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The home of good news worth shouting about.
5 Episodes
Delia and Ian talk to Peter Paduh, founder of, and learn about digital inclusion and the social value of donated and refurbished tech. Website: www.socialbox.bizTwitter: @SocialBoxBiz
Ian and Delia speak to Simon Francis, the editor of The Rooftop, about how and why the company was founded, and the importance of independent media and positive news stories in today's world.
Ian talks to artist and academic Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen about mental health and wellbeing. From her love of research to her multi-disciplined advocacy, we hear about Shalhavit’s journey through the realms of positive psychology and her founding of PosiFest.Featured in this
Today we hear from the founder of 1,000 Black Boys Ademola Adeyeba who shares his personal story with us about how he came up with the social enterprise to empower young black men and black boys. Ademola also shares with us about the next 1,000 Black Boys event on 22 May.
Delia and Ian round up their favourite good news stories from, from biodiverse gardens to awe-inspiring fundraisers.Stories featured in this episode:
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