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Welcome to the Ophthalmology Innovation Podcast Where you get Candid Conversations with the Leaders and Drivers of Ophthalmic Innovation. OIS is the Largest and Original Producer of World-Class Ophthalmology Innovation Conferences and Content Since 2009.
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This week the OIS podcast brings you a thoughtful conversation with host Dr. Emmett Cunningham and guest Daphne Haim-Langford, PhD, Founder & CEO of Tarsius Pharma. Daphne takes us through her 20+ years in the Ophthalmology industry, complete with details about her latest clinical trials to tackle uveitis, the third leading cause of blindness.
This week we shift gears back to “R” for the OIS Retina Podcast with Dr Firas Rahhal and his esteemed guest Dr Steven Schwartz who raises the bar as a physician, an educator and of course an innovator. Steve shares his unlikely path into ophthalmology and how serendipity or luck surrounded him with great people which led to great opportunities. Steve shares an entertaining look at his career, the many start-ups that he’s had a hand in and the future of surgical robotics. If there’s one episode you want to listen to – this is it. 
This week’s guest is a Harvard-trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and serial innovator. The one and only Sean Ianchulev shares his story as an emigrant of communist Bulgaria who overcame many obstacles to become one of the top innovators in the field of ophthalmology. We learn why he committed to the uncertain winding path of innovation over the straight-line physician career/clinical practice. Early formative projects on digital diagnostics with the first virtual device for online perimetry and intra-operative aberrometry and understanding the role of industry/capital in taking R&D and discovery out of “neutral” and into over-drive to bring it to patients and physicians. And don’t forget about Eyenovia’s breakthrough technology for smart micro-therapeutics and the possibility to solve the global problems of progressive myopia and presbyopia...telemedicine and vision without boundaries...and innovation for global outreach and disease treatment. How he plans to change the equation of trickle down technology to the developing world where the biggest unmet need is.
In this wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Joe Boorady shares his perspective on the state of ophthalmic care today, his experience transforming powerful ideas into high-impact realities, and the spark that lights his entrepreneurial fire. Interviewed by Paul Karpecki, OD, this week’s conversation is one you won’t want to miss.
On this week’s OIS Retina podcast, we have the privilege of talking to Steve Pakola, MD. Steve is an industry veteran who has held key leadership roles in preclinical and clinical development, regulatory affairs, and medical affairs. Currently, he serves as Chief Medical Officer at REGENXBIO, a leading clinical-stage biotechnology company seeking to improve lives through the curative potential of gene therapy.
With a medical career spanning 35 years, including as global head of immunology at Sandoz (now Novartis), Patrik De Haes, MD, has cultivated deep experience turning scientific ambition into life-changing reality. In this unmissable episode, we talk to Dr. De Haes, now CEO of Brussels-based Oxurion, to get a deeper look at the business, research, and cultural elements that drive a product’s journey from concept to commercial.
This week the OIS Podcast hits a milestone with Episode 250. To mark the occasion, we feature a discussion with Tim Clover from the recent OIS European Innovation Showcase. Tim talks about his journey with Rayner and some significant changes he’s made since joining in 2014.  Listen in (or watch) to learn more about Tim and his vision for Rayner’s expansion as a dominant player in eye-care. 
This week, we sat down with Savas Komban, an industrial engineer, serial entrepreneur, and CEO at Smartlens, the first electronics-free soft contact lens that measures eye pressure and its fluctuations throughout the day. Join host Ehsan Sadri, MD for a riveting conversation on the future of glaucoma care.
Our podcast guest this week is Jay Duker, Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology at Tufts Medical Center. Here, Dr. Duker shares his perspective on exciting clinical trials happening in the posterior space. He also offers words of advice for clinicians interested in running a practice while holding a senior position in industry. Have A Listen.  
Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion


This week’s podcast guest is Christian Roesky, a chemist by training who found a passion for ophthalmology and spent the bulk of his career in management roles with B+L, Alcon and Abbott before taking the leap into the CEO position at Novaliq in 2016. Christian provides an insider view of Novaliq’s platform technology to address various ophthalmic indications and shares some words of wisdom for other innovators.
The Apprentice

The Apprentice


No – not that apprentice. This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Todd Brady, MD/PhD turned VC/EIR turned CEO of Aldeyra back in 2012. Todd talks about how he transitioned from the lab over to the dark side back in the 90s when “Industry” was still a dirty word. Todd found his calling as a company builder who has since taken Aldeyra public and into Phase 3 trials with novel treatments for dry eye disease, allergic conjunctivitis, and proliferative vitreoretinopathy. The company is also developing other product candidates for retinal and systemic inflammatory diseases. Listen in for some words of wisdom from the real Apprentice…
This week Dr Sadri is joined by Ram Rao, CEO of LensGen, who developed a curvature changing fluid lens to correct presbyopia. Ram tells his story from the early beginning while collaborating with the late, great Roger Steinert, MD and realizing that they had to go back to the drawing board to reinvent the technology.  Rather than throw in the towel after hearing no repetitively from investors, Ram persevered at all costs, subsequently raised $42M to date and emerged with a breakthrough technology to treat cataracts and presbyopia. Listen in for pearls of entrepreneurial wisdom and understand why Ram never took no for an answer.
Seasoned start-up and medtech executive, Rob Thornhill joins us on this week’s OIS Podcast. Rob sold Tear Film to Alcon in 2018 and is back in the saddle as the CEO of Centricity Vision. Dr Sadri has Rob discuss the benefits of the Zepto device in delivering automated, precise, circular, and centered capsulotomies, how their business model evolved during COVID and the future direction for the company.
This week, Firas Rahhal sat down (virtually) with none other than Mark Blumenkranz, who shares lessons learned the hard way which led to his proven “Innovation Recipe”. Mark also sheds light on the investing/incubating model for Lagunitas Biosciences and what he claims will be his final CEO role at Kedalion Therapeutics.
This week’s OIS Retina Podcast guest is French-born Patricia Zilliox, who boomeranged back to her homeland to become president and CEO of Eyevensys. Before that she’d spent 25 years with Alcon before joining the Foundation Fighting Blindness as chief drug development officer. When a family matter brought her back to France, she was introduced to Eyevensys through the investment group BPI France. Having spent so much time evaluating new therapies at FFB, she was intrigued by Eyevensys’ unique platform to enable the sustained intraocular production of therapeutic proteins to treat a broad range of ophthalmic disease. Needless to say, she took the CEO job and shares more details on Eyevensys’ lead product: a gene therapy to treat uveitis.
If there’s one podcast you listen to all year – this is it!Dick Lindstrom explains how saying “Yes” to opportunities, led him into an extremely gratifying and successful career in ophthalmology – which was the furthest thing from his plan to take over the family construction business.This episode is packed with gems of insights on building an academic practice and working with industry to balancing work and family. Ophthalmology’s leaders convene at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summits held several times a year. OIS Podcasts keeps the conversation going the entire year. In weekly podcasts, Host Ehsan Sadri interviews the most influential industry executives, investors, KOLs, and researchers about what they see as the most exciting approaches to finding new ways to treat eye disease. Join the conversation by subscribing to the OIS Podcast.
This week’s guest is Kenneth Mandell, MD, PhD, an ophthalmologist by training with a PhD in molecular biology who has been blessed with some amazing mentors who guided him into a fascinating career in ophthalmology. Ken’s educational and research pedigree includes: Tufts, Emory, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; he also has an equally impressive corporate resume.Ken took his passion for biomedical engineering, combined with a spin-out technology from MIT and a grant from the Department of Defense, and used it to develop unique drug-delivery solutions for glaucoma, postoperative inflammation, and wound healing.
In this third OIS Retina Podcast, host Firas Rahhal, MD, sits down with Paul Hallen, VP, Global Head, Retina and Glaucoma, at Alcon, who talks about how he grew with the company over 31 years and provides an engineer’s perspective on how far innovation in retina surgery has come, and where it’s heading.
The Time is Nau!

The Time is Nau!


Host Ehsan Sadri, MD, is joined by Jeffrey Nau, PhD, who shares insights from a career in ophthalmology that has led to his current role as the CEO of publicly traded Oyster Point Pharma. In this interview, Jeff addresses some of the recent setbacks from COVID-19, conducting business virtually, different indications the company plans to address, and opportunities that lie ahead.
This week’s podcast is a panel discussion, “Industry Insights and Innovating Internationally,” held last month during the OIS Israel virtual program. The discussion was led by William J. Link, PhD, and included Laurent Attias, Alcon; Prabhu Velusami, MD, Johnson & Johnson London Innovation Center; Frank Chen, Santen Ventures; Richel Liu, Rimonci Capital; and serial entrepreneur Barak Azmon, MD. The panelists, based in different parts of the globe, share varying perspectives on where innovation happens, both geographically and structurally – that is, from the private, public, or corporate sectors. And they address the impact that Israel has on innovation in our field. Click here to listen in.
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