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I am privileged to be one of five people on the booking team of the  (YMCA) CVJM Loud and Proud Festival. This non profit festival attracts people not just in Germany, but from all over the world, People who will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through rock and metal music and here God’s word preached from the stage. It’s coming up this weekend and I will be there. Fabian, the director of the festival and Hardy, his right hand man and the festival cashier spoke with me last week about this upcoming important event. Join us in praying for safe travels for the bands and success in reaching concert goers with the Good News.Support the show
David Pataconi

David Pataconi


David Pataconi of AD Windblown Media Records is my guest this week. He describes his Industrial synthwave music as “Evocative music for the nostalgic future.”Support the show
Brotality Band

Brotality Band


The young bothers, Bryce and Reece of Brotality along with drummer John have just finished up the highly successful “This Tour Will End You” National Tour. If you have not heard of them yet, you need to because they will not be going anywhere, anytime soon.Support the show
Aaron Michaels

Aaron Michaels


Aaron Michaels, of Broadhead Music Group,  has been on the charts with the new song “Trust” and has more music on the way. Aaron’s testimony of faith and breaking free from addiction is a driving force in his ministry.Support the show
Asche Relesser

Asche Relesser


Asche Relesser began his label AD Windblown Media Records for his own projects, Relesser and Autumn’s Descent, but God had something else in mind. You will want to find out more on Backstage With Mothership.Support the show
I was able to track down the entire Bayless band to talk about their videos and new release Searchlights. We explore their music backgrounds and more.Support the show
Les Carlsen of Bloodgood is launching a new solo project.  This interview was recorded a few days before the passing of Michael the founder of Bloodgood. We decided to leave the interview as it was with a message at the end of the call from Les that was recorded a few days later.Support the show
Matt Moore joins me on Backstage With Mothership to talk about the new EP and what it’s like doing music as an independent artist. It’s a great chance to learn more about Matt and his ministry.Support the show
Kevin Young of Disciple is my guest this week on Backstage With Mothership. We talk about Disciple’s mission and backstory but also about the new album and their project Honor and Glory.Support the show
Isaac Moreno helps artists, bands, & churches, with their audio needs. Services he offers are sound seminars, system calibration, training, recording, mixing, & mastering. He’s worked for major & independent labels & movie studios like Marvel, Disney, and Dreamworks. He just finished a tour with GFM and has some fascinating stories on what he does behind the scenes.Support the show
After a decade long hiatus, Becoming the Archetype has dropped a single with a video in anticipation of a new album. The band and I got on a call and we had a great time reminicing about the beginnings of the band and talking about the upcoming music and what is next for BTA. “Children of the Great Extinction” will be released on August 26, 2022Support the show
Rusty Shipp and drummer, AJ Newton give us a run down of their new album The Dark Side of the Ocean, their upcoming single, “What’s Kraken?,” and the success of their first single and video from the album “Bottom of the Barrel.”Support the show
Chaotic Resemblance just released a new album call Nazarites. They talked with me about that and more from the parking lot of a Home Depot while on tour. Check out the new music and the interview.Support the show
I talk this week with Tommy Green about his new project Holy Name, the story behind his band Sleeping Giant, and his newest ministry. Run Against Traffic is a Non-Profit that utilizes the transformational power of Running to Rescue and Restore the Victims of Human Trafficking.Support the show
At the end of the Fozzy Tour the GFM crew popped by the house for dinner and an interview to talk about the tour, the new EP, and the label change. It’s a little different to have us all in the same room recording an interview. There was lots of giggling and we had a wonderful time. I invite you to listen in on the conversation.Support the show
James Mead joins me on Backstage With Mothership this week and fills us in on the exciting news of Kutless’ upcoming new music and their fresh vision. When he is not writing or playing music, James is the West coast regional representative for Eastern European Mission (EEM) a Bible distribution ministry. We talk about the role he plays in getting the Word of God into Eastern Europe and how the war in Ukraine has affected that mission.Support the show
A BWM show first, I recorded Monday’s interview in my van with Matt Baird and JR Bareis of Spoken in Port Saint Joe, Florida. Hear JR’s story of wearing a kimono during their set and climbing up a lighthouse at the end of the show. We had a little too much fun with this one. Be ready to laugh.Support the show
My guest this week is TJ Harris of Decyfer Down who is on the Death by Admiration Tour right now with Seventh Day Slumber, Spoken, and Amongst the Giants. Just before he left we chatted on the phone about the tour, new music, merch, and had a great time catching up with each other. Support the show
My guests this week are Marco Pera and Brian Boyd of Amongst the Giants. We talk about the Death by Admiration Tour they are on and the new release Black Box.Support the show
Egypt Speaks is a dynamic poet, emcee, speaker, and author. She is my guest on Backstage With Mothership this week.Support the show (
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