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Author: Tricentis

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Transformations are tough, whether you’re driving them or trying to stay ahead of the curve. Get insider insights for navigating the transformations impacting the application delivery world. Quality, DevOps, cloud, and business innovators share ideas in bitesize episodes. Grab a coffee and tune in! Presented by Tricentis ( with music by Ross Marriott (
34 Episodes
Sonya Lowrance, Senior Global Product Compliance Manager at Tricentis, advocates security and compliance requirements being embedded in application development from day one. Find out how to make this a reality, in the cloud or on-prem.
David Jayaramen, Implementation & Delivery Lead at Norfolk Southern Corporation, details how transparency in testing sets up Norfolk Southern to achieve 100% automation. Starting with the requirement traceability matrix, discover how you can pave the way for test management success.
Clint Sprauve, Director of Product Marketing at Tricentis, demystifies and simplifies DevOps. He dives into why DevOps is so much more than a tool and shares commonly cited blockers to achieving quality at DevOps speed.
Wolfgang Platz, Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, returns to the show to give us a sneak peek into his upcoming Virtual Summit keynote on boosting your cloud migration confidence. Wolfgang shares what should be top of mind when scaling DevOps at enterprise level, and reveals his number 1 wish for the application development world. 
Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, tells her compelling story advocating for diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity. As head of the people function at Cobalt, Caroline takes pride in how Cobalt’s values are embodied, and how they were formed. Find out how she compassionately prioritizes inclusion within her team.
Continued conversation with Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt. We learn how the Forte Group stands for security and diversity, and how more room has been made for ladies who lead in Caroline’s 15+ years in the industry. Get invaluable advice on how women can best navigate tech today. 
Jordan Grantham, Global Education Strategist at Tricentis, talks about our partnerships that are rooted in diversity and inclusion. Hear how Tricentis makes an impact with the organization Specialisterne, providing both software testing education to talent in the autism spectrum and giving profits from the book ‘Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps’ by our Founder Wolfgang Platz. 
Additional insights from Jordan Grantham, Global Education Strategist at Tricentis, who walks us through how Tricentis supports educating women in technology and groups of refugees in the Netherlands. Discover what you can do today to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and beyond. 
Ryan Cruz, Performance Engineering Manager at Guardian Life, pins down what performance engineering means in principle and in practice. Ryan proves the business value behind adopting and integrating APM solutions and NeoLoad to excel customer experience.  
Continued conversation with Ryan Cruz, Performance Engineering Manager at Guardian Life. Ryan updates us on Guardian’s cloud-first strategy from a performance engineering perspective, and emphasizes how crucial it is to define non-functional requirements right from the get-go. 
Kristen Webb, Product Marketing Director at Tricentis, explains why Tricentis NeoLoad is the new market leader in performance testing tools with a powerful success story from Dell. Kristen also breaks down the complexities of cloud performance testing into three insightful categories. 
Extra airtime with Kristen Webb, Product Marketing Director at Tricentis, where Kristen offers top tier advice for QA teams looking to kick-start performance testing efforts. We are reminded of how critical it is to build out a solid performance testing approach that meets service level objectives. 
Leandro Melendez, aka Señor Performo, Performance Test Manager at Qualitest, gets to the crux of performing testing today – not to be confused with load testing. Leandro is brimming with illuminating analogies to explain peak performance testing and monitoring. 
Further insights with Leandro Melendez, aka Señor Performo, Performance Test Manager at Qualitest. We learn how to overcome obstacles to integrating performance testing into automated pipelines, and discover tried-and-true methods to best test SAP applications.
Rob Larsen and Tim Smith, Directors of QA at Fiserv, explain Fiserv’s first-class continuous testing approach and why it is robust, from regular benchmarking to smart collaboration. Discover how to take digital transformation in your stride, even when up against strict compliancy measures. 
Continued conversation with Rob Larsen and Tim Smith, Directors of QA at Fiserv. We learn how Fiserv’s Shared Services Enterprise QA Group is invaluable in maintaining excellence, and how their IT Service Management quadrant gives insights into test standards and reporting. This dynamic duo are brimming with expert advice having worked together for 25+ years.
Extra insights with Adam Arakelian, Director of Engineering at Dell, where we discover how teaching computer science enriches his leadership and vice versa. Adam divulges the power of the ‘keeping it simple’ mantra and lends his best advice for leaders driving change in the application development world. 
Adam Arakelian, Director of Engineering at Dell, shares updates on Dell’s radical and successful ‘Continuous X’ DevOps approach - a philosophical framework enabling transformation at scale. Adam dives into Dell’s array of current initiatives, such as tool centralization, and tells us how meaningful it is to win a Tricentis Customer Award.
More musings with Dr. Grigori Melnik, Chief Product Officer at Tricentis, who sheds light on a fascinating framework to position Tricentis products. Grigori reflects on the innovation conceived at our recent Tricentis Great Ideas Gathering (GIG), and emphasizes the importance of a test-first mentality.
Dr. Grigori Melnik, Chief Product Officer at Tricentis, reveals that migrating to the cloud is not a question of if, but how. Grigori takes an in-depth look at how our organizational setup at Tricentis allows us to navigate this journey with confidence, and shares heartfelt insights into his time studying disruptive strategy. 
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