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A compilation of our guest's best tips this year to excel in digital transformation. Hear espresso shots of invaluable insights from Tricentis customers, industry innovators, and Tricentis’ own. Featuring one of our favorites: If you could change one thing about the application development world, what would it be?
John Lange, Principal Product Manager at Tricentis, reveals the mission behind this critical new testing solution for Salesforce. Discover how automated testing can play a vital role in addressing common Salesforce challenges for testers of any ability, to reduce errors and rapidly accelerate development.
Watch the video episode: Harit Patel, Principal Product Manager at Tricentis, unveils a brand new Tricentis product that revolutionizes test management for Jira. With this bespoke solution, Harit dives into the specific challenges that it solves to ultimately manage quality in one place—and scale as you grow.  
Jason Secola, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tricentis, discusses the upcoming Tricentis Roadshow, the multi-city and virtual event taking place between October 20 – November 14 2022. Discover what’s in store, from new product announcements to customer panels. Sign up for the Roadshow: 
Watch the video episode: Cyrus Manouchehrian, Director of Corporate Development at Tricentis, spent several years at Micro Focus, and weighs in on the impact of its acquisition. Cyrus provides solid historical context and advises on this opportunity to look further afield for your software testing needs.
Watch the video episode: Adam Satterfield, Senior Director of Engineering Enablement at Fortune 500 company Global Payments, dives into why test management matters, for testers and developers alike. Find out how smart testing is advancing key initiatives at Global Payments such as hosting in the cloud, and how education plays a vital role.  
Jay Williams, Test Manager at Bank of Queensland, is a true agent of change, having elevated his team’s continuous testing practices and introduced agility to their ways of working. Hear how Jay leads test automation and management excellence, and the benefits he has seen in leveraging cloud infrastructure.  
Tracy Ragan, Co-Founder and CEO of DeployHub, shares how AI is shaking up DevOps pipelines, with its many benefits and challenges. Tracy considers the Tricentis report—in partnership with Techstrong—in which most of the 2,600 respondents expect AI-augmented DevOps to have the greatest impact on testing. Read the report:
Watch the video episode: Curtis O’Dell, Global Business Manager for Data Integrity at Tricentis, solves digital transformation challenges with quality data to inform intelligent business decisions. Curtis shares his best data integrity tips to help you migrate between data sources and to the cloud with confidence, including embracing DevOps—specifically DataOps—practices. 
Eric Toburen, Vice President of Sales in Health & Life Sciences at Tricentis, discusses his motivations for co-founding Tx3 Services to assist organizations in this space adopt best compliance practices. Learn how vital it is to take a risk-based approach to bring quality to your digital transformations. 
Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Fellow and CIO DevSecOps CTO, dives into her wealth of knowledge and experience from 35 years at IBM. Author of ‘Enterprise Bug Busting: From Testing through CI/CD to Deliver Business Results’, Rosalind tells stories of digital transformation and discusses why the right metrics matter. 
Clemens Utschig, Chief Technology Officer at pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim, and Bhawna Paul, Head of IT Customer Facing Excellence, share the ground-breaking automated testing work collectively achieved by internal teams and partners. They discuss the impact of automating the testing of the Veeva CRM platform to optimize customer experience and engagement. 
Two Managing Directors from Tricentis partner organizations, Roland Strahlhofer at Sixsentix and Amin Chirazi at Automators, join us to share the latest innovations for customers implementing Tricentis Tosca. Both very accustomed to bringing high value in a short time, hear stories where customers have far surpassed their test automation goals.
Continued conversation with Roland Strahlhofer at Sixsentix and Amin Chirazi at Automators, two trusted Tricentis partner organizations. We talk SAP test automation achievements, and the challenges and opportunities presented by highly regulated industries and legacy software. 
Discover some of the diverse lineup for our Tricentis Virtual Summit (May 24 & 25 and June 7), featuring standout customers, Tricentis leaders, and industry experts. They offer invaluable advice and truly embody the Summit’s theme: delivering innovation with confidence. Sign up for the Virtual Summit at
Watch the video episode: Additional invaluable insights with Louise McCarthy, Managing Director of Female Entrepreneurship at Evrensel Capital Partners. Louise shares a wealth of advice from her time directing digital transformations largely in the finance sector, and gives heartfelt advice for women aspiring to leadership roles.  
Armani Black, Technology Consulting Manager at Accenture, expertly contributes to and manages her team’s testing excellence. Armani acknowledges the power of adapting to client needs and shares her know-how testing mission-critical apps such as Workday. Discover how you can improve diversity in tech and beyond with Armani’s open advice.
It's our premier face-to-face chat on film! Watch here: Viktoria Praschl, Vice President of Central Europe Sales at Tricentis, shares her story spanning 12 years at Tricentis, starting in solutions engineering. Viktoria considers common digital transformation goals of customers that she’s witnessed and the critical role of DevOps. In honor of Women’s History Month, Viktoria reflects on how women can excel in the software space. 
Wolfgang Gaida and Markus Bonner, Release and Test Managers at Twinformatics, share their expertize in successfully implementing automated and performance testing. Gain key learnings from their decades of experience testing complex insurance software that millions of customers depend on.
Extra airtime with Wolfgang Gaida and Markus Bonner, Release and Test Managers at Twinformatics. These long-time automation experts discuss developments in the pipeline such as extending their KPIs and utilizing virtual machines, and highlight the importance of step-by-step digital transformations.
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