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Francisco #fromcoach2coach #wetalkonmondays

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It's a simple storytelling podcast from professional coaches. They are sharing their own journey of being a professional coach. I hear their stories and I want to share their stories. Hoping listeners can hear them and might want to connect with these amazing professional coaches. #fromcoach2coach; #wetalkonmondays; @fromcoach2coach
116 Episodes
In this repurposed podcast feature, delve into Alina Florea's expertise, focusing on coaching early entrepreneurs, senior and middle managers in dynamic businesses, and executives navigating new leadership roles. Alina is a dedicated partner to her clients, guiding them through mindset shifts, elevating leadership skills, and enabling professional growth, promotions, or successful transitions.Discover Alina's unique approach, where coaching is supplemented with management mentorship and customized training. This ensures clients not only expand their knowledge effectively but also gain the tools to assess situations accurately and make informed decisions.
In this repurposed podcast, meet Adela, a transformative coach and senior cognitive trainer deeply passionate about helping individuals lead fulfilling, authentic lives. As an enthusiastic ICF credentialed coach (PCC), she believes in unlocking untapped human potential. Adela's coaching style is open, warm, and direct, collaborating with clients on their journey of learning, growth, and self-development.Discover Adela's support in clarifying objectives, uncovering hidden strengths, and creating a plan to achieve your goals. Together, let's work towards becoming the best version of yourself.
In this repurposed podcast episode, join Ilona as she guides individuals navigating major life changes, offering crucial decision-making support. Specializing in empowering coaches to excel not only in coaching but also in business ownership, Ilona's business group coaching programs uniquely blend coaching, workshops, and networking to equip coaches with the essentials for a successful business.If your life or coaching business seems stuck, and you're eager to embark on a new phase but uncertain how to navigate uncertainties, frequent hesitations, and decision struggles, let's have a conversation.Ilona BrunyanszkiThe Decision Making Coach
Jenny Bethe is an ADHD life coach who helps adults with ADHD or ADHD tendencies navigate parenting, careers, and the complexities of life with less struggle and more joy. She pulls from her training in trauma-informed attachment, connection and nervous system regulation to provide a holistic approach that supports her clients mentally, emotionally, and Jenny
Maria Alexandrakis de Castro is an international PCC trained and ACC ICF Certified Professional Coach. With her SEO & Digital Marketing Expertise and PCC coaching muscles she offers SMEs, ICF coaches, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups Content SEO, Onpage SEO, Social Media SEO, SEO Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy and transformative 1-1 & Team coaching to start or level up their online businesses.Maria radiates positive energy, encourages and genuinely cares about her clients. She goes the extra mile to delight her clients and see them thrive. Maria makes people feel enthusiastic & comfortable with success, change, transformation, growth and fulfilment
- First ever in  the Philippines  to have the Advanced Certified ADHD Life Coaching & a candidate for the ICF-PCC credential. - Served hundreds of teens and adults with ADHD and Autism since 2010. - Youngest ever President of the ADHD Society of the Philippines in 2022- Established the first Adult ADHD Support group in 2012 and the first National Conference for Adults with ADHD in 2022- Trusted professional referred by many top psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians and psychologists in the countryBook a session with Coach John at
Sarah helps ambitious, high achieving people get specific about their goals, their potential, and their path to success through life's inevitable transitions so that they can live and lead as their truest self. What makes her different from other coaches you may meet is my background as a US Navy Pilot. Sarah is the author of the book “All About Change: How to Successfully Make Personal Life Changes,” published in December 2021.  This book was inspired by many of her coaching clients who all had a similar question: How do I change?Pls contact Sarah via sarah@inwiththenewyou.com
My unique background of business experiences (I have owned and operated seven businesses to date) makes me different. Despite my being a Productivity Coach, I sometimes call upon my previous career as a Business Consultant, plus my degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, in order to teach the skills that will help you level up. Having worked with department heads and business owners in an extremely wide variety of companies – I have been able to get individuals out of the rut they find themselves in and get back on the track of successful life management again (or for the first time for some!). I love that I get to help wonderful people become amazing leaders and business owners.Coach Juli Shulem, M.S, PCC, CPC is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), ICF GA (Georgia Chapter of ICF), ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization), and was previously a long-standing Golden Circle member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) as well as NSA (National Speaker’s Association), and NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) among others.My Socials:Website: https://coachjuli.comCourse:
Yasjmine Oeveraas was born in the north of Norway and quickly decided that was not for her, so she has traveled and lived in 4 different countries on three different continents for the last 9 years, with her youngest son and their dog. She has always been an explorer by heart, so finding answers to many of the questions that go unanswered has been her lifelong passion. The bigger questions, like who are we, and why are we here, are very close to her heart, and lately, she has been helping and supporting people in going deeper in themselves, so they also can connect more with their spirit and intuition, to work with their own inner tools to create a more fulfilling and balanced life.Pls feel to contact Yasjmine in
Mi nombre es Maria Elena y vivo en España. cerca de Barcelona, en la costa mediterránea.Aunque tengo la sensación de haber actuado como coach toda la vida, estuve 30 años en diferentes empresas turísticas haciendo lo que más me gusta: conectar con las personas.Una crisis personal me llevó al mundo del coaching y las terapias energéticas y sistémicas.Eso supuso para mí un cambio tan profundo que decidí convertirme yo misma en coach y terapeuta.Como madre de una persona trans no binaria, decidí especializarme en temas de identidad de género y acompañar a familias con hijos trans a entender la identidad de género y crear una relación familiar respetuosa y comprensiva basada en el amor, para criar a futuros adultos con una fuerte autoestima. Puedes encontrarme en:Instagram: @mariaelenapamiesFacebook: Maria Elena PàmiesLinkedin: Maria Elena PàmiesWeb: (sí, con V)email:
Abbie is a Freedom Life and Business Coachencouraging you to Find your Freedom and Be You in Business.Helping people to realise that the key to their Freedom is not at the end of achieving goals, making money, receiving clients or being ‘successful’, but freedom is a feeling that can be felt and claimed right in this moment.Guiding people to find freedom in their own unique self-expression, becoming comfortable and confident in themselves. And using that to create or strengthen their personal brand in business.pls contact Abbie via:Instagram: @abbie.fishYouTube: @CoachesIRL
Brett's passion for mental well-being stems from his own journey through depression and trauma. A Life Coach, TEDx Speaker and author of "Soften the F#*k Up", Brett's goal & purpose is to inspire and empower others. He believes 'It's Time', to change the narrative and approach around trauma and mental health.Passionate about life, Brett's journey has been filled withEmail - brett@drbrettdellar.comweb: www.momentumrevolution.comFB:
CJ Pringle is a professionally trained and certified ADHD Life Coach at Ways 2 Work Coaching.  She was a supply chain professional at a large restaurant company for over 20 years prior to making a career change to ADHD coaching.  Like many of her clients, she was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and understands how debilitating it can be without the necessary awareness and tools. She is now dedicated to providing others with the accountability, understanding and support they need to reach their full potential despite their ADHD.Linkedin:
Walter is a CEO and executive coach with six exits from 10 startups. He began his career as a consultant for Deloitte, worked in international finance for 20th Century Fox and corporate venture capital for NEC before becoming a serial entrepreneur and founder.  A rational optimist and serendipity hunter, Walter is currently a Vistage Chair and leads several executive peer groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact Walter in the following:walter.paulsen@vistagechair.com1.650.465.7929 (USA)
Born and raised in Romania, Monica is a citizen of the world with a mission to uplift and inspire others. Growing up under a repressive communist regime, she struggled through scarcity, uncertainty, and lack of personal freedom which increased her desire to change lives. She has overcome many obstacles in her life including Dyslexia, ADHD, addiction, and other personal struggles to become what she is today. Her past struggles and perceived failures only made her stronger to overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem, and toxic relationships. Monica travels the world in her never-ending journey of discovery and learning seeking to inspire, touch, and uplift as many lives as possible. Monica’s passion for writing is reflected in her works. Throughout her writings, her messages of hope inspire others to overcome adversity and put them on a path of personal growth. Her personal struggles, which she candidly shares, make her relatable to others and at the same time empathetic to their needs. Her interactive workshops and one-on-one sessions help participants in their self-discovery to lead more meaningful and productive lives. Monica is often invited to speaking engagements and podcasts where her engaging style, experience, and relatability have proven to be very popular with participants.In her books “The Anatomy of Happiness” and “Unstoppable You”, her messages of kindness, hope, inner-strength, and love continue to reflect her life’s mission of making this world a better place by helping other realize their potential. Monica’s belief that her success is derived from helping other continues to drive her passion to make this world a better place by focusing on the one thing in life that really matters: people.pls contact her via:
Peter Schulte is a Purpose & Leadership Coach helping aspiring change leaders cultivate a greater sense of fulfillment, social impact, and well-being in their careers & personal lives. He has more than 12 years of experience in the nonprofit sector working with the United Nations and some of the world's largest companies on international sustainability practices for water and climate. He is the founder & Executive Director of Spark of Genius, a 501c3 nonprofit.peter@sparkofgenius.org
Enko is a facilitator of positive change.  He coaches executives to have the impact and life that they want.   Some of the areas that he’s coached his client on include helping his clients successfully transition to more senior roles, develop authentic leadership and executive presence.    Enko is an ICF PCC and EMCC SP credentialed coach. Prior to coaching Enko spent 17 years in Advertising and Marketing leading cross functional multi regional teams to deliver award winning results generating communications for clients such as Volkswagen, Nike and McDonald’s.Please contact EnkoWebsite: www.enkovonarnim.comLinkedin:
Jessica Teal, also known as Coach Jess, is a creativity coach and consultant who works with a range of clients across different ages, professional backgrounds, and cultures who are ready to develop their thinking to make the most out of the human experience. Her expertise as a modern creative citizen allows her to serve clients who want to use creativity as a lens for optimizing various parts of their lives through conscious and subconscious techniques.Quote: "Our brain is always storming, let's dance in its puddles and have fun."
Geoff is currently an ICF PCC accredited coach, working mostlywith next generation tech leaders who want to sharpen their leadershipmuscles.  A veteran the tech industry, Geoff retired in 2019 to focuson giving back to the community via coaching.
Jean-François is recognized for his tenacious focus on securing meaningful, sustainable shifts and results for his clients, for his ability to understand the ecosystem and challenges of his coachees quickly (leveraging his previous experience in a variety of management roles), identify the ‘must-win battles’ with laser-like accuracy, and relentlessly support his clients to make a positive difference in what matters most. His sensitivity to cultural differences is an asset he developed throughout his international corporate career. He partners with executives to broaden their leadership impact, navigate on-boarding and role transition effectively, enable organizational & cultural changes, and consolidate their overall well-being. Jean-Francois Cousin jfc@1-2-win.netWebsite  Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC Global Executive and Team Coach, Speaker and Author Chairman, Global Board, International Coaching Federation, 2019T: +66 8 799 60 679 - Website  LinkedIn  My articles @ Forbes Latest book: 'Game Changers at the Circus'
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