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Author: Omkar Deshpande

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This is the podcast to focus on techniques, tactics and rituals followed by the legends to attain peak performances along with long-term wellness. Since I come from the IT background and know the stressful lifestyle there, we will focus mostly on that sector. However, this should help everyone coming to listen up to my podcast. I hope you like the podcast !!! Please share your feedback. Thank You for taking time to listen !!! :-)
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Its been a lot of tensions going around the 2nd phase of Corona virus and people and I can see people are getting mentally stressed and worried, which is obvious.If you are also amongst those people, here is my small voice note for you.Do listen to it
This is one of the ways the successful people get around the procrastination. They convert dull, mundane task into the amazing challenge that get them going.
Here are the quick 4 points on why you should wake up at 4 in the morning.
It is very critical to establish a relationship with our mind and body if we want to be at our optimum level of fitness that sustains for the long term. And this will take time.Listen to this episode of my podcast and hope you would like it.Enjoy !!!
This is my very first podcast focussing on some of the actions and techniques the history makers use to gain their peak productivity which ultimately amounts to long-term wellness.Welcome to my brand new podcast channel where we would focus on all wellness and lifestyle-related aspect that would help the current stressed IT world. This is all through my own experiments and teachings from the Greats.Hope you like my very first podcast. I would like to pay my sincere gratitude to you all for taking the time to listen to this. Do share with me your feedback
These are the 4 secrets from my own experiences that helped me develop my self-confidence.
In this podcast, I share one of the highly practical techniques used by some of the greats to beat "This" inner demon. This is something I tried on myself and it worked wonders for me.Check out what is that "monster" I am talking about and the technique to beat it !!!
In this podcast, I am sharing some thoughts about the past mindset people live in today and what it takes to help them propel towards their dream.
Every legend or a history maker has something in common with other legends and out of those, the following 3 things are very common,OxygenateMeditateConnectListen to the podcast and comment below what you think.
I lost almost a decade in a mediocre mindset by not knowing what am I doing, indulging in all those political debates that have nothing personally to do anything with me, was in a complete mess.I then got to know some of the things from my mentor which I wish I could have known much earlier. Here is a podcast where I share Time Waster Attitude that I was the victim of once and recovered from that in an attempt to help you wake up, and own up.
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