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A podcast of the North Carolina School Boards Association that equips board members with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful at the board table.
9 Episodes
A Policy Primer

A Policy Primer


In this episode, Staff attorneys McKenna Osborn and Justice Warren talk about the policy update process, including how NCSBA stays up to date on policy issues and crafts each update. McKenna and Justice also discuss the recently released Fall 2021 updates, focusing on a few specific policies. Enjoy this peek “behind the curtain,” so to speak.
In our current climate, cyberthreats and ransomware attacks continue to escalate against school districts. In this episode of The Board Table, we take a look at cybersecurity. Donna Lynch, NCSBA litigation counsel, oversees the North Carolina School Boards Trust, the association’s risk management programs and services for our members. Joining Donna are one of the brokers for the Trust, Mike McClanahan with Victor Insurance, and cyber industry expert Amanda Mirabile from Corvus Insurance. 
NCSBA Legal Counsel/Director of Policy Christine Scheef gives an update on the Snapchat case after the US Supreme Court's decision.
NCSBA's governmental relations team takes a closer look at the education budget proposals of the NC House and Senate.
Covid-19 has had a huge impact on school systems and school employees.  Most of the focus has been on exposure to the virus itself and protecting against exposure.  During this podcast, NCSBA staff members discuss some unusual workers’ compensation issues and injuries arising from the pandemic which go beyond exposure to the virus.  These issues and trends could have a lasting impact on school districts as you respond to workers’ compensation risks in these challenging times.  
UNC Charlotte professors, Dr. Walter Hart and Dr. Jim Watson, discuss their recently completed study of the first ten years of the education lottery and its effects on education funding in our state. Their work, An Analysis of the North Carolina Education Lottery, 2007-2017, was recently published in the Journal of Education Finance. Drs. Hart and Watson discuss their findings with NCSBA Director of Board Development Ramona Powers.
Pension Spiking

Pension Spiking


In this episode, Leanne Winner invites NCSBA Director of Governmental Relations Bruce Mildwurf and Tharrington Smith Attorney Lindsay Smith to discuss pension spiking. Listen as they discuss what it is and layout what you need to know!
The Snapchat Case

The Snapchat Case


This episode of The Board Table has all the makings of a tv movie — a court case, a cheerleader, and the wildly popular social media platform, Snapchat. Do you have your popcorn yet?As fascinating as it sounds, this court case could have significant implications for school districts across the country and will likely become a landmark case for student free speech. NCSBA’s new Legal Counsel and Director of Policy Christine Scheef and Assistant Legal Counsel Janine Murphy unpack the details and discuss why this case is important for public schools.
In this  episode of The Board Table, NCSBA Director of Governmental Relations Bruce Mildwurf talks with Governor Cooper's Education Advisor, Geoff Coltrane, about the education proposals in the budget. Leanne Winner shares a heartwarming story about Buncombe County Schools' efforts to meet the nutritional needs of students during the pandemic.
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