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In this episode, Spencer talks about going to his first Final Four and his experiences in New Orleans. Spencer and Mom admit how wrong they were about Duke winning it all and talk about the final two games of March Madness. They discuss the women’s national championship and how women’s basketball has finally caught up to UCONN. Spencer and Mom discuss coaching styles and how coaches react to big moments and the latest coaching changes. They discuss how players like Brady Manek can use the portal to move to a bigger program. Spencer talks about the Lakers' terrible season and the big trade that happened to his KC Chiefs. 
Spencer and Mom celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast and thank their listeners (especially Jay and Tyler) for listening and supporting the podcast.  Spencer suggests that if listeners have questions or comments they should send them in so they can answer them on the next episode (hit us up in our Instagram DMs!).  They talk about their brackets, which teams surprised them this year in the tournament and their predictions for the Final Four. Spencer and Mom discuss the great run the Razorbacks had in the tournament and their favorite player names they enjoy saying out loud.  Spencer shared that he's going to the Final Four and he hopes to see the Duke/UNC matchup in person.  Cheers to the next year of Spencer and Mom Talk Sports Podcast! 
Spencer and Mom welcome guest, Damani Carter to the podcast.  Damani is a college football player, 3-time All SEC Academic honor roll member, podcast host (Trying to be Grown) and childhood friend of Spencer's.  He shares his sports journey starting at a young age playing tackle football with Spencer and friends after (elementary) school to playing for the Razorbacks and Northeastern State University. Damani is still undecided about continuing his football career but is leaning towards becoming a college football coach once he is finished playing. Spencer and Damani share their NFL playoff predictions and how they fared in their fantasy football leagues. The three discuss the 5 people they would invite to their Super Bowl party and why. 
Spencer and Mom run through a list of topics on this episode: Spencer living his best life with a visit to the Chiefs game, Razorback football, Spencer and Mom's anxiety while flying, how Spencer's GA duties have changed now that season has started.  They talk about what they are thankful for and their favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving (not turkey) and they completely spoil the movie The Eternals for any listeners who haven't seen it yet(36:40)! Finally, Spencer and Mom pay tribute to their beloved dog, Lewis, who passed away in October. 
Spencer and Mom welcome football coach and math teacher Jonathan Hicks to the podcast. Coach Hicks shares his sports journey from knocking over kids in youth soccer to playing high school football to college football and now coaching Jr. High and High School football at El Dorado. He loves math and has fun and interesting ways of teaching math to his students by using the popular show, Squid Game.  Spencer and Coach Hicks met and became friends at Lyon College.  Spencer, Mom, and Coach Hicks have a good discussion about Razorback football and what can be done about momentum-killing "injuries" in college football.  Finally, we each choose the sport we'd be playing if we had a magic wand. 
Former Razorback Steve Conley joins the podcast to talk about his sports journey from walking on with the Razorback basketball team to joining the Razorback football team and earning 1st team All-SEC honors his senior year.  Steve is also a two-time national champion in track and field at Arkansas. He's a personal trainer and owner of Conley Fitness in Fayetteville, AR.  Spencer and Mom talk to Steve about his "welcome to the NFL" moment and the best quarterback he's ever played with and against. Steve chooses his "Mount Rushmore" of favorite NFL players. 
Tracey Mays Stehlik joins Spencer and Mom to talk about her sports journey from playing 6 on 6 basketball in Tennesse to playing 5 on 5 basketball in college.  She was an assistant basketball coach at Arkansas from 1985 to 1993. Mom shares about the time Tracey picked up her almost dead body from Cleveland Hill during a pre-season workout. Tracey moved into compliance in 1993 and has been with the Razorbacks in that capacity ever since. She breaks down the new name, image and likeness (NIL) rule for college sports and the Alston Rule.  Spencer and Mom ask Tracey about her starting 5 dream team and the 4 people she'd most like to have dinner with. 
If you remember "the catch" against Alabama in Razorback Football history...then you have definitely heard of our guest, J.J. Meadors because he made that catch to tie the game, and the Hogs go on to win it. J.J. is one of the best wide receivers to ever play at Arkansas and he's got a lot of great stories to tell in this episode.  He shares about his other favorite game to reminisce about (besides the Alabama game) and what it was like to be a wide receiver in the SEC. He is also a two-time National Champion in Track and Field at Arkansas.  J.J. is a sports performance instructor and owns Apex Predators Only in Little Rock where he trains young people where " free tuition is the mission." 
Spencer and Mom kick off Season 2 of the podcast talking about college football, the Razorbacks and Spencer's fantasy football teams.  The two are pleased with how the Razorback football season has started and how the team is giving the state of Arkansas a reason to celebrate again. Mom brings up the time fans took the goalpost to Dickson Street and how fun it was to watch the fans rush the field after the Hogs beat Texas.  Spencer and Mom then talk about their most embarrassing moments playing sports...and coincidentally, Mom is the reason for one of Spencer's embarrassing moments! A preview of upcoming guest episodes. 
In the Season 1 finale Spencer and Mom welcome Jim Twiggs to the show (Spencer's Papa and Mom's Dad) to share his basketball journey.   The three talk about how basketball has changed through the generations. Jim reminisces about playing in canvas Converse sneakers and why his coach gave them salt pills after practice. Papa confirms the Julius Erving story and autograph snub. Spencer, Mom, and Papa choose their "Mt. Rushmore" of NBA players in guards, forwards, and centers.  Spencer and Mom toast to season 1 of their new podcast and will be back in September with season 2 to talk college football! 
Spencer shares his experience working the Scottie Pippen camp at UCA and what it was like to meet Scottie Pippen. Mom shares about the time Dr. J wouldn't sign her book outside the arena in Kansas City and the Twiggs family grudge against him. #SigntheBookJuliusErving They discuss the biggest celebrity they've ever met and their picks for which NBA team will win the Championship.  Spencer and Mom talk about the Olympics and the athletes and teams they are excited to watch and Mom talks about how happy she is that women's sports are finally getting the recognition it deserves.  Spencer and Mom end the show with two really awesome music suggestions. 
In this episode, Spencer and Mom interview Celia Anderson about her basketball journey at the University of Arkansas.  Celia was a freshman on the Final Four team, won the NIT tournament her sophomore year, and was named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll three years in a row. Celia shares her experience playing basketball professionally in Greece and her work in Africa teaching English to children.  She is a published author and will release her fourth book in 2022. Spencer and Mom talk to Celia about the decision she and her daughter, Gabby, made to send Gabby to IMG Academy in 2020 and Gabby's decision to commit to Harvard Women's Basketball.
Spencer and Mom dive into Spencer's love of European Soccer and specifically, Chelsea FC. Spencer explains the ins and outs of Premier League Soccer and how he got hooked watching the sport.  Mom references the show, Ted Lasso, for teaching her more about soccer and why it's one of her favorite shows.  Spencer also gives a brief explanation of one of his other passions, Anime.  Mom asks Spencer the Kendrick Lamar song he'd tell someone to listen to if they didn't know Kendrick's music...coincidentally Mom and Spencer pick the same song! 
Spencer and Mom invite their second guest to the podcast and it's Spencer's best bud and former high school teammate, Payton Willis. Payton talks about his college journey and why he's excited to return to Minnesota to play his final year.  Spencer and Payton reminisce on a time when a Pit Bull literally split them apart at age 11 and they chat about their favorite games in high school.  There's talk about who would be on each of their dream teams and the NBA's best point guards.  Spencer and Mom start the show with talk about Coach Kim Mulkey's surprising move to LSU. And Mom tries to convince Spencer to travel to the Grand Canyon with her. 
On this episode, Spencer and Mom invite their first guest to the show and it's none other than Spencer's dad, Spencer T. Brown, former Razorback Football Player. Big Spencer talks about his days playing football in the newly joined SEC and defending against Peyton Manning.  He shares how the game has changed today for defensive backs and talks about the incredible upgrades to the locker room facilities.  The two Spencers (and mom) reminisce about summer basketball trips. This episode has many laughs and good stories. 
Spencer and Mom (Allyson) recap the Men's Final Four games and the Women's National Championship game. They discuss Arizona Women's basketball's incredible run this season and Allyson's admiration for Coach Barnes. Spencer talks about being in the same room with Roy Williams and his remarkable coaching career.  In this episode, Spencer (spoiler alert) picks a side in King Kong vs Godzilla. 
Spencer and Mom (Allyson) lick their wounds over their crushed March Madness brackets and wonder how they got so many games so wrong.  They discuss the most shocking upsets and which teams will keep going strong. In this episode, Spencer introduces a new "Mom of the Day" segment. And they name a song that is likely overplayed and annoying to most folks but that they still love. 
Spencer and Mom (Allyson) break down their 2021 March Madness brackets. Lots of predictions--which later they’ll learn do not pan out...and discuss their current musical obsessions. 
You’ll meet Spencer and Mom (Allyson) as they reflect on their final college basketball games, Spencer’s in 2021 and Allyson’s in 1995. Allyson compares her experiences in the old Southwest Conference to the current Southeastern Conference. And they talk about the elephant in the room: COVID-19’s effect on sports and how this year was different for Spencer and his team.  They wrap up with Spencer’s plans for his future in basketball and a case for an annual Razorback Player of the Year. 
A quick introduction on what you can expect on the podcast with your hosts, Spencer, and his mom, Allyson. 
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