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Are you stuck in the rut of life, and your goals of freedom, success, and healing are just unreachable?That life is running you instead of you running it.Perfectionism and limiting beliefs easily creep in when we think of your heart's desires goals and dreams, but what if there was a way to attain those goals without the pressure and overwhelm?“You are not meant to be perfect through the process, it’s not possible, it’s not expected”Today Joni shares how possible it is to not give up on your dreams, by transforming new patterns into habits and a unique approach to unblocking yourself from receiving your freedom.Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite
Recovering From Trauma

Recovering From Trauma


Do you often feel frustrated or ashamed of how you heal?Often, we compare how we recover from traumas with others, by adding more negative emotions to try and speed up our healing process.Today Joni Shares how to begin the process of recovering from trauma by understanding what prevents you from taking the next step and utilizing a powerful tool to create healthy brain patterns.“With wisdom and a clear mind, I could feel my body responding and I was fighting for what was right”Acknowledge the pain and see what the next step for you is. Giving your mind the chance to come up with a solution for yourself, listening to your body, and resting, will help you understand how healing from trauma is different for everyone, from the process to the speed and how one works through it. Stay ConnectedInstagramWebsite
Do you avoid confrontation and fighting for what you believe is right, because it’s just too exhausting?It is just so much easier letting go of a situation than actually standing up for yourself. But is it the best approach?   When you take charge of a difficult situation, you are faced with multiple obstacles- whether that’s facing bullying tactics or confronting your emotions.  Today Joni shares how you can naturally trust and deal with difficult situations, not let your emotions take the best of you, and still check in with yourself and your heart. “The passion you have will feed the energy and strength that you have and need to keep going” Being able to voice what you believe is right, creates clarity around a situation, and you will become empowered.Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite
Letting Your NO Be NO

Letting Your NO Be NO


Do you struggle with saying No or maybe you have been accused of being too harsh or stubborn when you do?When we are able to understand the  "why" behind our "No"  we will not only be able to embrace but build ourselves up towards where we want to be going, eliminating self-criticism out of the negative energy.Today Joni shares how you can start understanding the why behind your  "No" as well as avoid any fear, trust, or self-doubt to reclaim your voice.“You cannot rewire a negative pattern from a negative place” Letting your No be a NO will allow you to trust and speak your heart while embracing all of your "quirkiness". Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite 
Saying No and asking for help is hard , especially when you are an independent and strong willed person- In the back of your mind you might be thinking “why? The result won’t be as ‘good’ as if I just did it myself !” This is where you need to ask yourself : Are you exactly where you should be, do you feel at peace with a sign of relief when you go to bed or do feel a constant nag of anxiety throughout the night?“It’s not only okay to live your life, but you are made to live life- not just to get by – but to thrive in it” Today Joni shares the importance of letting go of the stressors in our lives that cause overwhelming burdens ,and avoid chronic stress. Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite 
Do you feel like you are a magnet for disappointment?Maybe you took a sharp turn and now all you see is disappointment?Disappointment can come in many forms, whether that's big or small, but understanding the deeper meaning of why you are responding in a certain manner or out of fear is what will help you heal and move forward."It can cloud your mind from making wise decisions because Fear is making the decisions for you”Today Joni shares how you can not only deal with disappointment but uncover the relationships you have built around it over time.Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite 
Do you long for a certain weight goal, only to feel disappointed in yourself?You feel stuck in a constant back and forth struggle of weight gain and loss.Sometimes all it takes is just a change of perspective, digging a little deeper to see your possibilities through the correct lens.“It often takes more than one way to achieve your goal”Today Joni shares how you can build a healthy relationship with yourself to be the ideal weight you desire so that you can feel confident in yourself again.Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite 
Do you physically feel drenched from someone else's burden?Your mind is constantly running, conversations are formed around this person and maybe even your body starts to ache. Wanting to help or guide someone you deeply care about can become an attached situation or problem to you and your loved ones if you aren't able to set healthy boundaries.“Carrying something that isn’t your is unhealthy for your mind, soul, and your body”Today Joni shares how you can recognize and understand why you might be carrying around someone else's burdens. By including Brain Rewiring into your lifestyle, you are able to create and nurture patterns to become free from the guilt and overwhelm associated with carrying burdens, you will also be able to keep empowering yourself to make a lasting change.Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite
Are you attracting the right kind of people into your life? When you can connect with people who see and love you for who you are, you automatically create abundance in your life. These are the types of friends that don't try to change you but instead support you whether you are at your lowest and best times.“Truth is lasting, and lies are temporary.”It's easy to believe this kind of friendship doesn't exist, but today Joni shares how you too can start attracting real friendships into your life, without force. Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite
Does grief make you feel like you are stuck in a dark pit?How can you heal, and find joy ever again?When you are grieving, your body is full of mixed emotions. Being able to embrace all these emotions that are associated with your pain,  and see them as indicators to grow and heal all of your scars.Today Joni shares how she is healing from grief, as well as 3 ways how you can start moving out of darkness and into the light. “Don’t be afraid to find joy in the middle of the darkness”Stay Connected:InstagramWebsite
Have you lost a loved one?Grief can be processed differently for everyone, yet with the correct tools and guidance, you can heal in a natural and healthy way.“Grief can be very lonely”Today Joni shares a heartwarming story of the recent loss of her brother. She also shares three ways you can become more supportive to someone who is going through similar trauma.Reach out:InstagramWebsite
A New Year has begun, which is exciting for some but could cause Overwhelm for others. Do you find yourself having to set unrealistic goals you might not achieve, just to please society?Or you find yourself frowning at what you did not accomplish in 2021.“Maybe it is time now to open up and explore what you really want”Today Joni Welcomes you into a New Year, where you can learn to make decisions that Create Healthy Brain Patterns so that you can become your best self.Let’s Start the New Year Fresh, with no pressure and with new desires and Visions that make you excited for the opportunities that await. Connect with me:WebsiteInstagram
Does the Festive Season bring Overwhelm and Sadness into your heart?Is there someone who you miss that usually fills up your heart during this festive season?“My mom’s cooking was just that- Soul Therapy”For now, grab your favorite Christmas drink and join Joni, with this personal story of a very special person in her life. And a trip down memory lane of a big family filled with big love. “Let your soul soak in the joy and the love”Connect with me:InstagramWebsite
Do you find yourself under a constant stress state, jaw clenching, and difficulty breathing?Maybe you are giving yourself unrealistic timeframes and deadlines, or taking on too many tasks at once.“Just because you are capable, or someone asked you, it doesn’t mean you are the one to do it” Today Joni shares how to De-stress even during a thunderstorm of Stress, ending with a self-practice and brain rewiring coaching.Are you ready to Reset your brain, and make 2022 a year Free from Stress?Connect with me:InstagramWebsite
Do you find yourself carrying shame and guilt from past experiences?When words aren’t able to describe the emotion associated with your past.“Forgiveness happens easily when the sting of pain is gone” Today Joni shares her knowledge of how to rebuild and renew the past so that you can use it as a tool to help navigate your life, through wisdom and strength.Stay Connected: InstagramWebsite
Do you feel it’s expected of you to give a reason for each of your actions,  and maybe you feel pressured by others?When an opportunity occurs, sometimes the answer is obvious - when other times a mix of emotions can accompany your decision, leaving you complicating and doubting yourself.Do these insecurities leave you with regret and maybe even feeling a bit tempted to make adjustments to “fix” your decisions?“Doubting is laced with regret, regretting something is living in the past” Today Joni shares how you can eliminate your doubts and fears around decisions, be able to release negative feelings, see the situation in a healthy way, and shift into a new way of thinking.When your heart says “No”, does your mind wander “Was it the right or wrong decision?”Reach Out:WebsiteInstagram
Do you often find yourself in a state of mind, not being able to move forward or find momentum - because you are overthinking the process?You might find that negative emotions are starting to slow you down, your energy level is at a constant low and your mind is in overdrive - you are drained. Whether your performance is on the line, or you are just scared of making the same mistake again, you need to be able to identify when your thought the process has turned into an overthinking situation.“Everyone has struggles, Everyone has weaknesses – you  just might not be seeing it” Today Joni shares how to recognize and deal with the rut of overthinking, stay tuned for this insightful episode.Reach out :InstagramWebsite
Do you enjoy routines? Or have a sense of knowing there is a balance?And when something doesn’t go as planned- you find yourself trying to keep all the pieces together and they just seem to crumble, more and more?Today Joni Shares her insights of being unbalanced. She dives deeper into what is really happening inside of your body, and how to find your way back to your center.“Telling yourself you shouldn’t be what you are, is not giving to yourself what you need “You might be able to convince yourself to “keep it together” during a difficult situation, but how do you bring back the balance inside of you.Reach Out:InstagramWebsite
Do you find yourself in a constant anxious state, unproductive, and unable to turn off your racing thoughts? Worrying slows your energy and depletes you from living your full life.As worry increases within your body, you will become physically and emotionally depleted. Your thinking will be clouded, and you will reach burnout. But it doesn't have to be this way!Today, Joni shares the root cause of negative brain patterns formed from worry and fear, and how to shift your mind to find abundance.“Worry is fear of something in the future based on something that happened in your past”Are you living every moment that has been given to you, or are you wasting life?Stay Connected:WebsiteInstagram
Giving Up Control

Giving Up Control


You find yourself needing to control every situation, every outcome, and every person involved, but why?Have you been silenced and lost trust in yourself? Or maybe your insecurities leave you feeling silenced and with the need to be validated “ Allow yourself to move through it, instead of resisting it"Today Joni shares why you feel the need to control others, and how to set yourself free.Stay ConnectedWebsiteInstagram
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