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A podcast about careers and career diversity for Humanities PhDs, produced by the Humanities Without Walls Consortium.
16 Episodes
In this episode, Dr. Assata Zerai, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion at the University of New Mexico, and Dr. Doug Woods, Dean of the Graduate School at Marquette University, discuss career diversity, interdisciplinary scholarship, and how humanities doctoral training plays a role in the work of higher education administration.
In this episode, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Catherine Becker, and Marquette University's Harry G. John Professor of History and Director of the Center for Urban Research, Teaching and Outreach, Robert S. Smith, discuss faculty perspectives on humanities and potential for graduate reforms. For full audio transcript and other information please visit:
In this episode, HWW's Assistant Director of Operation and PhD Futures Now co-host Peggy Brennan speaks to Dr. Yan Pang and Dr. Elja Roy about their experience collaborating on Grand Research Challenge grants and how the project has helped shape their careers inside and outside academia. For full audio transcript and related median files, please visit our website
In this Episode, Dawn Opel, J.D., Ph.D., Director of Research & Strategic Initiatives, and General Counsel at Food Bank Council of Michigan joined PhD Futures Now for a conversation about the advantages and challenges of non-profit careers for Humanities PhDs. For full audio transcript of the episode please visit
In this episode, Dr. Andrew Keating, Senior Director for Industry and Customer Marketing at Qumulo, joined PhD Futures Now for a conversation about building a career in the tech sector with a humanities PhD. For full transcript of the audio and other information, please visit our website
In this episode, Dr. Derek Attig, Assistant Dean for Career & Professional Development at the University of Illinois, joins PhD Futures Now to discuss their role in graduate career advising and careers in higher ed administration. They also provide valuable resources and advice for PhD students seeking career diversity assistance. Please see the timestamps below for different sections of this episode.Time Stamps:Intro to Derek Attig & his work 02:00PhD career diversity conversation 07...
In this episode, Dr. Kantara Souffrant, Assistant Professor of Nonwestern/Global Arts History and Visual Culture at Illinois State University and Curator of Community Dialogue at the Milwaukee Art Museum, joins us to discuss her work in the public humanities, and her transition from academia to a career in public art and community engagement. For full audio transcript of the episode please visit our website at
In this episode, Dr. Matthew Costello, Senior Historian at the White House Historical Association, shares his post-PhD career in the Public Humanities and advice for PhD and graduate students interested in pursuing careers in public history. For full audio transcript of the episode, please visit our website
In episode 4 of PhD Futures Now! Podcast, Dr. Antoinette Burton talks to Lisa Betty (PhD student, Fordham University) and Timothy Emmanuel Brown (incoming Assistant Professor, University of Washington) about issues of racial and social equity (or lack thereof) in higher education. This is the first of our episodes focusing on student experiences and lived reality of graduate students in US universities. Full audio transcript for the episode available at our website
In this episode, host Maggie Nettesheim Hoffmann talks to Dr. Leonard Cassuto and Dr. Robert Weisbuch about their book The New PhD (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021) and ways of reforming graduate education in the United States. Len and Bob discuss the role faculty, senior university administrators and other entities within American higher education infrastructure can work toward meaningful actions and reform that can prepare PhD students for careers inside and outside the academy. Full a...
In Episode 2, host Maggie Nettesheim Hoffmann talked to Dr. Teresa Mangum (University of Iowa) and Dr. Leonard Cassuto (Fordham University) about the diverse challenges facing higher education in the United States today. During the conversation Dr. Cassuto provided an articulate yet succinct history of the higher education institutions in the US and connections between the present problems in academia and that institutional history. In this short bonus episode (7 mins), we reproduce Dr. Cassu...
In episode 2, host Maggie Nettesheim Hoffmann talks to Dr. Teresa Mangum (University of Iowa) and Dr. Leonard Cassuto (Fordham University) about the diverse challenges and opportunities facing higher education in the United States today. Our guests discuss whether there is in fact a crisis in higher-ed and outline some possible pathways to reform.
In this introductory episode, you will meet the Humanities Without Walls (HWW) team and hear their thoughts about graduate education and career training for humanities scholars, and what you can expect to hear on this podcast this season. For transcript of audio and other details, please visit the PhD Futures Now! website.
In this clip from one of our upcoming PhD Futures Now! episodes, Lisa Betty (PhD Candidate, Fordham University) unpacks the broken promise of graduate education especially for black women and women of color. For transcript please visit our website:
Maggie Nettesheim Hoffmann, co-host of PhD Futures Now!, talks about the most significant problem haunting graduate education in the Humanities today. Full episodes coming soon! Please subscribe and for more information on the podcast, please visit our website
Dr. Antoinette Burton, Professor of History at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, and Principal Investigator of the Humanities Without Walls Consortium talks about what is her most pressing question for futures of Humanities education in the United States.