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Henry is articulate, eloquent, funny and brutally honest.During this conversation, among many things, we discuss: ·      Henry’s experience of transitioning from eminent neurosurgeon to cancer patient.·      How a rational person can entertain irrational thoughts.·      The challenges of hormone therapy for prostate cancer.·      Finding the balance between empathy and detachment.·      What he thinks makes a good doctor.·      Hope – finding the balance between realism and optimism.·      Decision making as a neurosurgeon and as a patient.·      Failure as a doctor.·      Henry’s relationship with running.·      Why he believes assisted dying should be legalised and his thoughts about death.·      Why being a doctor still can be the best job in the world. Twitter: @DrHenryMarsh
Erin’s now taken a temporary step back from rowing to finish her treatment but in the meantime, is using her platform to raise awareness of breast cancer in younger women and highlight the importance of early detection. Erin is an incredibly articulate speaker and has mastered the art of finding the silver linings that can come with adversity.Discussion points include: The role of a cox in a rowing boat and the importance of the team. Balancing treatment with rowing and making difficult compromises. The frustrations that cancer treatment rarely sticks to plan and how she overcomes these. Learning to accept support from those who care about her but doing so on her terms. Communicating what she needs and wants (and conversely what she doesn’t need and want) from those in her camp. Choosing to share her treatment experience publicly. Turning challenges into opportunity and looking for silver linings. Erin’s changing room challenge. Twitter: @ErinWysockiInstagram: @erinmwjWatch Erin’s BBC interview that went viral HERE.Coppafeel Instagram and website. British Rowing.
Themes we discuss include: Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable Imposter syndrome The power of hope and optimism. Are oncologists too negative? Taking back control and not being a passive patient The importance of discussing sexuality and body image in oncologyappointments The Ann Summers MyViv range Being your own cheerleader The power of self-talk The currently perceived ‘brand’ of living with cancer This is a conversation you can’t help but take something from. We know you will enjoy!Follow Jacqueline on social media:TwitterInstagramAnd if you want to know more about Jacqueline’s life, we recommend this fantasticinterview with Steven Bartlett HERE.
In this episode they discuss: Tony’s life as a professional footballer and the winning mentality that he still has to this day. Tony’s diagnosis of Lymphoma and how it was the ‘kick up the backside’ that he needed. How even despite his diagnosis, he went on to do incredible things such as becoming an Ambassador for Lymphoma Action, trekking in the arctic raising £6000 for charity and even starting up his own charity, Briteside, to support people affected by cancer.  How some of the skills that he learnt as a footballer, including being incredibly resilient, helped him to navigate through his cancer treatment. How writing a blog gave him a purpose whilst he was going through treatment. The incredible work that Tony is doing with support groups that he has set up in his local community, including his plans to set up more support groups specifically for family and friends of those with cancer, as well as those who have been bereaved. Lymphoma Action - -
In this episode you will hear: All about what Naomi does as a clinical psychologist: A step by step guide on how she talks, supports and equips young people with strategies for coping with what they are going through. The connection Naomi builds with people that are going through one of the hardest periods in their lives and seeing the difference it makes for them to open up to her. About the pivotal point in people's lives that often comes after treatment where they get to re-evaluate who they are, what they want to do and who they want to be. The resilience and strength of young people diagnosed with cancer and how empowering and inspiring this can be. All about the topic of identity: Who we are and where our life is going. Recognising there can be grief about the loss of who you were. How looking forward can sometimes be tricky but looking backwards to see how far you've come can be helpful. Links from Naomi:Macmillan - Big Health UK | Helping millions back to good mental healthAnd then talking to Sinéad: All about The Norseman Triathlon.  What being part of #TeamZalaris and fundraising for MOVE meant to Sinéad. Sinéad's diagnosis and how that changed her outlook. The fact that Sinéad used to run 1k then built it up to 3k then.... to an Ironman!
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why they call it the present.”In this episode you will hear:  The strategies Sophie, Jade and Ashley learnt during their treatment from celebrating every milestone to taking small and manageable steps.  The importance of a support network.  That sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is not in your inner family/friends circle.  How having a positive mental attitude in life may take you a long time to learn but if you can embrace it early on then it is life changing. How it can be very tricky to accept help but it is so worth it when you do.  Why Jade no longer uses the word 'should.'  How Ashley learnt to cope with having his independence taken away and now has such a positive outlook. The lesson of not comparing yourself to anyone else, even yourself.  A HUGE thank you to Sophie, Jade and Ashley- it really was an honour to speak to them and we hope anyone listening, no matter what they are going through, will be able to challenge themselves to really live in the moment as much as possible. 
If you met Connor on the cricket field you’d just think he was your average 27 year old,albeit one with an exceptional batting prowess.You would have no idea he has cancer. You would have no idea he is on chemotherapy.You would have no idea what he has to go through every single day, to keep his life asnormal as possible.Lucy and Connor have known each other for just over 2.5 years. Lucy is one of hisoncologists.In this episode, Connor talks to Lucy about how he has found his own way to move againstcancer, and, particularly for him the importance of keeping life as normal as possible despiteeverything cancer throws at him.Not all superheroes wear capes; some wear camouflage. Connor is one of those.
"We all only have one life and it's all going to end, whether because of cancer or something else, so how are you going to do the things that really matter? It's not about the challenge that you face, it's how you come to respond to it."Head back to Oct 2021 (episode 10) to hear our previous episode with Luke: Talking being a CanLiver: HERE.Firstly, a HUGE thank you to Helen Murray for sharing this brilliant episode with us that she recorded for the Inside Tri Show podcast. This is a fantastic podcast so definitely check it out.   In this episode you will hear:  The importance about concentrating on what you CAN control rather than what you cannot.  The journey being an expression of what you can do with cancer. All about how Luke prioritises the things that matter.  The impact that Covid had on his expedition.  About how Luke didn't expect to finish the ride: "At the beginning of the ride, my mum wasn't expecting me to get to Beijing. In the very early days of the ride, I had aches in my shoulder. I thought it had come back." The core belief of Luke's that every day should be worth living.  The art of being non-judgemental: Everyone does things for the right reasons. And that won't be the same for everyone. Luke's vision that doctors should see exercise as treatment for cancer.  Luke's exciting future plans.  Our 5k Your Way initiative recently celebrated our 4th anniversary and this really wouldn’t have been possible without Luke and the INCREDIBLE funding from the Bristol 2 Beijing Expedition. This enabled us to employ a full time 5k Your Way Operational Manager and survive covid where we had so long without group meet ups. Thank you so so much to Luke and to the Bristol 2 Beijing Team.Luke is truly the epitome of Moving Against Cancer. This episode is 100% going to change your day, and maybe even the way you live your life. Listen now. Bristol 2 Beijing Website. Bristol 2 Beijing Instagram. 
In this episode you will hear: All about the power of the mind in overcoming challenges.  How working as a team takes on a whole new meaning on a small boat in the middle of the ocean.  The importance of breaking down barriers. All about relationships based on honesty, trust and integrity. The value of living in the moment and living life the way you want to.  This episode will make you want to take on your own personal challenge, whether that be walking 5k or rowing the Atlantic, we hope this episode inspires you to Move Against Cancer and live life to the full in your own way. 
In this episode you will hear: Jenny's breast cancer diagnosis and what that was like as a GP. All about the impact of parkrun on Jenny's life. How having had cancer and been a patient herself has affected the way she works with her patients now as a GP.  14 years since Jenny's diagnosis: How the relationship between exercise and cancer has changed completely.  Lockdown and exercise: How this changed lots of people's outlook on exercise for the better. Fundraising: What challenges Jenny is doing and why she is so passionate about fundraising to support more people to Move Against Cancer.  Jenny's Justgiving PageBooks Jenny recommends: Get Your Oomph Back, Carolyn GarrittThe Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to Feel Empowered and Take Control, Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and Liz O'RiordanThe Cancer Ladies Running Club, Josie Lloyd
In this episode you will hear:  The detail on how and why Andy is on a journey of comeback to elite sport after a cancer diagnosis.  All the questions, doubts and fears of having an incurable cancer.  The difficulties of talking to people who cannot relate to what you are going through.  The importance of a support network and how Andy has found that in his running community.  The need for further support for partners/family members of those diagnosed with cancer.  How Andy relates to our goal of supporting and inspiring others to Move Against Cancer.  The importance of a 'can-do' attitude no matter what card you're dealt.  About how mindset is half the battle. Advice for someone going through a difficult period in their life.  Andy's blog on our website.Athletics Weekly Article.Cancer and the ComebackLinktreeYouTubeInstagram: @cancerandthecomebackTwitter: @cancerncomeback Two26 PhotographyInstagram: @two26_photographyTwitter: @two26_photos
Let’s talk about sex.

Let’s talk about sex.


We read the BBC Article about Caitlin Wilde: 'I was ashamed to ask for help' and wanted to put something together about sex and cancer to help anyone else in a similar situation. In this episode you will hear: Young people bravely opening up about sex, relationships, dating, fertility and cancer. The impact of cancer on sex: Discomfort, body image, confidence and not knowing how to ask for help. About how the advice they were given by their medical teams surrounding these issues was very minimal, despite this being a very important part of a young person’s life. Discussion on treatment induced menopause and erectile dysfunction. Excellent advice, problem solving and signposting with Psychosexual Therapist Angela Gregory. Resources Angela talks about include:Enhance UK Love Lounge‘Users Guide to the Penis’Erectile Dysfunction infoDr Karen Gurney TEDx TalkEmily Nagoski ‘Come As You Are’
In this episode we discuss:  Why you’re never rejected, just redirected. Her journey to rebuild her confidence and feel like ‘Crystal’ after her surgery. The barriers she experiences through living with a facial difference. Realising the biggest obstacle to becoming the person she wanted to be again was herself. How COVID, lockdown and masks impacted her recovery. Her dreams to use her growing platform to advocate for normalisation of people with facial differences on mainstream TV. The stigma that a previous cancer diagnosis can cause when dating. Learning to believe in herself. The pride she felt during her first big London stage appearance with her mum watching. Crystal is wise beyond her years and has learnt life lessons that most of us take a lifetime to learn. We know you will love listening to her story.
In this episode they discuss: How it feels to be told you have cancer as a young adult The unexpected side effects that come with having cancer treatment. The pivotal point in their cancer journey that made the whole experience really sink in. How others who haven't had cancer themselves just don't "get it". Survivor guilt. Recovery and moving on after cancer. How life changes after having cancer.
In this episode we discuss:- The importance of raising awareness of prostate cancer - Gaining control through running in a physical and mental way - How running a marathon, with it's ups and downs, can be a metaphor for life. - How running events such as the London Marathon can be life changing - Running motivation: You'll definitely finish listening and want to put your trainers on that's for sure! - Watch this space for a take home quote from Tim Thank you so much Tim, we really hope that you enjoy listening. 
In this episode we discuss:·         Taking the plunge to change careers ·         What she has learnt from her work with young people with cancer·         Why she believes the Move programme is so powerful·         The highs of helping someone personally·         The challenges of working with people with incurable cancer·         How her work with Move has changed her outlook on life.·         Tips for anybody who deep down wants to make a career change but isn’t quite brave enough to do it. Helen is one of the good people of the world. Enjoy!
In this episode you will hear about:  Carolyn's views on the importance of Cancer Rehab with some lovely snippets about people she's worked with.  The significance of pivotal moments that become life changing.  Recovery, rehabilitation, exercise, movement and..... 'oomph'.  Carolyn's personal cancer diagnosis during the pandemic and how that changed her outlook and perspective.  The evidence behind the importance of exercising when living with or beyond cancer.   All about Carolyn's BRAND NEW book: 'Get Your Oomph back: A Guide to Exercise After Cancer' Those interesting "teachable" moments in the Cancer Rehab World.  The brilliant Southwark 5k Your Way group With acknowledgements and shout outs from Carolyn to:Dr Jenny Wilson (GP and Bedford 5k Your way Ambassador) for her delightful forward to the book. And Liz O’Riordan (Surgeon, legend and Bury St Edmunds 5k Your Way Ambassador) for her lovely endorsement for the cover. Thank you so much for speaking to us Carolyn. You can pre-order Carolyn's book HERE.And find out more about Carolyn's brilliant work HERE.
In this episode we discuss:• Why Luke coined the term ‘CanLiver’• What made him start the trip, and why, despite the challenges and the tough times, he’s continuing.• How Luke deals with the uncertainty of not knowing if his cancer will return and the impacts of this uncertainty on the way he lives his life.• How Luke hopes to inspire people, with or without cancer, to live their lives as richly and fully as they can.We guarantee Luke will make you want to make the most of every opportunity life throws at you. We hope you enjoy!To find out more about Luke visit his website.And to hear more about Luke’s experience of being diagnosed and treated for cancer take a listen to this brilliant conversation HERE between Luke and our Move charity Cancer Rehab Instructor and Online Programme Manager Helen Murray. 
Georgie Freeman, our 5k Your Way Operational Manager, talks to Lucy Gossage, our 5k Your Way co-founder about our groups being back up and running, they reflect on some of the brilliant guests from series one of the podcast and hopefully get you excited about what's to come for series two!Georgie then talks to Tony Collier, one of our awesome Wilmslow 5k Your Way Ambassadors and our North West Regional Champion. Tony is a fantastic advocate for moving when living with and beyond cancer and we're so lucky to have him supporting 5k Your Way. The episode concludes speaking to Sarah, one of our lovely Shrewsbury Ambassadors who talks all about launching the brand new Shrewsbury 5k Your Way group! Hopefully you'll agree that we have some amazing people as part of our 5k Your Way community, everyone comes along for a different reason and everyone supports one another. Please do share this with anyone who might find it useful and get in touch if you're interested in joining us:
In this episode we discuss:  Greg's passion for sport and physical activity. The Olympic Dream in partnership with Education and Learning. Supporting celebrities through endurance challenges. The importance of exercise and physical activity in the Cancer Care Pathway.  The meaning behind goal setting. Creating a support network around you. How cancer and exercise provision for the future is looking more promising.  You'll come away truly believing that if you put your mind to it, it really is possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on as our guest Greg. We hope you all enjoy this episode. 
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