this podcast is up, the United States would hopefully have decided on their new President, however this did not stop us from ranting about the Black male celebrities, mainly rappers, making a fool of themselves during this election cycle.We discussed the Beckham’s reality show…(cough) we mean docu-series, celebrated Whitney Houston being the only Black woman with 3 diamond certified albums and the Ted Lasso renewal extension to season 3 off the back of season 1 on Apple TV. We had a good ole rant about Netflix and its mammoth database and unrealistic cancellation of very good shows (again); GLOW, Sabrina, Teenage Bounty Killers and the list goes on. We discuss Peacock and their content including Lily Singh, Amber Ruffin and Larry Wilmore and topped it all off with some K-Pop news.In old skool masculinity news, we discussed the remastered No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch and Cobra Kai.We watched the following on Netflix; Journey of an African Colony, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, Greenleaf, Star Trek Discovery Season 3 and West Wing (oops this was on More 4).We discovered new stories in podcasts titled, You Must Remember This, Uncovered Nxim, Abroad in Japan and the Charles Manson case.We listened to and reviewed; WizKid - Made in Lagos album and Arianna Grande - Positions album.#USElection2020 #BeckhamRealityShow #WhitneyHouston  #TedLasso #Netflix #Peacock #parkbogum #LarryWilmore #AmberRuffin  #LilySingh  #NoMoreHeroes #CobraKai #JourneyOfAnAfricanColony #KillerMike #Greenleaf #StarTrekDiscovery #WestWing #YouMustRememberThis #UncoveredNXIM #AbroadInJapan #WizKid #AriannaGrande #popgrampodcast #naijafam #naija #ukfam #uk #forthecultureFind us at us at : popgrampodcast@gmail.comInstagram: @popgrampodcastTwitter:
00:23: We are adjusting to GMT and continue to wade merrily through the pandemic. What is life at this point? 12:40  Some of the shows we are watching- Record Of Youth, The Tale of Nine tailed, Private Lives, Do do Sol Sol La La Sol, Start Up 51:39:  Some of the completed shows  we discuss : Stranger 2, School Nurse files, Flower Of Evil, Heard it through the Grapevine, I’ll go to you when the weather is nice, Giri/Haji#startup#suzy#leejaewook #Seoyeji #18again #recordofyouth#parkbogum #leedongwook#schoolnursefiles #dodosolsollalasol #goahra #leejaewook #schoolnursefiles #Namjoohyuk #koreandramas #kdramas #cdramas #jdramas #netflix #flowerofevil #brahms #stranger2 #ocn #popgrampodcast #naijafam #naija #ukfam #uk #forthecultureFind us at us at : popgrampodcast@gmail.comInstagram: @popgrampodcastTwitter:
Episode 80 Pt 2 – In the second part we delved into what we watched and read over the break that got us excited. Lovecraft Country, Ted Lasso, BoJack Horseman, Hades,   Jenny Le Clue, Ys Origin, Enola Holmes, though my Nigerian family know this as Eniola Holmes and Mariah Carey’s fascinating autobiography with receipts and so […]
Episode 80 part 1- So we are back and as usual we did a clean sweep of all we have been doing on our break, Tenet Watch ended in a damp squib and we have some insight as to why Chris Nolan might have been keen for us to go see this movie in the […]
Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this episode:  00:17: We are back! We’ve stocked up on masks and settling in to our new COVID tinged lives.  14:00 News and upcoming dramas  19:43: What we are watching – ongoing and shows: I Land, Stranger2, Go […]
We bring you a special on the wonderful content we have been consuming to keep you sated until our return in the cooler months. So we experienced black excellence with Beyoncé’s Black is King, Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You and Issa Rae’s 4th season of Insecure, there is always a delay in getting this […]
Bear with us on the audio this week, we had some slight technical problems. Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this episode:  00:21: We are back! 02:09: News and upcoming shows  12:50: NN Bookclub – Wendy recently read Kim Ji Young Born 1982 (by […]
Episode 79 – On this week’s podcast we discuss and send love to our sweet girl Megan Thee Stallion who deserves much more than the community was willing to give her. We send Nicki Minaj our best wishes. We fangirl over Michaela Coel and give Billboard and it’s new album sales chart calculation regime a […]
Episode 78 – So on this week’s podcast, we get confirmation that Kanye West is an idiot. There is a reboot of Wonder Years, resulting in Black Wonder Years with some Lee Daniels side eye. We discuss Beyoncé’s Black is King and the diaspora wars and reaffirm that Jill Scott is a Queen. We also […]
Episode 77 – On this week’s podcast we come at you sharp, succinct and sorted,  discussing the fashion industry; Gap’s new collaboration, Christopher Nolan fighting the COVID tide with Tenet and other movies that have been pushed back. We discuss cancel culture with the Tati Westbrook, James Charles, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Starr shenanigans for […]
Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this episode:  00:29: We are back y’all! 01:45 What’s we are watching – rewatching Reply 1994, My Mister, Once Again, Backstreet Rookie, Mystic Pop Up, Unfamiliar Family, Oh My Baby, Dinner mate and It’s Okay Not To Be […]
Episode 76 – We discussed the positive and negative characters i.e. assholes, allies, advocates and activists of the BlackLivesMatter protests. Skai Jackson is a hero for naming and shaming racists on twitters. Other heroes include John Boyega and Seth Rogen.  We also noted Justin Timberlake’s silence on the issues of anti-black racism despite profiting and […]
First and foremost, a lot is currently going on to Black people in America and Trevor Noah perfectly summarises and echoes our thoughts here: On this podcast, we discuss the Back to Cinema plans that Hollywood is concocting and MTV (Ed – they are still around?) is trying to deliver a physical awards show […]
Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this episode:  00:29: We are back and still social distancing with better audio!  05:30 News and upcoming shows  11:16: What we are watching – ongoing and shows: Couple’s World, Extracirrular, Hospital Playlist, The King:Eternal Monarch, Fix You and […]
On this podcast we discuss the Verzuz battle between Ludacris and Nelly, a bit dry if you ask us, Lady Gaga finally releasing her pushed back album Chromatica, Disney ruling the movie and content making IP world, Corona related entertainment as well as new music by Joyner Lucas featuring Will Smith and music videos by […]
On this podcast we discuss, the Hollywood beef between Universal Studios and AMC, Celebrity Covidiots, Elon Musk being Elon Musk, the Verzuz battles, E3 and Gaming world drama. We also review the BlackAF TV series on Netflix and discuss new music and summer remixes featuring  Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj #blackaf #blackafiswack #blackish #KenyaBarris #Fraser #DeathNote […]
Episode 72 – In this week’s episode we discuss the Disney Sing-A-Long, new music videos by Sam Smith ft. Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Chipmunk. The first failed attempt at the Teddy Riley verzuz Babyface battle on IG Live, Quibi’s content, Covidiots, One World Global Concert and why is BTS giving us a new album?!  […]
Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this episode:  00:29: We are back and we are social distancing!  02:31 New Shows up coming: Augmented Bean Pod, How To Buy a Friend, When Love Blooms, Good Casting and Once Again.  11:16: What we are watching – […]
Episode 71 – In this week’s episode we discuss Drake’s take on self-isolation ( make a video and a dance!), Tik Tok dances, James Corden’s Home Fest and Hip hop/RnB Producer battles on Instagram live.  We love Dua Lipa’s new album and Childish Gambino needs to We also discuss our top 5 Beyoncé music […]
Episode 70 Part 2 – In this week’s episode we discuss the unholy union of Ben Affleck and Ana de Amaris (Beniana), the resurfacing of the full Kanye/Taylor call and Justin Timberlake is still an asshole. We also delve into what we have been listening/reading/watching this week which is a lot as we have been self […]
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