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A weekly podcast examining the issues at the heart of our changing climate. We'll talk to scientists and policymakers and we'll highlight how small changes can make a big difference as we look for solutions to the problems caused by climate change.
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One of last week's news stories really got us thinking. Climate Reporter Victoria Seabrook spoke to a researcher who had found that 70% more people died from COVID in areas with high level of pollution than the England average. That percentage is huge. We were stunned that this wasn’t more widely known and could see that the ramifications for environmental justice are huge. And this research is also timely -- in April this year, a coroner called for a change in the law, after a little 9 year old girl, Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, who lived on one of the busiest roads in London -- died of air pollution—the first person to have that officially cited on her death certificate. So this week, Victoria and ClimateCast host Sam Washington dig deeper into the causes and effects of air pollution and how it amplifies not only the impact of COVID but social injustice too. They started by talking to Destiny Boka Betesa, who, when she’s not studying for her A levels, is lobbying those in power to make changes literally to the air we breathe. She’s one of the co-founders of Choked UP—the campaign group set up after Ella’s death. And we speak to David Carlin, programme lead for United Nations Environment Programme on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and a columnist for Forbes, about the global impact of air pollution which is estimated to kill up to eight million people a year.
On this special episode of ClimateCast, guest host Samantha Washington is joined by Dr Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University, in the United States, to discuss his new book The New Climate War.Mann is one of the world’s most prominent climate scientists, who first shot to fame in the 1990s when he published possibly the most famous chart in all of climate science - now known as simply the hockey stick graph - which showed how burning fossil fuels and the resulting greenhouse gases, caused global temperatures to rise. Something most of us now take for granted. Sky News' Climate reporter Victoria Seabrook also joins Sam in the studio to discuss all of this week's climate headlines, including a damning report published by the Climate Change Committee which said the government is failing to ensure the UK can cope with climate change already happening, how the UK is using renewable energy from Norway which could power over one million British homes using the world's largest undersea electricity cable, and how extreme weather has caused a worrying shortage of chocolate, coffee and wine.
To kick off the Euros 2020 Championship, hosts Katerina Vittozzi and Sky Sports presenter David Garrido look at what role football can play in the fight against climate change. They speak to Tony Stevens, head of PR at Tottenham Hotspur, the premier league club which scored full points in the 2021 football sustainability league. He shares how Tottenham's stadium is one of the most sustainable in the world and how he hopes other clubs can follow the lead - so they can score the global goal of beating climate change. Plus climate advocate and Lewes player, Katie Rood, tells us how she combines the lifestyle of a footballer with that of a vegan environmentalist. And climate change reporter Victoria Seabrook has this week's climate headlines including what happened on World Oceans Day and what's on the table at the G7 summit in Cornwall.
Social media influencers are professionals at convincing their followers to buy the latest and trendiest products on the market. But what if influencers encouraged their followers to live sustainably? Will their audience listen? Does it stem from hypocrisy? And could they make a real difference? On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones & Katerina Vittozzi speak to founder of the UK's leading influencer authority CORQ to discover what power a social media influencer has in the fight against climate change. Plus they speak to Love Island contestant Eyal Booker and Strictly Come Dancing pro Katya Jones about how they combine glitz and glamour with climate conscious to become eco-friendly influencers trying to educate their followers about the climate emergency.Plus, we'll have this week's headlines from Katerina who joins us live from Bangladesh where she's been speaking to COP26 President, Alok Sharma.
This week on Sky News Climatecast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi talk about climate lawfare. Using the courtroom as a weapon in the global fight against climate change.Climate litigation is a fairly new tool for tackling climate change. Activists and lawyers describe it as a last resort, yet it’s becoming an increasingly common practice.And the climate activists have had some important wins. This week saw two remarkable cases and we speak to the people at the heart of both.Firstly we speak to Peer de Rijk from Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands, who won their case against fossil fuel giant Shell in the Dutch courts, resulting in the court ruling that Shell must reduce their carbon emissions by 45% by 2030.We also talk to Anjali Sharma, a 17-year-old activist from Melbourne, Australia. At the start of the year, she - along with seven other teenagers and an 86-year-old nun - sued the Australian Environment minister in a bid to stop a coal mine expansion, arguing that the government had a duty of care to protect young people from the effects of climate change. And we get the views of Tessa Khan, human rights and climate lawyer who took on the Dutch government and won. She's also the co-founder of the Climate Litigation Network, so we ask her how these cases might shape the future of using climate lawfare to tackle the environmental crisis.
On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi take a look into the future to find out if technology that doesn't even exist yet has the power to solve climate change. With global targets to reach net zero by 2050, technology is expected to carry a lot of the burden, but is relying on technology procrastinating action that needs to be taken now? Plus, they have the latest climate news making the headlines. Hosts: Anna Jones & Katerina VittozziProducer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Guests: Zeke Hausfather, Director of The Breakthrough Institute Dr Jack Stilgoe, Associate professor of science and technology, University College London Joycelyn Longdon, Founder ClimateInColour, PHD student applying Artificial Intelligence to climate change
On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi hear from Luisa Neubauer, one of the most high profile climate activists in the world. From organising school strikes Fridays for Future, to suing her own Government, the 25-year-old reveals how activism is a necessary fixture in the fight against climate change.Hosts: Anna Jones & Katerina Vittozzi Guests: Luisa NeubauerProducer: Emma Rae Woodhouse
Imagine the world's ecosystem is an unstable tower of wooden blocks that has been chipped at for decades. What happens if we lose a pivotal block, such as the ocean or Amazon rainforest? On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi discover how oceans and rainforests are our biggest allies in the fight against climate change. They're joined by tropical forest ecologist Dr Erika Berenguer and marine biologist Dr Asha De Vos, to ask how we can protect our ecosystems from reaching a tipping point.
This week on ClimateCast Anna and Katerina are talking all things fashion, speaking with top designers, luxury brands and activists about how we can make sure the most glamorous of all industries doesn't cost the Earth.Guests:Angela Adams - Global Apparel Lead at QuantisLaura Balmond - Make Fashion Circular Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Orsola de Castra and Carry Somers - Co-founders of Fashion RevolutionOmi from Vin and OmiAlima Bello - Founder of Bello | EduDax Lovegrove - Steering Committee Member for the Institute of Positive Fashion for the British Fashion Council
Grab your passport for this episode of Sky News ClimateCast as hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi set foot on a virtual trip around the globe to celebrate Earth Day. They're joined by guests and correspondents in Europe, Asia, Africa and the U.S. to discuss the state of the climate emergency in different corners of the world and ask, what needs to be done to solve the problem? Plus we hear from this week's climate superheroes, including the real Erin Brokovich, in the climate headlines.
On episode two of Sky News ClimateCast, host Anna Jones and correspondent Katerina Vittozzi are joined by climate change powerhouse Christiana Figueres. They get an insight into how the Costa Rican diplomat led the world to the first legally binding international treaty on Climate Change, the 2015 Paris Agreement. They talk optimism, solutions and an extinct golden toad. Plus can we enjoy a post-lockdown burger and still be climate friendly? Katerina joins us from her kitchen for this week's climate headlines.
It's launch week of Sky News ClimateCast! For our debut episode Anna Jones is joined by correspondent Katerina Vittozzi to discuss public awareness of climate change.They're joined by renowned climate scientist Dr Friederike Otto to discuss how the changing climate is affecting weather patterns at home and abroad.How do we solve the problem? They've got (some) answers!Plus, catch up on other climate news making the headlines this week.
Coming soon - a weekly podcast dedicated to conversations about climate change and how small changes can make a big difference as we look for solutions to the climate crisis.
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