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My Colorful Journey

Author: The Stylish Momager Inc

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Haneef speaks to others about their colorful journeys in life. She also speaks from time to time about her own colorful reality & journey. In hopes that it will inspire others to grow, love and be free. Inspire others to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically through honesty and unapologetically becoming our best selves.
13 Episodes
Episode 20 - The Road

Episode 20 - The Road


At times when we’re in major traffic and at a standstill we can’t see what’s ahead. Not knowing that we are being redirected and protected.
Time to stop 🛑 living in your pain and understand your triggers. Listen in now
Team VIP Life. KArima talks about going broke after having a third of a million dollars, being homeless and overcoming. Author of 'The Make Me Good With Money Book', she now helps others understand money and their life purpose.#homelesstobetter, #lifechanging, #moneymatters, #nomorehardship, #thestylishmomager#tmmgwmb#teamviplife
Lace J. is a Kingdom Kid and loves every bit of it. Born in England, her upbringing began in Germany and she was raised all around the world. She didn't always know that she was Kingdom. As the oldest child of 6 half-siblings, a father that rejected her as a baby, being bullied and abused by others; Lace didn't see hope in her life but knew it would find her eventually.
From pain to purpose her story will encourage you to keep going. This is part 1 of her interview
No matter what the world or people thru my way!! I’m more than enough and I Haneef R Jordan was always meant to be.
We talk about so many things. But what stood out the most is her determination and resilience to keep going and having a better life you will be inspired by her journey.
It’s so many background distractions. But we wanted to make sure we shared these jewels he spoke in this interview. This is live studio so what can you do? His background my background & dogs. But the message was really clear. Take a listen
A man who faced the unthinkable. From wheelchair to walking listen to part 1 of Jaikishaan Journey. “Be Still, and Know that I am God! Ps: 46:10
We get into marriage & divorce the beat way to love yourself and more.
How writing helped her get thru depression and being open with her family about what caused it. You’ll want to listen to this.
The Battle - Dana Walker - Jackson What I have been through: 2013 was a time in my life that I was looking forward to a new direction in my business, then one day I heard the words, “You have breast cancer”. It’s funny how God laughs at our plans, you see what I had in mind, which was selling women’s shoes, He had an entirely different plan for my life. I have always been a woman of faith, but it was what my surgeon told me that catapulted me into a world of service, putting me front and center with my purpose. Oh yes, I have a story to tell, “It’s My Testimony”.
I have a great Interview for the lovers out there. Let's be inspired to love at any age. With a love that is pure and intentional. My Special Guest Larry Indiviglia takes us on a journey of love, grief, and healing. His book ( Amazon Best Seller) 126 Days, 11 Minutes Our Love Story. Take a listen now.
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